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Found 7 results

  1. Dear NQ, I would like to request you to publicize some values which would help calculate how many engines and how much fuel is necessary on a design. At max thrust, Force in kn each engine can exert Fuel consumption for each engine (l/s) Gravity in m/s^2 for a couple of planets Thank you! P.S.: this could not harm the game's reputation in any way, as it is just numbers that would be made public. It would not enable anyone to make a verdict on the game, as it says nothing of the quality of anything. The most it could do is impress ppl by the fact that those values actually exist, showing (or at least hinting) that this is a game based off of realistic physics.
  2. Hi there, since NovaQuark had a Booth at Gamescom last year, there is a question comming up: Will you be at GC2018 too?
  3. Dear community members and visitors, It has come to our attention that someone has recently impersonated Novaquark staff and especially the company founder (Jean-Christophe Baillie) to harass other gaming communities on Reddit and Discord. First, we want to clarify that no official Novaquark staff would do such a thing, and the whole team totally disapproves and condemns such behavior. We take this very seriously, as Novaquark has in mind to nurture a healthy, fun and welcoming community. That’s why we have rules and if one or several have been broken, this will call the appropriate sanctions. An investigation has been opened. If someone in the Dual Universe community is responsible for the said behavior and we acquire the necessary proof, this/these person(s) will be banned without further notice. It has been stated clearly in our policy that presenting yourself as Novaquark staff when you are not, especially when adopting a toxic behavior, is an offense that triggers the highest sanction possible. Harassing players from other gaming communities to play Dual Universe is not OK. Harassing players to join a DU Organization is not OK. Spreading false information is not OK Impersonating other DU players or anyone else is not OK Presenting yourself as Novaquark staff toward players in other gaming communities when you’re not is not OK. If you have been targeted by such behavior, and you want to help with the investigation, you can always contact us at support@novaquark.com. We will also get in touch with Reddit Mods and Discord staff if necessary to get to the bottom of this. Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  4. Update: 8/3/17 I added a "No Text" option and a "3-monitor size" option as well! Added GREEN version. Added RED version. CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME WALLPAPER I MADE FOR FUN! Go ahead and download it and stuff. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xPywE Here's a preview (very low res). Let me know what you think and if I can improve it in anyway, thanks peeps.
  5. Hi everyone! The recent weeks have been pretty much quiet. So we wanted to give you at least some news about what happened recently in the studio: 1- New Novaquark Office! Yes, the team has moved in a new, larger office! As the team has grown in size recently, the two open spaces we were in until now started to be overcrowded. As there are some regulations to respect in France regarding the number of people working per m2, we had to move. This is now done and everyone is really happy with the new office! For those who might wonder where we are now in Paris: well, we are still at the exact same address, in the same building... but two floors lower We've just finished to install properly everything today. 2- The Forum Moderators The Forum Moderators should have been able to present themselves to the community last week. Unfortunately, a few technical problems have delayed this. Most of the Moderators have been selected and the Moderator accounts are already created. However, we were over optimistic regarding the Moderator Powers customization. While in the version 4.x, this is something really easy and quick to configure, we are still currently in a 3.x version and things are far less customizable. We planned to update the forum to the 4.x version in the future, and having a powerful admin interface for Moderator accounts is one strong reason for which we are going to do it sooner than later. 3- April Dev Diary Due to the moving to the new office and the "end of a sprint" (Scrum system, to organize the development cycle step by step), the next Dev Diary won't be released this week but should be in the next one. We have however a few screenshots to share with you regarding a new ship made by our game designer Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  6. "Well, I seem to have made it in the nick of time. Without further ado, here is my Contest Submission. I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you. " Novawrimo-ThatBrightDawn.pdf
  7. Hi everyone! It was announced a few months ago that a new CM would arrive in reinforcement as the community was growing. In fact, he has been there in the shadows for quite some time now: he has helped tremendously during the past two months, especially on the social media (if you have discussed with us on Twitter and Facebook lately, there is a high chance it was him who replied ). So we hope you will give a warm welcome to NQ-Nomad! Best regards, Nyzaltar.
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