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Found 1 result

  1. Tonight - the debate I thought of bringing up is an idea on Modular Shielding. Essentially here is the shield idea in a nutshell: Modular Shielding: Essentially modular shielding would not use a singular shield generator, instead it will be using shield emitters that are placed on the surface of the hull to provide coverage. An emitter can be overloaded by sustained fire on that emitter grid. Having a reserve shield emitter grid as a backup would be critical especially for long drawn out confrontations. Shields are limited by the amount of power that can be dumped into them at a single time. They can be enhanced by various skills of players / engineers / technicians. Shields can have frequencies that enable it to protect from one type of damage better than others, however the downside of this is you are nearly entirely vulnerable to all other forms of damage. The upside is, if the enemy uses primarily one type of weapon - you can protect yourself very well against it, absorbing nearly all incoming damage. You must have a player engineer / technician on hand to change frequencies, and their skill effects the damage reduction ratios of the types of incoming damage. Shield generators are effected by the amount of energy that is rolled into them, the more input the more damage they can take. Varied on player skill as well. Anyway these are a few of my thoughts on how the shield system could go. What are your ideas on shielding, would you change how it is laid out? Did I miss anything? Anyway enjoy debating. . . and have fun.
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