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Found 2 results

  1. As you may already know, Dual Universe will be different from many MMORPGs due to its Sandbox aspect. One of the particularities is to make the evolution of the storyline directly tied to what happens in-game. This might include the integration of fan fictions in the official storyline. However, it won't be possible to make it happen without a few rules that will preserve consistency and equity among players. Of course, it's totally possible to write a Fan Fiction without strictly following the official lore. In that case, keep in mind a few things: - You cant' use Dual Universe nor Novaquark in the tittle of your fan fiction. - You must put the tag [Non-Canon] in the title of the Fan Fiction - You must put the tag [Fan Fiction] in the title if you publish the text anywhere else than the official forum. - Do not expect to see the Fan Fiction integrated to the official storyline. - Expect many players to ignore it in their roleplay, as for keeping consistency when roleplaying with each other, it's only natural that players aim to have the same lore references. Now about the necessary rules to follow if you want to see your fan fiction integrated in the official storyline: - Please read the official storyline first. - The fan fiction should be compatible with what is known from the Dual Universe backstory so far. Nothing in the fan fiction should be contradictory with what has already been published. Note: an important Lore update is planned for Tuesday 15th of November 2016. This might give you answers to a lot of questions you migh have until now. It's highly recommanded to not set into stone what you have imagined for your fan fiction before having read this update, if you aim to see the fan fiction integrated. - The content of the fan fiction must not include content from another game of fiction universe. - The fan fiction should not give any status advantages on specific Player Characters over others. Example: a Player Character involved in a fan fiction can't become the captain of an Arkship or the Prime Minister of a country prior to the Arkship Launch, just because the author of the fan fiction has decided this. - No alien creature should be involved. - Physical violence should be limited (No gore or similar things). - Verbal violence and cursing is tolerated but must stay limited. - Explicit sexual content isn't allowed. - Hate speeches toward real people, real ethnic groups, real religions isn't allowed. - Real politics proganda isn't allowed. - If the fan fiction is integrated to the official lore, you accept to transfer to Novaquark the right of using the fan fiction content for promotional purpose of the game, without expecting any additional reward or financial compensation in return. - Ultimately, Novaquark staff reserves the right to validate or not a fan fiction in the official storyline. That being said, we will try our best to integrate as many as possible, and will help writers in this direction if they ask for help. Of course, we remain open to the community feedback and suggestions to improve these guidelines! These guidelines will be updated on Tuesday, 15th of November 2016. Best regards, The Novaquark Team.
  2. Hi everyone, Many of you have asked for more information and clarification about the Pre-Alpha. To make things a bit easier for everyone we’ve compiled our answers into a this FAQ. Who will have access to the Pre-Alpha? All backers with a Gold Founder status (or above), the members of the ATV group, a small vetted “Friends & Family” group, and the Novaquark staff. When exactly will the Pre-Alpha be accessible? The first session of the Pre-Alpha will take place Saturday 30th of September: - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time). - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST (Los Angeles Time). We will also have a “trial run” on Saturday September 23rd for the ATV group. This will enable us to run some tests with a smaller (100 players, all under NDA) group of real players before scaling up our efforts for the Pre-Alpha one week later. The Trial Run (ATV group ONLY) will take place Saturday, September 23rd: - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time). - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST. (Los Angeles Time). Additional Pre-Alpha times and dates will depend on the results of these initial sessions. Between these sessions , the development team will improve the game according to the feedback and bug reports submitted during the last session. We will try to give access on a regular basis going forward, but please understand we are looking at these as tests and we do not intend to have the server available on a 24/7 basis yet. How will I know when and where to download the Pre-Alpha Client? If you are among those who have access to the Pre-Alpha, we will send an email to the address linked to your Dual Universe account. Instructions for downloading the client will be provided. You will need to be logged into your Dual Universe account to download the Pre-Alpha client. Before you can download the client you will need to agree to and accept the EULA and NDA (which may be part of the EULA). Please note: Downloading and using the client means you have explicitly accepted the EULA and NDA. Can I tell people I am in the Pre-Alpha? Unlike many NDAs, you won’t have to “hide” the fact that you are part of the Pre-Alpha Tester group. The reason is simple: it will already be publicly displayed on the forum and the Community Portal because of your Backer status (Gold and above) or the ATV membership mention. Can I share screenshots and videos from the Pre-Alpha? Pre-Alpha testers can make screenshots and videos, with two conditions: No screenshots or videos may be posted prior to the NDA drop. This means you can make and save videos and screenshots for sharing, but may not post them until Novaquark officially announces the NDA has been dropped. While sharing screenshots and videos with people outside the Pre-Alpha test group is strictly forbidden, we also strongly discourage any sharing between Pre-Alpha testers during the NDA: unless you are 100% sure that those with whom you share screenshots and videos are trustworthy, don't share anything. The reason: if a leak occurs, you will be held responsible for it. All videos and screenshots must retain the “Pre-Alpha” watermark. This is to make it clear to anyone viewing your content that these assets were created using a very early, non-final version of the game. This is important as we do not want Pre-Alpha footage and images to be confused with later Alpha, Beta, and Release versions of the game. Imagine someone coming across Pre-Alpha footage several years from now and making decisions based on what they are seeing because they think it’s final, representative footage, and not test footage. Obviously, we want to avoid this kind of confusion. Failure to respect these conditions may be interpreted by Novaquark as an intent to damage the reputation of the game and the company (with any and all consequences that may follow), depending of the situation. If you feel you have captured footage or images that have a very positive value (like tutorials) and should be shared before the NDA is dropped, you can contact a member of the Novaquark staff by submitting a request on the upcoming Customer Support portal or by sending a private message on the forum to one of the CMs: Nomad, Nunc or Nyzaltar). We will then submit the footage or the screenshots for approval to the upper management. However, if the answer is negative, please respect it. What about the NDA regarding discussions of the Pre-Alpha? Any and all discussions of the Pre-Alpha must take place in the Pre-Alpha area of the forums. This area will be available only to those members of the community who are taking part in the Pre-Alpha. Everything posted in this section will be under NDA. To help people recognize when they are reading or replying to a topic in a section under NDA, the background color will be different from the public forum sections. As we know the forum is not always the best way to discuss, especially in real time, we are currently in discussion to let the community have a Discord server dedicated to the Pre-Alpha. Moderators of this Discord will work closely with Novaquark staff to ensure that only Pre-Alpha testers will have access to it. Of course, the NDA will apply also on this Discord channel. How will bug reporting work? While the dedicated Pre-Alpha forum section will be the place to give feedback on the Pre-Alpha and discuss with other Pre-Alpha testers, we also plan to open a Customer Support portal where all Pre-Alpha testers will be able to report any bugs or technical difficulties they encounter in-game or to while launching the game. To be able to see the existing topics, post new ones or reply to some, you will need to log in on this portal with your Dual Universe account that has access to the Pre-Alpha. As long as the NDA is in effect, no discussion there should be made public. What about the NDA and adding content to the Community Wiki? No information related to the Pre-Alpha can be added to the Wiki until the NDA is lifted. You may prepare texts and assets offline and hold on to them until the NDA is lifted, but absolutely nothing should be posted to the Wiki until such time. The reasons are obvious: this would be one massive leak and some of this information will likely change during the Pre-Alpha. What happens if I violates these, or any other provisions, of the NDA? Violating the NDA will mean your immediate expulsion from the Pre-Alpha and you will be banned from the Alpha and Closed Beta tests. There may be additional consequences depending on the severity and nature of the violation. What are the specs required to play Dual Universe in Pre-Alpha? Please keep in mind that the following configuration is based on the fact that a Pre-Alpha or Alpha version of a game is not fully optimized. These may mean the specs stated here higher than may be required at launch. These specs only apply to the Pre-Alpha and should be considered as being subject to change as the game approaches a final Release version. CPU: Intel i5 (i7 may yield better results) RAM: 16 GB minimum Graphic Card: nVidia GTX 960 (or Radeon equivalent) with at least 2GB RAM. HDD: 40GB required for installation and Cache (a SSD Hard Drive may improve performance) Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
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