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Found 2 results

  1. Now... IT is a bit of a troublesome topic in these kinds of games. (Well in ALL games, but games like for example Dual Universe are the most sensitive to these kinds of people.) People who only trolls and generally just ruin everything for others just because they find it fun. People that ruin others buildings or the like just to see them get angry. I am not fully aware how this will be stopped, but It can easily become a big issue if not adressed in one way or the other. What do you guys think? How will we stop stuff like this from happening? (The last thing I want is some player named "Mommafaker81" bunny jumping in a circle around, randomly placing out cheap ores to be in the way of others :/) Edited by Nyzaltar: Foul language removed.
  2. One of the biggest turnoffs for mmorpg space games like eve online for me has been the constant harassment and infringement of other players while I am trying to enjoy the game. I want to be able to mine asteroids explore and trade without the constant annoyance that some jerk will decide they will blow up my ship and destroy all that I tried to do just because they felt like it? So before me and my friends decide to get this game and invest our time, please explain how you will prevent people from bothering players who do not want to be bothered?
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