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Found 9 results

  1. The following is the creative work of Firestorm a graphic artist and member of the Dark Star Imperium on Dual Universe. Starting off will just be chapter one, however as the weeks go by more chapters will be added. The possibly of minor edits is an option so if anyone has suggestions on anything I might miss let me know, so stay tuned. This is the story following a young man by the name of Ryker Telemachus Omi and his journey from civilian to full fledged citizen and member of the Imperium Marines. Please follow his story as this seasoned young officer is thrown in the midst of a n
  2. Hey there. I know I butchered the comments section, but this is my first fan fiction. Saying that, I still want your honest opinions on the story, no matter how harsh. I completed the prologue. I'm gonna seperate this story into 5 parts, these five parts being no longer than your average short story. These five parts will be uplladed as soon as I finish them. Here's the prologe: Prologue Before the launch of the Arkship named Arkand, unbeknown to the Novark data files, a designated human captain was assigned out of paranoia that the A.I. onboard would steer the Arkship toward
  3. Hello there, I've written a short fan fiction about ATV that I would like to share: https://goo.gl/QaDnT4. I tried to keep things in line with all the lore and with ATV discussions while still pushing a bit of my own imagination in it. I hope you will like it :). Special thanks to Comrademoco, Lethys, Kurock and Halo381 for their inestimable help in proof reading the different versions of the story. Your suggestions were really appreciated. Regards, Shadow
  4. Sand, all up in my junk – Part 2 “RONALD” The world started to come back into focus around Stier, but the infirmary’s Interface was blaring an unfamiliar name at him. “MCNALDO?” Then it clicked. As far as the Arkship was concerned, that was his name. Before the ships left earth, occupants had to sign themselves into the new database after security checks. The UMF’s official records were on a much older system so the administrators were not able to import it automatically. During the sign-in process, some of the colonists changed their name and Stier wanted to see how far he could push it s
  5. Welcome to my writing room! Here I'll be posting random snippets of DU related fan fiction. Some will be pre Novark, some will be in ideas in my head of possible future events. These will most likely be written late at night and I will miss some mistakes as I try to fix them in the morning. Some of these stories will be continued (and I will leave a google doc link at the end of the snippet as well as in this main post) and others will remain as snippets. If you see a snippet and you'd like to continue from it, just pm me and I ask, I should be completly fine with it as long as I'm not con
  6. Hey all, Some of you may recognise me from the ongoing Novawrimo contest, but if not then let me introduce myself. "I'm a guy who likes to write! Hiii!" But anyway, weirdness aside, I've just set up an Org called 'Writer's Guild' and would like to invite anyone who is interested in continuing to write some fan-fiction for Dual, or fiction in any form, to take a look. I'm not an amazing writer, but I've been doing it for a while, so I would like to offer my help towards any that want it, and encourage others to do the same. What I hope for is a close-knit group of people shari
  7. This is my entry into the Novawrimo contest and also the backstory of my character, Ben Fargo. I hope you enjoy it. PartingGifts.pdf
  8. Hey all, I hope you enjoy this piece I've written for the contest. I didn't have much time with exams going on at the moment so its around 6,000 words long, but I got most of what I wanted in there. Also, I've created quite a few phrases and terms so if people are confused about any of those I'm happy to make a glossary, but most should be pretty self-explanatory from the context. Thanks for taking a look and enjoy! DT Novawrimo-LeftBehind.pdf
  9. Barren functionality, that is what Ben thought as he sat and waited. A mismatched collection of chairs lined the walls, while a double row of them, back to back, filled the center of the room. There were no pictures, no plants, no tables covered with out-dated magazines. The agency had neither the time nor the money to acquire such things, but few people cared. Most of them, like Karilynne, were too focused on their phones to notice what was missing. Ben had not bothered to take out his own phone. He had too much on his mind, so he just stared at his wife and wondered what the future hel
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