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Found 1 result

  1. The P.C.F. is looking to head major Mining operations and keep pace with the high demands of the markets to come. Our goal is to mine everything from dirt to rare minerals hence planet cracking. Why mine dirt? Because dirt is as essential as rare minerals. Cities need it to fill holes or military facilities can use it to make quick cover and terrain obstructions that costs next to nothing by the truck load. Our basic mining procedure is accomplished in three tiers of planet crackers The first tier is the surveying crews who scout out rich deposits mark them then move on to new deposits. The second tier is deposit miners or vein drainers. These miners will mine out only the designated veins and deposits that are marked by tier 1. When the deposits are gone they move to the next. Third but not less important is the clean up team. These miners are what clean out a territory of all dirt, and secrets that the tier 1 team missed. T3 is where most of the commotion and teamwork is found plus the experience from massive mining. All employees will get incentives and good standard pay for their work. Housing and transportation will be provided if requested. You don't have to only mine. The P.C.F. has many non mining slots that need to be filled from transportation to security to actual management to engineering for facilities and vehicles of all sizes. Don't be shy, say hi and see if the Planet Cracking Force is the job or home for you.
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