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Found 1 result

  1. This is gonna be a long one probably so be ready. What if you could create an entire city or even bigger? Let's say you build yourself a nice guy in the middle of nowhere. A few days later someone stumbles upon it. They ask to stay the night and you accept. They say they want to live there but would need their own house. You build them a house and they begin spreading word. More people show up and you make more houses for them. You eventually grow into a small town with a marketplace and essential needs. Diverse people with different talents and abilities start working to let the town provide for itself. You slowly grow into a city with hundreds of people working their way to the top. You eventually grow large enough and make a safe town hall decked with guards and technology of security. You choose if your land is capitalistic communist etc. Hitmen begin showing giving needs for cops and other protective services. You control the laws of the land and immigration. Factories run and all is good or bad in your land, depending on how you run it. This was just a small idea I came up with while talking to my friend. She gave me the courage to actually write this as a suggestion so credit to her for that. Thanks for reading.
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