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Found 1 result

  1. You have your own family and as such you have worries associated with that. Chuckling Casket is not a family. We don't need the family drama, neither do you. We're a bunch of people who have become friends over time, with a common play style. Piracy. Piracy is love. Piracy is life. That being said, we do not confine ourselves to that singular play style. We are carebears, we are industrialists, we have a few (or one) complete assholes. We are an all-around "do what you want" type of guild. We do not limit ourselves to the boundaries of a single play style. If you want to play a certain way, we likely have people who feel the same. We also have people who like to branch out and try it all. Regardless of your play style, we protect our own. We help our own. Anyone capable of fighting will mobilize to protect a single member. With that being said remember this, we are pirates and as such there will be people looking to get back at us. The key is not to do anything stupid, that’s why we win and they lose. So if you are moving any kind of material, always have others with you, if you constantly run alone and then ask for help. We will let you die, we don’t deal with lone wolves being idiots here. We believe in a sort of "military citizenship". This is not to say that everything is rigidly structured to demanding military specification. It means that everyone who is able to fight will fight when the need arises. Regardless of whether you are a miner, or a farmer, or collect some other resource. Maybe you build or design, but if you want to fight, there will be plenty of opportunity! There will also be times where we must fight to defend our members or assets. Chuckling Casket operates on the PMP (pronounced "pimp") system. This is Prowling, Murdering, and Plundering. If we are not actively engaged in defense or internal building pursuits, we will likely be out PMPing to make some fun cash on the side! Or maybe someone has a beef and we get up a group to go help that CC member be a general nuisance to those they have beef with. These aren't mandatory attendance activities. They're completely for fun! In most cases, we do not dive into any venture we make without investigation. For in knowledge lies power, and knowing when and where the shipping lanes will be used, provides profit! Chuckling Casket does not have a charter or a constitution. What true pirate has a document such as those? A pirate's life is free, yarr?! While we do as we wish, we do show respect to those we are allied with. Without your word, what are you worth? We stand by our alliances, but if a single member has an issue with any of our allied groups, we do discuss it. In some cases, we have had others break the alliance, therefore, we obliterated those former allies. In a few cases, we parted on good terms. We believe in all of our allies working together and knowing where they stand with one another. We don’t have time or patience for petty drama. So if you are looking for something out of the norm, a group that is drama free, loves to have fun and make money, then you have found your new home. If you have any questions, you can post here or you can also message myself, or the GM Bernarr.
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