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Found 1 result

  1. Continuation of Part 2. In Part 2 of the Melee suggestion, I coevered the Skill Training and progression of the melee. Key points : 1. : Using a weapon transforms your Melee Action from a Punch to a strike or bash. 2. : Melee weaponry provide varying degrees of damage increase, depending on playstyle and role behind the user, varying weaponry with niche debuffs for your actions - this is an MMORPG after all, we only need to approximately emulate realism NOT simulate it. 3. : The Hit Status formula is adapting to your mass and attack medium. Your actions and forethought still apply, just like they would in a long range engament. CAse in point, you wouldn't start a sniper duel with an SMG, nor you would go into a CQB with a snieper rifle. Each playstyle has its own application. Things covered in Part 3 1. : The Hit Status formula and Armor. The formula of : [ ( V.2 - Trv.1 + MAs ) * m.2 ] / Surface Area of Striking Medium } / { [ (G.V.1 + AV.1 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } is put under the microscope. We are going to see how each part of this formula can alter a fighting style or approach drastically. No "one hit kill " melee from heavily armored targets. Putting more weight on you may not mean MORE damage with a melee action. 2. : The way Avoidance works - your dodge is dictated by your choice of equipment. A speedy rogue's only defense is how well they can avoid hits, not how much of punishment they can take. Your blocking/parrying is affected by your timing. 3. : Where does Melee fit into DUAL's combat - Assassins Creed : Allioth. When you are a living weapon, nobody can make you hand over all weaponry. 1. The Hit Status Formula and Armor : Making your punches have more weight without actually slowing yourself down, at the cost of life expectancy . A. Artificial Muscles - with technology, every bruh can lift. An armor can have specialsied slots for different upgrades. One of them is artifical muslces. Bound by armor size and power supply (wattage), artificial muscles provide a bonus to ranged weapon handling, by letting you mitigate a weapon's weight - increasing its "tracking speed" - while the legs are pretty straight forward, provindg speed and mitigating the enemy's fire as well as allowing you to jump higher. This can be a stat called [strength-Modifier] . Your Artificial Muscles , also affect your Melee Action . Apply on Arms and you gain a [strength-Modifier] can improve your attack's mass. In the Hit Status formula, the legs are pretty self explanatory. You gain more speed, you gain more multiplier behind your attack's force. This [strength-Modifier] the Artificial Muscles can provide, can be retrofited for Melee. In the Hit Status formula, the value m.2, represents your mass of your striking medium depeding on how much the weapon needs (two handed, one handed or full body mass behind it) and the weapons weight added on top. But it is a dynamic value, not a constant. For the unfamiliar, a cosntant is a number that can never change in an equation. m.2 = ( [body-Mass] * [strength-Modifier] ) + [Weapon-Mass] By default, we will consider [strength-Modifier] the value as 1 . Within an Armor Class, we have limits on how many artificial muscles we can put in it (as mentioend before, wattage is not forever, nor is space inside the armor. But their benefit is apparent. You forfeit HP or damage mitigation, to gain more "hit chance" or "crit chance", at the same time with your [strength-Modifier], in both ranged and melee combat. And in Melee Combat, your Artifical Muscles let you move faster - increase your Velocity, increase the multiplier of your weapon's mass and as you can accelerate easier, means much easier to dodge attacks by running away faster than your enemy can bring their guns to aim at you or even circle strafing them. Artificial Muscles come at very little weight. However, Power and Economy do not mix. Your extra strength, comes at the expense of more energy out of you OR the armor itself when you perform a melee attack or sprinting, while taking up part of your Wattage on your suit passively. Note : This formula for values is done in such a way, to keep the calculatiosn as light as possible. The arguement can be made that Physical Training could be a thing in Skill Training, thus giving you speed + melee damage bonuses by amping your innaite strength value from 1 to 1.25 and being a MUST for unlocking better armors similar to how in EVE, you got to unlock a certain level of Navigation skill training to unlock bigger class of ships. But this is a suggestion and I have to keep the numbers discussed contained. Can't dwell far off fro mthe core subject. B. Shock Absorbers - Reducing the Cooldown of your Melee Attack or increasing dps of your ranged weapon In DU's combat system (dice roll based), things like a recoil are measured into things like your dps meter. Your Artificial Muscles, control your ability to track an opponent, depending on a gun's weight. Your Shock Absorbers, increase your dps number, as they emulate your controlling the recoil better when applied to your arms. When applied to your legs, Shock Absorbers reduce the energy cost for sprinting or jumping. That's it. It's just like a Heat-Sink in EVE for laser weaponmry or any other variant for bonus to DPS. Not much thought needed. You want to be a sniper? Put some Shock Absorbers in it, stay at long range, and fire with more dps - as much as the Shock ABsorbers can give you. You'll die in melee range, but hey, that's what Spotters are for, or even better, surprsie your opponent by outlasting them with your sprinting or enage them in hand-to-hand combat if you see you can take them on. C. Armor Plates - Cause Artifical Muscles make you a rogue, and Armor makes you a Warrior In Part 2, we discussed how shields have a diffenert body mass factor behind them. Shields, as defensive weaponry, they utulise your body's whole weight to function - but they come at a cost of speed. A Defense based avatar, either ranged or melee based, would prefer armor plating for many reasons. A heavy armor user, using an LMG, would favor a medium range engagement and a lot of armor - possibly with a support role behind them costantly patching up their shields / armor - acting as a mobile humanoid turret, providing heavy fire support, forcing the enemy forces to double-think if they want to peak from cover - or if the weapon of choice is a laser minigun and there's a support class feeding you energy remotely, just MELT their cover, you can attack voxels after all. But this begs the question : how do I stay alive to apply the damage as a Heavy Assault trooper? Armor Plates. Different types of alloys , providie different protectino against different types of damage and , more importantly, in the context of Melee Combat, MASS. In the Hit Status formula of : [ ( V.2 - Trv.1 + MAs ) * m.2 ] / Surface Area of Striking Medium } / { [ (G.V.1 + AV.1 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } the values of m.2 , m.1, for a shield using avatar, are the same. Your m.1 value, when idle is ( 9.8 + 0 + 1 ) * (your total mass). If we take the mass value of an avatar to be 80 kg (refer to Part 2 as of why, don't go SJW on me) that makes up for 864 Pascals worth of Pressure, ROOTING you to the ground - which is what Weight over Volume is. Note : The arguement can be made that "W = m*g Twerk, stop lying to us", but the G.V.1 Value is the Gravitational Velocity, at the moment of the performed Melee Action . The + 1 is a value representing of the inert Force by the avatar's own mass. It's sorta physics but not really, and I don't got the time to write a thesis on it. Look up Inertial Mass in your own time. Adding more armor, could significantly improve your weight, by adding more mass, at te cost of percentual decrease in speed, depending on Armor Class' innate [strength Modifier] and access of each armor to certain plate thickness + sizes. This is where we talk about that "Armor Volume" part. This is there to emulate density and I do say emulate, as it's an emulation the whole formula, not an actual simulation. It's an approximation. The 864 Pascals (pressure) we measured on a 80kg avatar, are taken as such a value, at a 1 Volume Factor armor size - a light armor or the beginner armor, or let's face it, whatever NQ decides. But if we get a slightly BIGGER armor, like a 1.1 times armor volume factor (a T2 "tanky" Light Assault Armor), the number of Pascals is going to be 785 . That is because of Newtons (Weight) per volume. This is done for three reasons : 1. : to emulate density and the volume of upgrades you can put in your suit. 2. : bigger targets, are easier to hit. For ranger combat, that could mean your armor volume dictates how easy it is to be hit at a given distance. 3. : fairness. The innate [strength Modifier] of a battleship, would make it impossible to be attacked, if the user was not to suffer a loss in "footing" if they tried ot go "fast assault heavy power armor" build. It's aneccessity for balance. You CAN beocme a "fast melee heavy armor brawler" . Being a Sumo Fighter's size with the weight of a scrawny kid, is not gonna end well for you. However, this is where different plates come in. Higher Density materials can provide more Mass over a certain armorsize upgrade limit. You could be come a Light Assault with a signficant tanking capability, and being deceptively strong against a melee attack, but at the cost of speed. Excellent for people who may want to use a shotgun as well, or shock-troopers, using light armor - which is cheap, while having mdoerate protection. 2. Avoidance - Move, Parry, Dodge & Kill The Hit Status formula of : [ ( V.2 - Trv.1 + MAs ) * m.2 ] / Surface Area of Striking Medium } / { [ (G.V1 + AV.1 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } comes down to Pascal Comparisons to determine a hit's status ( as demonstrated in Part 1). Quick recap for the mechanics in question. If the Attacker's Pascal value is 20% of the defender's Pascal value, the attack is a Dodge for the defender or a Block if the defender procures the desirable Pascal Percentage while Double-Tapping S , boosting their "Footwork" without a shield, and raising a shield, when using a Riot, Ballistic, or Portable EM Screen (Look at Part 1 & 2 for more info on this). If it's 40% , it's a Grazing Blow ( connecting but causing only a flesh wound, make all the Monty Python jokes, I don't care ) or a Parry. Same reasoning of procurring the effects as 0-20%. Dodge / Graze always comes before Block / Parry, in case a target mvoes both fast and are spamming Double-Backwards. The Hit Status formula, dictates a few things. Your Pressure (Pascal) applied on the target, will be significantly mitigated by the opponent's Transversal Speed. In the case of our 80 Kg avatars fighting in close quarters, both using only fists and untrained, the formula for a punch attack (refer to Part 1 for the image with the fist sizes) from the attacker to an unprepared defender without the attacker building speed by running, would look like this. Step 1 { [ ( LV.2 - Trv.1 + MAs ) * m.2 ] / Surface Area of Striking Medium } / { [ ( G.V.1 + AV.1 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } Step 2 { [ ( 0 - 0 + 1 ) * 4 ] / 0.005 } / { [ ( 9.8 + 0 + 1) * 80 ] / 1 } Step 3 800 / 864 This nets us a 92% Hit Status. But with the Defender moving backwards and away from the idle Attacker at 1m/s, this becomes. Step 1 { [ ( LV.2 - Trv.1 + MAs ) * m.2 ] / Surface Area of Striking Medium } / { [ ( G.V.1 + AV.1 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } Step 2 { [ ( 0 - 1 + 1 ) * 4 ] / 0.05 } / { [ ( 9.8 + 0 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } Note : the Angular Velocity doesn't increase, the defender is simply putting distance between the two when the attack happens, there is no strafing between the two. 0 / 944 The attack missed, as the opponent was moving away. The following is the defender, strafing around the attacker. This harkens back ot the lock=-on part of the suggestion. This may remind some of Dark Souls, whic does function inan extend similar to this suggestion. At 1 meters distance from the target, strafing around them at 1 m/s wit a 90 degrees angle on your strafing. { [ ( 0 - 1.4 + 1 ) * 4 ] / 0.005} / { [ ( 9.8 + 0.15 + 1) * m.1 ] / Volume Factor } This will end up as -320 / 876 or -36% for the attacker, which is a missing attack as explained in Part 1. What if the Attacker is moving a 2 m/s and attacking the strafing Defender? *magic math time* 135% Melee Hit Status - a Daze for full damage on the Attacker's part. What if the Defender is at 2 meters and moving at 1 meters on a strafe and the attacker is moving a 2 meters per second. *magic math time* 795.2 / 876.72 90% hit status effect. Direct Hit for 100% damage of your character (before mitigation by the defender). I could continue on and on about how "dancing around" with another skilled melee fighter could take AGES, how you could "juke" and trick an opponent into closing the distance, thus causing them to suffer a Slam or a Daze, but hey, this is a Dark Souls inspired Melee combat, from a guy who plays a Stealth Cruiser in EVE, with the cruiser's motto might as well being "I got no life, there's nothing you can do, that will bore me". The Block Reflex Action of [Double-Tapping S] works the same way. As an attack oriented avatar, your artificial muscles can help you block an attack if you goad the enmy into it, while as defense oriented avatar, you will end up becoming a walking Tank with a shield raised. Just remember, you suffer a Trv.1 bonus by activating the Block Reflex Action. While this may sound good, remember, it's positive as a value where YOU face. If a person attacks from behind you while you block they will do as as if you were moving towards them with your back. Always fight back to back with a friend or with your back agaisnt a wall. Note : These math are based on ROUGH equations - mainly the velocities on the defender's part. The angular velocity is calculated on a 2D plain, while in reality, the 3D plain Angular Velocity would need to be factored in, as Gravity excerts a pull on the defender downward. The precise numbers may vary slightly, but the cconcept is applicably solid... and I can't be bothered doing the weird weird math behind a 3-way angular velocity. Also, I am an ARMCHAIR DEVELOPER dammit, I don't actually have to burn more brain cells, mkay? Mkay. 3. : Where does Melee fit into DUAL's combat I don't need to explain this. Aside from the obvious "stealth" weapon the Melee training can be, it's also a great segue into competitive arena games. This combat system is all about reading your opponent, seeing when they are going to attack, and being on top of the situation. Skill training, Combos, Weaponry and player guile, dictate who can win in a 1 on 1 duel - and you can't actually have an honorable duel with guns. :| This is a system for people who like a melee system that's not spam auto-attack and adheres to people who like building "decks" (which is what the combo system is in Part 2 if you think about it). And of course, this is a combat system that makes melee a weapon of choice for people who want to practise stealth and have not to rely on ammunitions. Shields especially, have a lot of uses in CQB and CQC. Epilogue This 3 part post was made to prove a few things. A. Whatever stats based system the Devs go for, CAN be retrofited for melee. B. Melee combat CAN be achieved in DU's "motion-based" hit-chance system of combat, by utilising a half Dark Souls, half Age of Conan mechanic. If EVE is the Dark Souls of space warfare, then DU can be the Dark Souls MMO in melee combat, NOT the one we deserve, but the one we need. C. The devs' vision of having "auto lock-on" iin close Quarters makes sense now, doesn't it? Just keep it optional, and we can have a Dark Souls sort of melee combat. And finally : D. The forum is not a place for long, thought out posts about anything. Especially game mechnaics suggestions that are not just a complete circle-jerk.
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