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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to discuss the near future of DU. It's no secret to either the players or the developers (as I see it) that DU will fail immediately upon release with the current mechanics. As it stands now, it's a mining and production simulator with pretty weak economics. It's so sad to see this great idea go to hell. What is DU now? It's a construction, manufacturing, and peaceful flight simulator. What is the current course? To make a combat flight simulator and maybe a shooter. Who plays this game? Most of us are pretty close to nerds (sorry if that hurts your feelings). I am interested in playing DU even in excel. Do graphics make a significant difference to me? Probably not. Who will the developers attract? Looks like shooter players who definitely don't like excel. What will they find here? Obviously, nothing. That means anger and, of course, nasty posts everywhere. I don't see how ping and pendings can be reduced to an acceptable 30-60ms. Thus, pvp as we know it from Fortnite and similar games is hardly possible in the near future on a single server. NPCs are also unlikely to be possible due to the architecture of the game. But I love this game, I want to play this game, I don't want this game to die. How can this situation be improved? I'm already playing this game. Sure, I'm waiting for additional content, but do I really need an atmo combat simulator here? No. It makes it impossible to live on the planet. Do I need a PvP area in space everywhere? No. It suppresses the idea of peaceful gameplay for construction and production. Do I really need PvP? Yes, I do. However, if you remember, I am a nerd, I'll be more than happy to fight you in excel. I think we can leave the space as it is. It works more or less acceptably. Of course, it needs to be improved, but at this stage it's more or less fine. The focus should be on the economy and the planets. I believe we can realise territory wars without shooting. There are a lot of strategy games that don't require a good ping and reaction. I want to be able to occupy any tile I like if my corporation is strong enough. My territorial and border integrity should play an important role in the mechanics of territorial wars. So my proposal is a flight simulation in space and a solid strategy game without the rush of the surface. Should we ignore reality and just hope for a happy future? Or should we perhaps change course and help the game survive? What do you think?
  2. After the 0.24 update I have a strong prediction that 0.25 will be an atmo/TW PvP update, from videos by NQ and a few hunches. In the rare scenario that I am correct, the update could be a literal game changer. If done right, It could bring a new interest in the game to both old and new players, since it would force orgs to log back in to 'defend their interests', and make the game more lively and exciting. (not to mention all the cool PvP videos that would come out of it). However, if it is done wrong, it would lead to pirates dominating the outer planets, leaving everyone stuck on Alioth until we all eventually starve from the lack of resources. 0.25 truly could either make the game 5 times better or 5 times worse. Here are my general concerns on what could go wrong in the update: pirates could camp outside markets/territories and blast whoever exits the outer planets would become uninhabitable with pirates raiding every territory they come across nobody would be bothered / no point in territory warfare builds and cities made on the outer planets would get destroyed by griefers it would be too easy to attack / defend a territory so my question is this. What would you want in an Atmo PvP update? This is what I have come up with so far: All of the outer planets are re-seeded. This time, instead of having ores scattered about in small veins and meganodes, ores (along with normal generation) can spawn in MASSIVE meganodes. and I mean MASSIVE. These 'giganodes' (every planet would have 1-10 giganodes) would take months to mine, and many months for solo miners. unlike meganodes, they should also be very easy to spot, maybe even able to be seen on the map, so that territories placed there cannot just lay low and avoid danger. If you want a peice of the giganode cake, you will have to defend it. Unclaimed territories/ territories which aren't affiliated with your orgs remain safe zones. this makes sure players cannot just camp territories. However, if another org decides to wage war on you (or vice versa) the outer sections of your/ your organisation's territories are now PvP zones. I won't go into the schemantics on how Territory Warfare will work, but as long as you cannot just bury territory units underground I would be fine with it. The defenders or territory units should have a method of automatically guarding their constructs like reinforcement timers and static construct weapons to those give smaller orgs a fighting chance and stop people from just blowing everything up when they are offline. Pacifist orgs / orgs that just want to build should have a method which stops other orgs from attacking them, while also making sure they cannot exploit it for financial gain. for example, you could configure your territory unit to enter a 'pacifist mode' where you cannot be attacked but also cannot mine ores there. This also has the upside of allowing for PvP orgs to build up their defences before mining on them. NQ could also make it so that you cannot use industry like this, so that orgs could strategically destroy manufacturing plants. However, because of the current state of industry I do not recommend this. After leaving a contested PvP territory, your ship will gain a timer where it can still be attacked, even in safe zones, for 2-5 minutes. This makes sure ships cannot just dip in and out of territories to avoid enemy fire. I will put the final consensus on https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/. NQ, take notes. Please be nice!
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