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Found 10 results

  1. To prefix this, this is primarily a discussion page to talk about various ways to monetize this beloved game called Dual Universe, while weighing pros and cons. Considering many people don't understand why things are done, or perhaps the business people within the company haven't thought of a few of the ideas perhaps to be mentioned in this total thread, here it goes. None of any posts in this thread are considered the whole picture, more as a combination of all the thoughts given, including this initiation post To start, we are going with the backer method fro
  2. So I'll cut straight to the chase here. Why is there no single month sub plan? I can understand wanting a bit more money or perhaps supporting players who only want to play maybe 2-3 days a week. But as someone who is incredibly skeptical of any Dev who operates outside of a distribution platform that has well known purchase security it bothers me that I can't test drive the game for a short period to determine if it hits that itch that attracted me in the first place. If I may offer a suggestion, if you are so inclined to not have a recurring 1 month subscr
  3. Hello 🙂 I wanted to take out a 12 month subscription and pay with PayPal, but I can't. I get a message that I need a credit card for this. Why can't I pay with PayPal without a credit card?! If you already have a subscription model, don't make the mistake of requiring a credit card to pay for it! Let the people who want to buy your product, actually buy your product! Unfortunately, there have been a few such cases in the past, I would have liked to buy a product, but that would only have been possible with a credit card, so I didn't buy it. I can not understand this. If
  4. In the time I've spent reading these forums, I see this topic come more than a handful of times on DAC's and DU's subscription system. It's something to be expected, a merchant goes "hey I got a nice product, pay me xyz dollars", then the consumer goes "how can I get this for the best value for my money?". This is a quite normal thought process. I think of it every time when looking at goods and their prices and especially before I check out my products. We value our money because we put time and effort into earning it, and want to maximize our potential with it. Our ti
  5. The gaming world appears to be moving away from monthly fees for games. Perhaps a flat fee would be better with payments for ENTIRELY non gameplay items like decorative elements, element skins or paying to import your own models/skins from Blender (subject to review before acceptance) etc? Edit: title fixed
  6. Edit: This post does not mean that I endorse this system, this is meant to be a discussion about the trial period. I will be adding peoples suggestions to the applicable pro/con list below Edit: THIS thread is proof that we can discuss a controversial topic in a constructive and respectful way, I love what I'm seeing from this discussion. DU will definately have some sort of trial period, however I haven't seen a dedicated discussion for what that trial period might/should look like yet. I've heard that Eve switched to a F2P system that includes a skill cap of some kind, so here are my
  7. greatings. yea, i am one of those who did kickstart the game in such an hurry (because i had the feeling this could be huge) that i did not got that there is a subscription system attached. no, i am not happy with that ... but well ... at least i can play it for two month. since i will have to plan pretty carefully when to play my two month (playing with a family in the background is something thats not so easy. 2 month playtime translates for ppl like me into 20Hours) .. when does the time start to tick? best of luck
  8. I know I'm setting myself up for some vitriol here, but I just have to say that I hate the idea of SG Probes being the "preferred" method of interstellar exploration and travel. Hear me out, because I love the idea of Stargate Probes in general, it's just that one little word that gets under my skin. Preferred. Seems benign, I know, but it's actually a pretty significant word that we will come back to shortly. To start with, let's look at what SG Probes are, because they're pretty dang cool. A Stargate Probe is a freaking automated factory attached to a powerful FTL drive t
  9. Hello there, I have recently been following the developments of DU, as a french entrepreneur in IT myself, and living in Paris, I feel very concerned by the developments of this game :-) So I was looking at the monetization problem and how Novaquark found out their solution from a comparison of detailed pros and cons. I agreed on most pros and cons, but some points might have been overlooked, and I wish the developers can change their mind about the P2P subscription model. First things first, I think that a P2P subscription is perfectly viable for Early Access. In general, my o
  10. Here is an email from Novaquark about the topic of subscription. Hopefully this can elevate the beat to death debate of sub and pricing. Posted by Novaquark (Creator) Hi guys! Already 135,354€ and 27% covered! This is amazing! We can’t thank you enough guys, thank you for your support! So, this is the first update, and we wanted to bring some light on one important point. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the monetizat
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