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Found 14 results

  1. QUICK FACTS Name: Stargate Command Creation: 27/07/2016 Members: 100 Region: 60 % Europeans, 30 % NA, 10 % Unknown or other Language: English Purpose: military organization based on Stargate SG1 & SGA Playstyle: PvP / PvE Discord: https://discord.gg/4q48ZxR Goals: Recreating and upholding our beloved franchise and content from this franchise in Dual Universe Attitude: Neutral good Age range: ~ 19 - 35 Conditions of joining: Basic English (conversational level) SHORT INTRODUCTION We are a organization based on the Stargate series, as many of you know most Stargate related games either lasted not long or where shut down pretty fast after launch - we put high hopes in Dual Universe, also with a similar stargate technology mentioned to recreate and uphold content from our beloved franchise. Our members are spread over the world and are all fans of Stargate, most of our members are based in Europe & North America. We are devided into three departments which suits diffrent playerstyles, but since we are a military organization it should be made clear that participation in PvP is mandatory. Like the series we are using the United States Air Force ranks & insignia but we did some minor alternations. Homeworld Security (HWS): Engineering, programming, logistics & constructing National Intelligence Department (NID): Analysing data, internal law enforcement, controlling & planning, classic intelligence Air Force: Combat, patrolling, guard duties, scouting, exploration At ease! Meroran SOME ADs & GRAPHICS Note: All used images are either a own creative work, free to use for non-profit or paid by me via Adobe Stock under European Law!
  2. What do you think? Dialing: Pros: -trading and politics are easier -makes it easier to travel as a newcomer (no advantages for others, same chances) -saves real-life time Cons: -defense is much harder (without shield) -could block other gates Fixed: Pros: -defense is much easier -private Cons: -waste of resources Choose yourself! More ideas?
  3. So im not entirely sure on the game mechanics, but either having a planet rotate, you could establish a geosynchronous orbit, a low orbit station, or if planets do not rotate we could use this almost as a seed ship kinda idea (ship flys in, scans the planet records the data transmits it back to supply ships via subspace and plants a stargate moves on to next planet) kinda like from stargate universe, it would take loads of scripting but it would be amazing. http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Seed_ship Also we should start a Destiny initiative. #DestinyInitiative http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Destiny
  4. Aaron Cain


    Most of us know there will be massive star-gates in space to sent our ships to far away places. What i want to propose is a smaller base located gate. It should be large enough to sent people, small hovers and small fighters but small enough to block big hovers and big ships. The placing should be in a base, planet or space bound, and transport is only possible if you own both sides of the gate, so you need to build one at both sides. Since this is the same technology as will be used for the large gate it should fit the lore. And because you already need to have a base on both sides of the gate you have probably already used the large gate at least once but to be sure this is not gone be an easy thing to build a training should be there that makes this only craft-able after you already studied the building of star-gates in general. An option is to make these scale able just like the shown hangar doors, although i hope the star-gate idea will not be a circle to fly through but more a set of "rails" or "beacons" guiding a ship into the flow. Your thoughts?
  5. I am really looking forward to the pre-alpha, but as an 8-year Eve Online veteran and almost 2 years of Space Engineers I have a few concerns/recommandations. I am curious how other people think about this, and if the devs said anything regarding these topics. My concerns are: Travel should be slow Large ships should be full of equipment Blueprint use should be limited. Let me explain :). Travel In Eve online you can go to the central trading hub (Jita) with a couple of carriers or jumpfreighters in less than an hour from anywhere in the 7500 systems. The introduction of cariers, jump freighters and jump beacon networks (over the years) killed off local trade hubs, and most of the deep space industry. Deep space / 0.0 is now mostly just used for (moon)mining and alliance wars. Trading is mostly limited to the center zone and the profit margins are so low most people do not bother. It also had the side-effect that empires got too big: it is so easy to have fast moving roving fleets cross the universe the empires got bigger and bigger. I miss the early years where you could set out with a group of friends, find yourself an empty solar-system and build yourselves a home. Those days are long gone in Eve-Online: you have to negotiate a rent from an empire, then mine your ass off paying that rent, or you sign up for endless grinding fleet service but never fight for your own home. (this is why I stopped with Eve-online a few years ago) To avoid this, travel should be slow: I think we should not have stargates in this game: that would make big empires too easy. People would just restrict their use to their own alliance to get a war advantage. I think 12 hours flying or so to the next solar-system is fine to start with (was mentioned in one of the videos). Maybe you can introduce a warp drive so that travel to moons and panets within a solarsystem is a bit quicker, but to the next solar system should take hours (at least 1 or 2 hours I would say, enough so that it is a real expedition, not just a little hop and back). This makes trade more viable, with better profit margins (you could even pay for getting your ship moved while you are offline?: dock it in a huge ship as in the Dune books for instance?) As long as all the basic building components can be found in each solar system there is no need for fast travel. Slow travel will create many local economies instead of one big one, give room for real exploring, make trade and local industry viable. It will make the universe feel big. It will also mean that many people from two sides of the universe will never meet, but I see that as a plus, not a problem. Big ships In Space engineers, when you build a really big battleship, it is mostly empty space: the power plants, oxygen plants, etc. take very little space. For the rest its an endless repeat of engines and guns, but they slap on on the outside. Inside it is mostly empty space. I do not like that. This way there is no real reason to build a big battleship other than the look: a smaller one is just as strong, and easier to armor. I would suggest that in DU the equipment should be BIG. And I would also suggest lots of supporting equipement. For Instance: say a large shield generator can be made stronger with one or more capaciters to handle peak loads, and they need 1 or more cooling systems so it overloads slower, they all need to be linked to a control unit to configure these settings, but they need to physically close to work. Then add that when a shield generator overloads, it explodes (seems very reasonable). This forces you to armor the room on the inside. Follow up with making the shield area it covers a limited sized disk, not a sphere. The effect will be that if you want a battleship to be shielded, you need a series of armored rooms full of equipment. Repeat this type of thing for large guns, engines, power supply, sensor arrays etc, and you get a naturally big ship. I think a large ship focused for battle should just have room for living quarters and a few small ship bays, but for the rest be full of equipment. (I am speculating stuff like this fits with the game engine, and should not take much performance as the supporting equipment can just be calculated through as improved stats for the shield module). A positive side effect is that large trading ships - that DO need lots of empty space - will always be more vulnerable than a battleship of the same size. Blueprints I like the blueprint idea to store and recreate your personal designs. But I think it is a bad idea to make mass production too easy (also an experiance from Eve online). In the end somebody will come up with an optimal design for a small scout, miner, fighter etc, and then everyone will just endlessly copy that design. I think we all want there to be lots of variations in ship design. Standards might still happen, but I think we can fight to keep diversity by limiting the blueprint functionality. One way of doing this would be to make the use difficult (as in Space Engineers you see the blueprint in space, and then have to slowly welt it together from the inside out: very hard to do for large blueprints). You could also make it so that you can reproduce your blueprint, but only 1 reproduced ship of the blueprint can exists in DU: that way you limit it to personal use as a sort of 'save game', but not stimulate mass production. Wat would be the dead of ship variation is the buying and selling of blueprints, I hope we do not get that. As I expect some wipes in the alpha and beta phases of the game the blueprint is a great help, but personally I hope that it is dropped when the game is out for real. Losing a ship should hurt, and not just for the materials: it should take time and effort to create a new one. This will limit piracy, because it makes piracy more time-consuming and harder to make profitable, and it will limit war: nobody is going to trow their hard-build ships away because an alliance leader has a temper tantrum. War will come when a group of people feel it is a just cause. Ok, so far the 3 topics running through my mind lately. How do others feel on these topics? Is this all old news and already sorted?
  6. "Progressing society in leaps and bounds"We are a small non-profit R&D organisation compromised of the finest hand selected engineers, designers and industry scientists from all over the galaxy. Our lead research team will have the responsibility of developing the very first Star-gates. -Sponsored by the "YOUR ORG HERE" organisation. A 2nd team will primarily work alongside the industry experts in resource extraction, to research & develop a project aptly named "Celestial body harvester 9000" or CBH9. -Sponsored by the "YOUR ORG HERE" organisation.The 3rd and final team will be responsible for maintaining our HQ and its underground production facilities. -Sponsored by us here at Toroidal R&D For a "Sponsor requirements pack" Please send me a private message (Please legates only) Sponsors may remain anonymous if they wish. Only 1 sponsor per project Top secret projects available by request. Also can expressions of interest for the PAID position of Team-leader be addressed via Private mail Please Do not be offended if you are not selected Team-leader positions will require a certain level daily attendance and skill
  7. As I currently understand it, Stargates will be usable based on having the proper permissions or something along the lines of a key. The Stargate owner can collect fees when people use the gate. This is a nice system; it's simple, but I think it can be easily expanded. I think a system that can be based on the mass of the ship will allow for more emergent gameplay around stargates. People could of course choose to just have a flat rate, if that is what they prefer. I propose three additions: The ability to charge a fee for using the stargate based on the mass of the ship. The ability to set different tiers of mass that have different tax rates. The ability to crate different "keys" or permission levels that have different tax settings. I will now go into more detail why I think this is good system and why it should be very easy to implement. First, taxes based on mass: why? Well, it's more fair. Why should someone who is flying a tiny shuttle pay the same fees as a space trucker who is hauling millions of kilograms of goods? How do you balance the two if you can only charge a flat tax? A mass tax helps solve that. If you charge one Quanta per 10 kilos and the shuttle is 1000kg, then that person pays 100 Quanta whereas the massive freighter of, say, 10,000,000kg pays a million Quanta. The freighter can easily afford a larger sum because it will make money off of the cargo it is carrying and it is just a cost of doing business. The pilot of the smaller ship will be happy because their fees will be low, since they don't have to pay some middle ground, one size fits all rate. The stargate owner is happy because it let's them collect more taxes overall while still remaining competitive. How difficult would this be to implement? It shouldn't be too hard based on what we know. NQ have indicated that ship and cargo mass will be taken into consideration by the physics engine, so they data already exists and all that has to be done is some basic multiplication. The plus side of this is that since cargo is also already accounted for, an empty cargo ship pays less fees than one that is fully loaded Mass tiers, this is where it really starts to get interesting. Users should be able to set "tiers" of mass that have different rates between them. For example, perhaps the rate for ships between 0kg - 10,000kg is 0.1 Quanta per kg, 10,001kg - 50,000kg is 0.5 Quanta per kg, and 50,001kg and up is 1 Quanta per kg. In this way, the large ships get the more they have to pay. Consider three ships: Ship 1 is 5,000kg and pays 500 Quanta. Ship 2 is 30,000kg and pays 15,000 Quanta. Ship 3 is 120,000kg and pays 120,000 Quanta. Why would you want to do this? To dissuade larger ships either for market reasons or military reasons. Or perhaps there is the theory that the bigger the ship, the more money the owner has to burn. That's up to the gate owner, but the true power of the mass tiers comes out with the third point. Different keys. The tax settings should be tied to each key and not to the gate itself, allowing for different keys with different settings for different people. There are many reasons that people travel and this would allow the fee system to be better suited for each person. I will give an example. Perhaps someone is coming to tour an empire, or apply for a job or whatever, and they need to get around but don't want to spend a ton on fees. Naturally, the people who live in the region don't want somebody who may not be fully trusted dumping a ton of goods on the market to compete with local businesses or bringing in a large battleship and causing trouble, so the tourist is given a key designed to meet these needs. The key could be set so each use under 2,000kg is only 20 Quanta but over 2,000kg it's 20 Quanta per kg. So if that tourist tries to bring in a 20,000kg freighter they are going to be smacked with a 400,000 Quanta fee. More taxes for the gate owner and it strongly discourages that tourist from bringing in larger ships or a lot of cargo. It's emergent and not set in stone. You could also raise the price even further to really discourage large ships. Maybe over 10,000kg it's 500 Quanta per kg! That's 10,000,000 Quanta for that same 20,000kg freighter! Good luck turning a profit on that. So long as that tourist follows the guidelines of their key, they can avoid paying much in fees, but if they try to do stuff that they are not supposed to they will pay the price, literally.
  8. Hey Community! I'm Flow, the Legate/Commander of the Organization "Stargate Command". I'm currently searching for people who like Stargate. As a huge fan I've created this organization because I realised Dual Universe is the perfect game to bring the Stargate Community together and to have fun with Stargate stuff. Our targets are pretty simple. We will build Stargate ships and buildings like the Daedalus, Atlantis, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and more. Our activities are exploration (through stargates) and keeping peace in the galaxy. If you already have a organization you can join us anyway (being a member of multiple organizations is now possible). It is also possible to hire us (the whole organization) to be a military separation of another Organization. Star Wars will take part as a player driven lore, so why not Stargate? If you want to have fun with us you can visit us here. And dont worry, there will be stargates! We hope to see you! Greetings Flow
  9. I've been thinking of ways to make the exploration aspect of Dual Universe more interesting. Things that would be rare and awesome to find, but avoiding pre-made creations, something the devs want to stay away from. I haven't had much luck. However, I did have one idea that I think, considering the current plans of the game, would be easy to implement, and that is random wormholes. They would act exactly and identically to stargates, which as many of you know are player-made FTL tunnels that allow quick travel between systems. There are a few catches that could make wormholes unique and separate from stargates, the main one being the first one: - They do not remain open all the time. They may only be open for ten minutes, and closed for 10 real-life days, in a continuous cycle where timing is crucial. - They spawn randomly; their entry and exit points are randomly located, whether inside systems or out. - They might have a chance to destroy ships going through; what's fun without risk? - They only have an entrance; no turning back! - Their exit or entry points fluctuate. Could be 10 kilometers or 100 light years. Perhaps a cycle that players would need to figure out, i.e. entry-way remains fixed, but exit point is constantly moving in a circle, so it eventually returns to the same location. A wormhole would work on the exact same mechanics as a stargate, except that it would obey any number of the rules listed above, making them unique and yet easy to implement once stargates are implemented too. Any other ideas of how wormholes could behave, or other ideas on what would make exploration more interesting and rewarding? Remember that the devs want to minimize pre-made stuff spawning in the game.
  10. Some musing on stargates brings up some questions: Will the builder of a stargate be able to charge a toll for its use? If not, how would they amortize the cost? Will a stargate have a (digital) key, so only authorized users can use it? Will the owner have to have an armada patrolling to stop unauthorized use? If I send a probe from Earth to Mars (or other pair of planets in the same system) will I be able to build a stargate between them? This could be very profitable for fast, easy trade if a use fee can be charged. Or is there a one stargate per system limit?
  11. [Whoops. Accidental duplicate post. Please respond to the other one.] Mod, can you delete please?
  12. Hey guys! I'm pretty sure there are some Stargate fans out there and I think i'm not the only person who wants to build a BC-304 Daedalus Class Cruiser. Just because this thing will be huge in the game later it would be cool to have team. As a single person i can't even get all these resources. So if you're interested please mail me! That would be great! Flow2606 Contact: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/stargate-command
  13. I'm posting this in this subforum because it felt like a more appropriate place than the Mechanics subforum, if only because Hyperspace isn't something I've seen mentioned by the devs. We know from NQ that (borrowing an old quote Saffi's thread here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/304-scrub-stargate-and-transportation-questions/): - FTL Travel will be the hard and slow way to explore other solar systems. It will be difficult because complex logistics will be needed to make the travel worth it. In fact, we expect FTL Travel to be most likely used to go to an adjacent unexplored solar system, and build a Stargate. Based on that summary of what we know so far, I'd like to discuss idea of Hyperspace travel between Stargates. One can presume, based on that summary, that the expected outcome of using a Stargate would be instantaneous travel between two locations in space. However instead of an instant warp between two locations, I think it would be more intriguing if Stargates operated more as interstellar highways where travel between two points was faster than simply using FTL but still not instantaneous. Similar to how it took several minutes for the crew to travel through the wormhole in Interstellar: The ingame reasoning for this could be that there is simply not a way to completely bend space to have two points touch each other, that space could only be bent so far. Or that there is just not way to produce that much negative energy. I think this can be best illustrated with this diagram of a wormhole: Wherein point A and B do not explicitly touch each other, but there is a "throat" distance between the two points. This "throat" could be described as "hyperspace". I'm imagining the hyperspace gates from Cowboy Bebop, specifically from the "Gateway Shuffle" episode. Where entering a gate would put you on a narrow fast lane through space, but leaving that fast lane safely and accurately (explained below) requires the existence of an exit gate. Flying through hyperspace wouldn't make you immune to attack, and you would have to navigate carefully through the path, as leaving it could cause massive damage to your ship and leave you stranded in unexplored space, millions of lightyears from the nearest inhabited solar system. A journey through hyperspace between two gates would only be a few minutes, as opposed to the hours/days of travel with FTL. This clip from Star Trek Into Darkness visually illustrates what I think leaving hyperspace would look like, although I know they're not travelling in hyperspace in Star Trek but I don't want to get into the semantics of the Star Trek universe: That clip also brings up another detail that I'd like to see if this were implemented, combat while in hyperspace. I think that ships should still be able to fire on one another while in hyperspace. Although perhaps the mechanics of combat while in hyperspace should be modified to account for the different type of combat environment vs real space. ie, laser shots being bent because of the immense pull of gravity? Stargates would probably be incredibly difficult to destroy, so there wouldn't be a very big chance of getting stuck in hyperspace because of a group of pirates shooting at your exit gate. But they shouldn't be impossible destroy, so that a sufficiently large fleet could take one on. There could also be a mechanic that allows for different sized stargates, or stargates that prohibit specific ship types or sizes from passing through. The diameter of a stargate could also determine the size of its hyperspace lane. I have more to say about the topic of stargates, but I'd like to see what others think about this first.
  14. In another thread this was suggested by NovaQuark - FTL Travel will be the hard and slow way to explore other solar systems. It will be difficult because complex logistics will be needed to make the travel worth it. In fact, we expect FTL Travel to be most likely used to go to an adjacent unexplored solar system, and build a Stargate... So this makes me question, out of fear, because in EVE of the two things that bother me most. 1.) Movement controls are not intuitive and done almost entirely with most clicks and very tiny and thin menus that you have to precisely navigate. 2.) jumping hundreds of times all over the place, causing cpu and gpu to load and load and load Zones. If players are going to be laying out Stargate networks. Will it be possible to create gates that traverse large amounts of space and not just system to system. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 If each number is a system. Can I make a gate from say System 1 to system 8. or do i have to make Six worthless jumps to arrive at the destination system. Also, I have been holding onto this idea for a while, would it be possible for Guilds to create a public transit network? By any means, Im sure this wont be valid but my idea was That guilds could be allowed to create special transport ships at space-stations, a ship commanded by a NPC-Drone, and the NPC being given some specific input requirements, or custom designed tags or.. something. Home Destination, Target Destination, Waiting Time before departing, Boarding Fee.
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