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Found 9 results

  1. in theory , xs ships could actually be pretty powerful. their 60 minute lock time from L ships means that you can just hit and run in and out of range of the enemy with 0 damage, and are loads cheaper than L cores. In practice, this doesn't work for many reasons. damage is too low. not only do they do 8 times less damage, since they are controlled by a pilot seat you can only add 4 guns maximum, meaning that you would need a swarm of them to harm an L core. getting 2 pilots in an xs core is far less efficient than putting 2 pilots in an L core, not even mentioning gunner seats usi
  2. I keep seeing posts. comments, and people inferring that solo playing is unwanted, frowned upon, etc. WHY? I'm retired, I play 12 to 16 hours a day, i love building, i even have a youtube for stuff i build in games. i prefer to do it myself and not have to rely on someone else. It's a survival type game right? so that means ideally that you need to rely on yourself to do things, right? i get the organizations, i understand that. but i want to live by my rules and crash my own ships not have someone else do that and leave me the repair bill, etc. i sell and buy from market a lot as a new solo p
  3. Bonjour , petite mise au point pour notre recrutement. Après un moment dans le jeu je constate une chose. Les joueurs aime jouer solo et faire leur propre petit base. Ce qui est très compréhensif. Sur cette constatation l'organisation Des Lunaris recrute dans le seul but de s'entraider dans les moments difficiles. A savoir Le pvp. pour faire simple : Un membre construit sa base sont industrie, Son vaisseau etc... il est rattaché a l'organisation qui possède déjà une base que tous les membre preuve utilisé sur Alliot. Mais il s'engage a aider dans la mesure du possible la communauté Des
  4. Why solo in an MMO? Are they missing the point? Are they just doing it wrong? This GDC 2011 talk discusses the notion, presenting 10 types of loners and how they could be addressed in an MMO. How relevant are these 10 types of loner in Dual Universe? 1) New Kid In Town A new player, fresh off the arkship. Full of hopes and dreams but have no connections and have no idea how to proceed. Some believe getting organizations to recruit them as fast as possible is the answer but is that really the best way? Overly aggressive advertising
  5. I welcome you to The League of Solo Players. Its an Organization Dedicated to All the Gods that chose to be solo. This Organization is a tool to connect all solo players regardless of current Organizations to share free information, wether it be gaming issues or to Lua coding issues. Every Player is Equal. All voices will be heard. This Organization Identifies as Solo Player Website https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-league-of-solo-players/#tab-description Discord https://discord.gg/3nCCcJj
  6. I'm looking forward to this game very much, and instead of picturing myself flying around killing things in a fighter ship, I imagine myself working solo or freelance for other trading groups. I'm concerned with how payment will be reinforced in this game, whether it be used with currency or other trade goods. Let's say I've dropped off some rare minerals and the other party refuses to pay, how would I prevent this? Would I need the support of an organisation that provides security? Is there a contract system in place, and how flexible is it? Should I make the buyer pay a bit first
  7. What do you all think about keeping your character and things safe while you are offline? How should that work? Should it even be a thing? How do you balance that with the goal of having emergent game play in a single persistent universe? I haven't seen NQ say a whole lot about this. We've got the Ark Ship Safe Zone for sure. Possibly additional Ark Ship Safe Zones as the game expands. They've said they're considering some kind of Auto Defense mechanism and large Ark Ship like shields - but not indestructible that can be built (for a high cost) -- That's all I've seen from NQ abou
  8. Ok don't hate!! I know this is an MMO ... and yes I know what that acronym stands for BUT!!! people are different and unique and I am just curious on how people plan on playing DU. Please no "Don't play an MMO if you don't want to play with people" posts on here. From what I understand about what is planned for DU there will be the option to play this game either solo or with others .... and both. The more people working together the faster bigger projects can be completed is obvious but there are those who like the satisfaction of doing it all on their own. It is also obvious the
  9. I was wondering how far do you think it will be possible to progress as a solo player? On the title cards, on the official webpage, team up and go solo are right next to each other leading me to believe that the devs have them pretty equal in their minds. But we won't know for sure until the game comes out. For instance in EVE it is possible to play by your self, doing almost anything, but that kind of takes the second M out of MMO. Also here I am not sure what to consider solo play. For the EVE players out there, belonging to a NPC corporation doesn't mean you play solo, you could still r
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