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Found 6 results

  1. Don't forget to remember to read this ~4000 word short story about The Forgotten. The Forgotten.pdf The Forgotten.docx
  2. This contest submission is a continuation from my previous Novawrimo entry: That Bright Dawn. 'Feels Like Pain' is much shorter and I hope to do more stories like this in the future. I can only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Kind regards, Vyz. FeelsLikePain.pdf
  3. Written for a novawrimo that didn’t happen... This DU story takes place back on Earth when the arkships were still being built. The story highlights the internal struggles between the four factions of UEF. Now available on: http://spaceshipdrama.com Direct link: http://spaceshipdrama.com/issues/stories01-quanta.pdf Many thanks to the proof readers and @Agilulf for making it look awesome and hosting
  4. A dull thud means that I have hit the ground. Explosives blast off the heavy metal doors that protected me from everything that a drop pod dropped from 10,000 metres screeching towards the ground at 1000 m/s experience. My visor immediately feeds me information, Tactical displays screech warning in bold angry red. Just outside of the doorway a huge shape looms from the burning sky. This battle is not just a ground conflict, giant gunships kilometres long fie salvo after salvo make my sound dampeners whirr with effort. Pulling myself together I take a step out of the pod. As I step out of the shield protecting me from the outside world a sniper’s bullet hits me in the chest. The impact alone throws me to the ground. Instinctively I clutch my chest and gasp for air. As my fingers brush my chest the blood, I expect to be there is nowhere to be seen. Sighing I remember everything they told me in the briefing. Me and my squad are testing a new type of armour, one of the many prototypes that are pumped out daily by the war machine that is the Solar empire. The only reason I am alive to write this is because of that armour. With something akin to grim determination, in one fluid movement, I raise my gun and lock on to the place where my scanners detected the infra-red camouflaged muzzle flash. The reassuring sound of the armour’s automated voice drone, ‘Casualty’ it whispers in my ear. Behind the black visor I smile. First blood, I think. Around me small hills rise and fall. My squads drop pods stick out like a sore thumb across the bare dry ground. It’s helpful when the outside metal is 4000oc and blinding white. A battleground lays before me nothings like the sims. Bodies are everywhere, my filters on my suit shut before I get more than a whiff of the sickly aroma. The mammoth ruins of a Federal Flag ship lay before me, ants seem to be crawling around the feet of this gargantuan. Zooming in I can see that these are actually tanks. The sheer scale of this battle dawns on me. A notification tells me that HQ have sent me my message coordinates. Pulling them up I can see that the location is in the heart of the ship. We are required to obtain the blueprints of a new device only known as project ‘Stargate’. These are located in the central processing units of the ship. Activating my jump-pack I leap into the air, this was always my favourite part of training. I raise my visor enjoying the feel of rushing air against my face. Suddenly, tears race from my eyes. Being here doing this. It brings back memories of a happier time. Being torn from her was the worst part. Apparently, she took her life later that day. So, in a way the Arkship was both a curse and a blessing. I’m sure the people around me feel the same. How did we let this happen? How could we do this to ourselves? Pulling myself back to reality I carry on my dark task. Life has twisted me beyond recognition. Letting me kill other humans. Well let’s be honest. We seem pretty good at that. Hey guys! I myself am not an alpha backer but I hope to write a series of short stories going over life all over DU Please write in the comments if you want me to continue the story of this guy into a series. If not expect another story soon! Thanks, Wilburkit (If I Made mistakes or say something wrong please help me edit. And give me feedback about what u thought. I really want to improve so give feedback or comment to ask for a new theme (idea) Thanks!!!!)
  5. Experiment Alpha. Before waking up the thousands of the Alpha team, surely one would need to check that the system is working as intended with a single test subject. A few times. No characters in the story are in any way related or based on characters outside the story, real or imaginary. This is a short story of around 5200 words At this time the placeholders for UMF are still in. These were never removed. Enjoy. ----First Paragraph Snippet---- Space. Contrary to popular belief back on Earth, stars do not move as you travel through space. Well they do, but the changes are imperceptible to the naked eye. And they don’t twinkle. Everyone I cared about I left back on Earth. Now Earth is destroyed, by some nova star and them along with it. Staring out into the void echos the void inside me. It is the loneliest I have ever felt. And then a space whale drifts by. -------------------------------------- Edit v1.1: Uploaded again with minor typo fixed as pointed out by Lethys. UMF is still in the document. Otherwise no changes. Edit: No doc changes, just here to say UMF remains in the story and won't be changed Edit: File was 0kb for some reason. Re-uploaded for everyones enjoyment. DUShortStory-ExperimentAlpha1.1.pdf
  6. :LISTING OF RESERVATION: This topic is primarily for the reservation of names of places, events, and people that will be used in the upcoming short stories. Its purpose is to allow access to the community the needed information to allow their various stories to inter mingle with each other in one way or another. Hopefully unifying them in the end. Should you want to reserve some content, just post it below. First come - First serve basis pending. . . Also this should help mitigate content theft, by providing a basis to identify who came up with what first. For now, enjoy - and the best of luck to all of you in the upcoming short story contest.
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