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Found 5 results

  1. Don't forget to remember to read this ~4000 word short story about The Forgotten. The Forgotten.pdf The Forgotten.docx
  2. This contest submission is a continuation from my previous Novawrimo entry: That Bright Dawn. 'Feels Like Pain' is much shorter and I hope to do more stories like this in the future. I can only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Kind regards, Vyz. FeelsLikePain.pdf
  3. Written for a novawrimo that didn’t happen... This DU story takes place back on Earth when the arkships were still being built. The story highlights the internal struggles between the four factions of UEF. Now available on: http://spaceshipdrama.com Direct link: http://spaceshipdrama.com/issues/stories01-quanta.pdf Many thanks to the proof readers and @Agilulf for making it look awesome and hosting
  4. Experiment Alpha. Before waking up the thousands of the Alpha team, surely one would need to check that the system is working as intended with a single test subject. A few times. No characters in the story are in any way related or based on characters outside the story, real or imaginary. This is a short story of around 5200 words At this time the placeholders for UMF are still in. These were never removed. Enjoy. ----First Paragraph Snippet---- Space. Contrary to popular belief back on Earth, stars do not move as you travel through space. Well they do, but the changes are imperceptible to the naked eye. And they don’t twinkle. Everyone I cared about I left back on Earth. Now Earth is destroyed, by some nova star and them along with it. Staring out into the void echos the void inside me. It is the loneliest I have ever felt. And then a space whale drifts by. -------------------------------------- Edit v1.1: Uploaded again with minor typo fixed as pointed out by Lethys. UMF is still in the document. Otherwise no changes. Edit: No doc changes, just here to say UMF remains in the story and won't be changed Edit: File was 0kb for some reason. Re-uploaded for everyones enjoyment. DUShortStory-ExperimentAlpha1.1.pdf
  5. :LISTING OF RESERVATION: This topic is primarily for the reservation of names of places, events, and people that will be used in the upcoming short stories. Its purpose is to allow access to the community the needed information to allow their various stories to inter mingle with each other in one way or another. Hopefully unifying them in the end. Should you want to reserve some content, just post it below. First come - First serve basis pending. . . Also this should help mitigate content theft, by providing a basis to identify who came up with what first. For now, enjoy - and the best of luck to all of you in the upcoming short story contest.
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