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Found 1 result

  1. Organization Name: Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue Website: eyesandearsrescue.org Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ETk5ubw Mission: "Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights" Allegiance: Neutral, with a slight lawful bend Gameplay: Semi-casual, yet can be active at a moment’s notice Roleplay: Freely allowed Currently Recruiting: All Positions When you're out in the void of space, alone and unsure and in need of help, who do you turn to? Many would say "your organization", and that is very much correct. Most organizations are like family units, all of its members looking out for each other. Family can be fickle though. Do you have the biggest organization of them all? You're only one person and bound to get overlooked. Is your organization made of thieves and pickpockets? They'll come after you when it suits them best. Does your organization cover a vast swath of stars? They'll come after you, once they get out of their own territory. Is your organization tirelessly working on greater and better things? They'll get to you, right after their current job is finished. These organizations, great as they might be, may not lack the familial tightness that holds a family together. If a child wanders, its mother will instinctively pursue, but if a member of an organization finds themselves stranded in space, will their organization put everything on hold and pursue them? Enter Eyes and Ears - Search and Rescue. Our sole devotion is to bring lost Noveans back to civilization. If our purpose hasn't yet been betrayed, we are in the broadest of terms, a rescue organization. Why Rescue? While Resurrection Nodes can return you to familiar territory and Blueprints might be handy to reconstruct your lost ship, we can all probably agree that some things just aren’t worth loosing. Maybe you put a lot of time into your ship and can't afford to rebuild it? Perhaps that ship is made of or carries a lot of resources which may or may not be particularly rare? Did you acquire your ship through questionable means while knowing that you would most certainly lose it if you abandoned it? Were you on a supply run and made a risky jump knowing your fuel was low? Was a vital element damaged in flight and now you are as spaceworthy as an asteroid? Does an item in your personal inventory make a forced respawn too much of a risk to chance loosing? These are the problems we aim to solve. Who we are looking for We have a variety of positions need filling by a variety of different people. From people who are active in discord that can act as dispatchers, to pilots experienced in commanding various craft, spreadsheet workers who can keep our data organized. We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us. If you provide some sort of service that you think would be useful to our organization and those that we serve, please send me a private message. How our affiliates will work is by getting a direct referral from us to everyone we provide our services to in exchange for our customers receiving a discount on your services. Our affiliates will also work with us since we will come to them first with our own needs (of which there may be many) in exchange for a discount on their service given our direct connection. All the details on these positions and more can be found on our websites hiring page. Speaking of website You can find it at eyesandearsrescue.org Originally almost 3,000 words, I've moved much of my post that would have gone here onto my organizations' website so as to keep this post a bit tidier. This post is more so meant to give a brief introduction rather than a full and complete overview. If you would like to join You can find us here on the community page. Eyes and Ears Community Page Join our Discord here. Eyes and Ears Discord If you have questions I implore you to please ask them. Not only will it help others who view this thread, but it will help others who view my F.A.Q page in the future. The only dumb question is a question never asked. If you need to contact me directly You can either private message me here on the forums, or ping me on the Unofficial DU Community Discord @DarkHorizon.
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