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Found 2 results

  1. I think NQ said that there won't be any remote controlled vessels in the game. But what if there was? But we need constraints. Constraint 1: You can only have 1 remote controlled vessle active at a time. This will be done by a control station that you have to be using to control the vessel. Constraint 2: You have to use Lua commands to control the vessel like the space probes of today. Constraint 3: You need to set up transmission relays and other infastructure. You will need antennas on both the vessel and the control source, and lots of power will be needed for high-bandwidth or long distance communications(or however it works in real life) Constraint 4: You need to manually point the antennas to communicate. This also means other people can point their antennas and transmit commands to your vessel. Constraint 5(maybe): Speed of Light Lag
  2. According to the promotional videos, there will be a limit to the range within which you can run LUA scripts. So that for example if you want to build automated mechanisms, somebody has to stand next to them or they won't work. I'd like to see the possibility to connect two blocks so that if someone is standing next to the other one, their processing power can be used to run the other one regardless (or perhaps regarding, based on item level) the distance. There is a lot of talk about drones, which would very much depend on this. However, I don't know if drones planned by people were short or long ranged ones. The cases which I'm most worried about would be guided missiles or a larger ship drones which would immediately leave any kind of local processing range when deployed due to the larger scale of things in space.
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