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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Noveans, This is it! After almost three years of regular live testing in Pre-Alpha, and three different Alpha versions, Dual Universe now enters its first Beta phase! This also means that the NDA is finally lifted. The team worked extremely hard for you to discover this new milestone for our crazy dream project! We hope you'll see its potential and will continue helping us fixing, refining, and improving everything. Thanks for your awesome support since the beginning, it means so much to us... But enough of this, please find below the lastest release note: New Feature Screen Unit image upload verification In order to see your content displayed on a Screen Unit, you now have to upload your images on our new website. Note that all images uploaded will be 100% public. To do so: Go to dualuniverse.game and after logging in via the upper right corner panel, you will be able to go to the “upload image” page You’ll then be asked to open your Windows explorer and select your file, provided it’s in .jpeg or .png format (that’s right, no gif allowed) and that it’s under 5MB. Please note that drag & drop is not functioning at the moment, contrary to what’s written on the page There’s no feedback yet, but your image should appear after a few seconds in the “Pending Review” section on the page. Refresh it if needed. This review process can take about one week for now but we’re doing our best to proceed as quickly as possible. For now, you have to go back to the page to know its current status (this will be improved after the Beta launch) If rejected, you won’t be able to use your image, obviously If accepted, the image will appear on the dedicated section of the page. A mouse-hover will allow you to click on the link button to copy the link. No feedback will be displayed yet, but it works You now have a link starting with assets.prod.novaquark.com/XXXXX. With this copied link, you’ll then be able to insert it in a Screen Unit Right-click on your Screen Unit and use the “Quick Image” function. Paste the link in the pop-up field, validate, and ta-daaaaa. (You can also use it in any HTML content if you like) You can have 5 images validated at the same time For now, you can’t delete an image. This possibility will be added soon Remember that your content must comply with our EULA and ToS. If, for any reason, you find a way to circumvent the moderation process and display offensive content, you’ll be eligible for a sanction. Be responsible and have fun! Note: On a more general note, that verification applies to all external URL used in HTML content in the game. Any external URL used must be validated or it will not be ever loaded in-game. This includes custom HUD on piloting seats, manifesto and organization logos, info button, and or course, Screen Units. Improvements Added a clear warning about death and inventory loss [GUI] Added a confirmation message when using Force Respawn in a Tutorial session [LOC] Updated text for English, German and French languages [GUI] Added a red warning on inventory loss in confirmation popup for respawn, and removed the settings that allowed to skip confirmation [GUI] Improved display of quantas in dispensers (separate thousands with spaces, not commas, to be locale-independent) [Codex] Standardization of the codex font sizes between HUD mode and dashboard and fix of stretched images [Market] Buy/Sell orders are now sorted from lowest price to highest The downloadable package has been shrunk to 5.9 GB and the unzipped assets to 15 GB Gameplay Balancing/Changes [Control] Removed reminder about ‘Shift + i’ shortcut to toggle container in the consumable bar [Voxels] It's now forbidden to put planet voxels 100m above the original ground height. There is still no restriction on constructs Temporarily removed wrecks Removed red watermark from the game Updated Beta disclaimers (long and short one) [PvP] Radar identification uses the construct center position [Organization] Removed the possibility for non-legate to deploy in the name of the organization Crash Fixes Fixed a crash when sharing Construct [Warp] Fixed a crash when coming out of a warp Bug Fixes [Rendering] Fixed ice moon position that was rendered on top of Sanctuary Moon [Rendering] Reverted voxel material shader to fix colored steels [Rendering] Fixed rendering order of clouds [Physics] Fixed an exploit where indefinite lift is possible when hover pads interact with a child construct Fixed ‘Share Element Publicly’ for all that did not work [Container] Fixed a bug where items from linked container was not added to the consumable bar when double-clicked [Inventory] Fixed sub-menu ‘Tool compatible’ that did not update itself when switching tool [Tuto] Fixed an exploit when dying in Tutorial sessions [PvP] Fixed a weapon exploit [Art] Fixed asset textures for Radar Atmo S and Radar Space Medium [Build] Fixed offset when placing Commander Seat [SFX] Fixed fireworks that did not explode in the sky Fixed some bugs with Sell orders from active container to distant market [Market] Fixed confusing message when player doesn’t have enough inventory space to retrieve an item from the market [Market] Fixed current scroll being lost on market update [LOC] Fixed typo in an error notification (inventory full on dispenser) [Sound] Fixed multiple audio cues that were triggered when selecting Exit on the Main menu [FTUE] Fixed the green marker that was larger than the window in the Codex sequence Fixed an issue that allowed to use items from the active container to create a sell order on a distance market [Market] Displayed average price and best offers were confused in Buy/Sell order windows (not instant one), Sell order windows displayed the prices of Buy orders, and vice-versa Known Issues Windows certificate is not up to date. This issue will be fixed soon. This may prompt a warning message for new players in the first install. It can safely be ignored Beta keys system to distribute codes to your friends doesn't work for existing account yet. This will be fixed in the coming days Language selection from the game is not saved on exit Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted and we’ll fix them as time goes by In the previous Beta Release Candidate version of the game, ore veins were absent in the Sanctuary Moon. This has been fixed. However, any previous territory scan is now obsolete In some situations, you may not be able to place a Static Core Unit on your claimed Sanctuary Territory. An error message saying that it's too close to another construct is even displayed. It may be due to being too close to a District. Trying again from a bigger distance should solve the issue for now A random rendering crash can occur in many places because of some exhaustion of GPU/driver resource Voxel crash about disk/memory exhaustion [PvP] Slight difference between radar and 3D marker distance displays because radar uses the construct center as origin while 3D markers use the player position [SFX] Only blue fireworks may work for the moment If the game is set in German, Aphelia sometimes mixes German and English languages while speaking. A fix is coming for this very soon [Image upload] Regarding the new image upload feature on the new website, when clicking the copy link icon on the validated image section, there is no feedback to say that the link has been copied (it’s copied nonetheless) [Image upload] Drag & drop is not functioning at the moment, contrary to what’s written on the dedicated web page [Image upload] For now, you can’t delete an image. This possibility will be added soon [Image upload] Delay to display uploaded images in the pending review section can be long. Refresh the page after 10 seconds if needed [Image upload] There’s no feedback saying if an image is properly uploaded, nor rejected or accepted after review. You have to check directly by yourself on the dedicated page Uninstalling the game directly from Windows will leave the game’s files on the disk anyway. Please use the game's dedicated unins000.exe uninstaller in the game's directory for that. This will be fixed soon! Cheers, Nomad
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