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Found 5 results

  1. Will there be an In-game voice? mechanic, and if not can there be a solid one? An in-game voice mechanic which allows you to talk to players that are within a certain area near you. And they can hear you louder the closer you are? And also possibly a way to amplify your voice for example if you're giving a political speech? Or something like PA speakers so you can alert your crew to abandon ship? Even something else like using ships to contact another one of your ships to give them an order or even a motivational speech?. Without an in-game voice, people would be negotiating by typing or even using software such as discord and this can be long and complicated just to talk to someone you just met. And let's say you have a meeting with a high up official who just sent you a message to meet him. Would you rather click on a discord room with him in it and talk? Or would you rather stroll down to the hanger and enter a ship and flying to the officials command ship. To then proceed to walk into his office and sit down for a meeting. This could be done similar to games like Dayz, Rust, and many others. It would really push forward how realistic cooperation between two people can go and the entire game in a whole. Update - (3/03/2018) This suggestion was made a long while ago, and during the course of that time, some interesting questions and ideas have been brought to the discussion that I would like to touch on here. This type of communication is a necessity for Dual Universe, for the scale of this game having a voice system really boosts its quality and can even make the game, Chance encounters are one of the most important and exciting moments you will experience, without a proper communication system they simply cannot be brought to their full potential. One of the largest reasons is that Dual Universe is a societal game, from nations to pirates and companies. You need a way to convey information that is easy and and connected to the game, some examples of this include traders trying to convince you to buy one of their products, a police officer asking for identification, a pirate asking for demands, a superior officer in the military giving you a quick order in an intense situation and the chance encounters that were mentioned earlier like someone who has managed to settle on the same asteroid as you or someone in the street of a large city. These examples show you why 3rd party services cannot be relied on, they take too long to configure and to hold one for an entire organisation would require a stupidly large amount of constant micro-management. A city is alive because information flows through it, cities are what keep organisations alive and if you cannot allow information to flow through a city then it results in the eventual collapse of that establishment and possibly the organisation. An in-game voice system perfectly fits into the city and maps it accordingly unlike 3rd party software. [Further Explanation of above point] For example, lets take discord and build up a small model area of a city, we have a marketplace with around 100 people trading and talking to each other, we have an area not too far away where there is a political candidate giving a speech and between them another area that is a residential building, some conversations are taking place between people looking to buy an apartment and neighbors talking to each other. Its possible at this point to create a setup in discord, you could have a voice room with everyone in it, but then you face difficulty hearing the person you are trying to listen too because everyone is the same volume, you could take the more obvious root and divide the channels into speech, market and residential but then each one has the same problem of not being able to hear the person they are talking too maybe directly calling someone is a better option but then no one can enter that conversation so you divide up the rooms again. In a sense an attempt to map the city to discord. The problem with mapping in discord is that when a new instance is created discord cannot simply be updated, lets say there is an explosion or crash nearby, a new environment has been created, for in-game voice its a matter of walking into this area to hear the new environment and for the map to be updated, you would also globally hear the effect of the crash and how it affects the market, speech and residential area. Discord cannot have a new environment in this area unless you have someone online who can create a new channel in a hurry, and even then you would not get the connected experience you would with an integrated voice system. Some common problems/points: This would put too much load on the server: It could, I'm sure if NQ puts there mind to it they can find a way around it, for example, it could become P2P. This isn't what NQ should be focusing on right now: I agree they shouldn't even look at this feature until some time before launch, or even after launch, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the game. This would be an annoying feature: It might be in some places, but if you are in a nation it becomes there responsibility to moderate it, there could be some settings in-game which allow you to disable it, mute specific people, adjust your hearing range etc. Thank you, this has been an interesting discussion and I hope it continues to be.
  2. The title says it all. Its for like RIGHT NOW not for when the game is in beta stage or released, its for right now.... Don't tel me how it will be, tell me how it is plz :)
  3. Greetings. I'm fresh in after watching the gameplay video, and reading around a bit here - and digesting it for a couple of days for good measure. I'd like to share my impressions with you all, as probably everyone else does, since there's precious little else to do with this game as of yet. First off, what I liked: The scale. The sheer scale and the level of detail, with seemingly free curves, angles and block sizes, which leaves me to believe it's possible to build near-perfectly detailed smooth-surfaces, as opposed to what any other building game allows the player: Meaning, be stuck with 1 (or in an extreme case 3) meter sized blocks, and jagged slopes if you want a curve or a flat angle. That is amazing, and so is the thought of an eight kilometer long structure that doesn't wreck the game into 1FPS hell, especially since guess how long is an Imperial Retribution Class Battleship? You guessed it. Eight kilometers, plus ramming spike. And here I am stuck for the past couple of years, begrudgingly yet lovingly building a 1:7 scale bastardized mini-replica in Starmade, all the while wishing it was 1:1, better detailed, and not pixelated. However, for that to work, prefabricated blocks (a.k.a. cockpits, thrusters, weapons) NEED to change; So far the current system merely seems to be copyin what Space Engineers does, yet their method was faulty to beging with: No matter how well detailed and good looking prefabs you add to the game, and no matter how many varieties, they can't fit every design: Clearly, what tech we see now would have no place on a voidship from Warhammer: 40.000, or for that matter Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, or any other franchise, or any even partially talented builder's own designs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What NEEDS to happen, is the ability to build custom prefabs in-game, just like building the ship itself, then assigning functions to them through some menu, marking attachment and animation points, etc, so everyone can have the perfect part that perfectly fits the vessel he likes, and not just one general, bland sci-fi design! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That one is important. If nothing else happens until release, it needs to be made a reality, unless you're fine simply aping Space Engineers. .... And with that done, we reach the cause of my wariness. The game's nature as an MMO, and it's planned payment mode-OHGODNOTANOTHERONEOFTHOSEPOSTS!!!!!!!!! Bear with me please. I'll try to make it entertaining. -MMOs lock everyone together. Smaller private servers allow for replicas of Different universes, different ways of playing, or gatherings of people with different mindsets. Lock all that together, and you unleash all the horror of every "which faction would win in a cross-franchise battle" forum flamewar ever written in the history of the internet, with all the grief attached to it. And, there'll be no way to avoid the kind of players you'd rather not mingle with; Did you spend 300 hours lovingly building a masterpiece? Tough luck when the powergamers fly in with their literally 8-polygon cubeships and manage to trash it because they didn't waste space on something as trivial as accurately replicated interiors. Does your six year old son enjoy flying the very first, and superest spaceship he ever built? It's like 20 blocks long, and looks like a clay dinosaur someone stepped on, but oh the innocent fun he's having! However, that smile will quickly turn into disappointment when cannon shells a thousand times larger than his ship start raining in from fifty-thousand meters, or just, more prosaically, encounters his first really sick griefer, (Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe we grow through pain, and no child should be pampered, but neither should we expect the little ones to face all the evils such an online community can throw at them all at once.) What I'm saying is: Smaller, dedicated servers are better, with closer communities, which in turn are closer to the people running the show, thus are better served, and better able to find a virtual home they can enjoy themselves the way they want. That was the reason against a centralized server. Now for the dirty financials: I personally think it's robbery to pay a monthly fee. I can buy the things I like, and then they'll be mine forever, or at least until they decompose. Buying a game once, then having to pay ANY fee just so I can keep accessing it is the definition of evil, and the lazy company's way of getting rich. -Some idiots who think they can act all cool and cinycal write stuff like "yeah, how dare they ask money for their product" Which is BS and makes you sound retarded. I'm perfectly fine paying for the product ONCE, as they deserve it. I'm also willing to pay for an expansion, as that has a fair amount of work put into it, and as such, has worth. What doesn't have worth, is not pulling the plug from the server, and waiting for your paycheck. -Some people say it takes money to run the servers. It does, but take the initial price of the game, say 60 Eur for an AAA title. Most companies go rich simply by selling a succesful game. Some companies even turn some of that money back into the game, and keep releasing patches and content for their game out of love, duty, and for making you interested in buying an expansion or a sequel. Take then, say 15 Eur a month sub fee. Sell just a million copies. That's ( 1KK x 60 ) + ( 1KK x 15 ) if everyone only ever just pays for a single month and quits. That's 75 million euros. That alone is enough to pay a decent salary for all your employees, cover your expenses, buy and maintain your own server park and keep a decent profit for the rest of all the lives of everyone involved. For the next 20 years, which is an extremely long time both for a game to still be played and for a studio that doesn't disband not to secure another round of income, these costs become less than trivial. There can be only two reasons for this amount not being enough: - Attempting to run a space program, or being greedy. But surely not everyone quits after one month? And the income keeps racking up. But, as I've said, I don't even want their servers. I'd run my own as long as I'm interested. As would countless others. Boom, no server costs, no maintenance for the company. Just keep patching for a year or two until things become solid enough to call truly finished. (Hells, a finished game on release day is a far off dream these days.......) That's all there is to it. They don't need your monthly payment to keep the operation running. They just want it. Take WoW for example: Their players pay their monthly sub fee, yet still have to pay full Tripple-A price for every expansion that comes out. Boom, double profits. Next point. Some of you believe, and even the dev blog claims, a P2P system with a monthly subscription fee protects the player more because..... reasons? In a truly F2P game, yeah, any moron can grief away with dozens of new accounts every day, true. But how does a monthly fee offer more deterrence from bannable behaviour than a buy once model? I already don't want to lose access to what I bought once, can I somehow don't want it more? I understand I would have spent more money on it, but in exchange for that money I received playtime, which I used up, and is impossible to take away without a brainwash, even if the account itself is lost forever. After a while you'll max out either way, and it can't take that long to start anew from scratch once you know how the game works. So I either care or I don't. There are no further magnitudes. And that's a true cause to worry about: Evil people write dev blogs like that, and stupid people believe them. Edit: Almost forgotten last point: In the end, it doesn't even matter what kind of payment model You, I, the next fellow, or the company want: Name a monthly-sub MMO that isn't WoW or EVE and didn't vanish or become F2P, because most of the people willing to be robbed monthly got hooked on those two way back when it was new and hip - And the only reason they won't quit, because that'd make a lie of their past 10 years and probably prompt some dark deeds now. Probably some fresh and sustainable MMOs exist out there with a P2P model, but I sure as hell am unaware of them. TLDR: -Exbawkshueg. Yay! -Let players build custom prefabs in-game! -Custom private servers cater to different needs and negate server costs for dev. company. Like Starmade. -P2P is bad 4 u, phat lewt for company. You stooooopid if you believe otherwise. -Buy once is decent, respectable. -Yer not WoW, yer not EVE, P2P ye won't succeed.
  4. Hello there, I have recently been following the developments of DU, as a french entrepreneur in IT myself, and living in Paris, I feel very concerned by the developments of this game :-) So I was looking at the monetization problem and how Novaquark found out their solution from a comparison of detailed pros and cons. I agreed on most pros and cons, but some points might have been overlooked, and I wish the developers can change their mind about the P2P subscription model. First things first, I think that a P2P subscription is perfectly viable for Early Access. In general, my opinion is that players should never be given Early Access for free or for no extra-free over the finished product. I think that a lot of developers miss that point, the market is doing it wrong and the "standard" Early Access model we have today (pay once for all) is actually negatively impacting the sales and cashflows of the developers on the long run, as well as the reviews of the game from the public. Now, about running it long-term, I think that a P2P subscription model past the official release would be a drastic paywall that seems to contradict what I understand the developers want the project to be. If I got it well, the developers want this single shard universe to be propelled by the activity of thousands of players. The entire philosophy promised here revolves around that. I heard the interview in which it was hoped that ships would be able to sustain hundreds of people onboard as well as having projects such as the 'death star' that could involve hundreds of people as well. But how many of those projects or communities will you have, with a paywall upfront? You will probably need all the hands you can possibly need to make this community live for the expectations it hoped for, otherwise the deception might be huge, and even those having paid for several months will eventually leave the boat... My opinion is that the final product should be a single-purchase mid-to-high price with licence key, that solves most problems regarding cheaters and malicious users as explained in the Pros/Cons. A high price would kick the companies revenues on start and would give opportunity for occasional sales events in the future, all by maintaining interesting sales/revenues ratios. It is also perfectly fine to get paid for what you deliver, so it is not refraining people to purchase and join the game. After that, it seems to me that Novaquark might have overlooked another battle-hardened way of actually maintaining a steady amount of cash flow into the machine. And this was compatible with another of their modjo, which I am going to explain later. This solution is simply a model similar to server renting, privatization of in-game space. Game server renting has proved itself quite successful, even creating its own economy as a niche market. It all started with the Counter-Strike boom and nowadays we cannot count the legitimate amount of successful games where a lot of player-rented servers are available online, sometimes with the hosting capacity vastly surpassing the number of concurrent players, to the point players go on forums to advertise their server/community in hope of driving traffic in. So, another Novaquark's modjo for this game is that they want the most dedicated players to improve the game for the less dedicated players, and that is absolutely fine, the community loves that, both sides. So why not applying this to the monetization? Most players will want to create alliances, or even control their own solar system. Give them that: their own social space, entirely protected and governed by the rules of the administrator of this space. Give them tools to manage their clan, change the settings of their controlled area, kick/ban players or have password locks, or create events there. Get innovative on how to make that still realistic and immersive in the single shard and then rent those places in the universe just as you would have done for any dedicated server, except the trade-off is that the cluster server is operated by Novaquark to satisfy the computation power of everyone else and is not something people can actually connect to or decide to reboot/log-on. The server could even be not rented at all, with all the revenues kept for other purposes: it would not be cheating the customer and offers flexibility in the revenue allocation. Add on top of that the margin you require to pursue the developments and support, in-between sell hats in the shop, and it could actually turn out you have a steady amount of cash flowing in, all while ensuring you the largest community possible :-)
  5. It is completely understandable how this would not work, but it is at least food for thought. Anyone in Ninja Clan Fu, including MatzaJew and myself WILL BE P2P from the beginning. This is purely an idea/solution to the want of the game being F2P to some extent. This is not us wanting a F2P version of the game. So I have been discussing the subject of everyone posting about the subscription dilemma plaguing the forums with @MatzaJew I got the idea when we were discussing other games sub models. I have played Runescape for about 12 yrs. For those who don't know, they have two types of server. F2p and P2P servers. Now, DU is one shard so that wouldn't work. But, what would be the possibility of sectioning a solar system or two that would be a F2P zone on the same shard. A zone that would keep F2P in THAT zone and P2P would be kept out of it. You could get into it from P2P, but you wound't take anything with you. Your character would become the F2P equivalent. There would also be VERY VERY limited contact between the zones. This zone would have a lot of limiting factors: 1.) You would only be able to build so many cubic meters of voxels. So you would only be able to build either a small ship and small building, or either a medium structure or medium ship(still be limited to one person). This would allow people to experience the building aspect of the game, but be limiting enough so that they are experiencing a small percentage of what awaits them in the P2P universe. 2.) You would be limited on what materials you could use to build. i.e. bronze for ships or wood for structures. 3.) You would be SEVERELY limited on the amount of resources your character can carry. As well as how much money you can make. This would keep from grinding for more than the trial period and pay for P2P with in-game money. 4.) Skills would also be SEVERELY limited to basic knowledge. Things like forges, refineries, smithies, stoves and what not would be found around the F2P arkship, much like Runescape, they would work for multiple people at one time. 5.) The F2P zone could also be a non-PVP zone to some extent. Maybe the weapons in the area have limited damage they do, so PK-ing would be very difficult. 6.) Organizations would be limited to 3 people, if there are any. This would allow people to see how the mechanic works, but they still aren't experiencing the full version. 7.) As well as the F2P zone having its own market. While it could be a part of the whole games market, you wouldn't be able to get into or out of the zone to collect your stuff. Also as mentioned before, F2P would be limited on how much money their character can have. So it would make sense to have their own market, if the even get one. Some other options to consider: 1.) Being stuck on the planet, and not being able to traverse space on your own. But, you could pay an NPC to fly you to another planet, moon or what not. I would be expensive, or only possible once P2P members have been able to leave Alioth. This would keep F2P from experiencing space travel before P2P members. 2.) Not having a F2P global market, but you travel to certain areas to buy/sell what you need. 3.) Only having a limited number of play hours per 24 hour period. i.e. only getting to be in the F2P zone for 8 hours per 24 hour period. 4.) There could also be a F2P zone "wipe" every 2-4 weeks, so that the zone does not get completely destroyed and over run. How this would be accomplished would need to be figured out, but could be an option. We decided to put this together to give a possible solution to the argument of F2P vs. P2P since not many people have many out-of-the-box ideas for solving this dilemma. We have talked back and forth for hours about this before I decided to put this post together. We understand that some people are happy with bare minimum, so removing certain aspects of the game would make it playable, but you wouldn't get the full experience of the P2P area of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider what we have come up with. OVERALL, we feel this gives someone enough of an experience of the game outside of the 2-4 week trial, while limiting the amount of time the could possibly have to play this F2P area. Thanks again for reading! -TrihXeen & MatzaJew
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