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Found 21 results

  1. i came back after a long period of inactivity to find that all my orgs are completely gone, deleted. yet it still says on my profile that i am a legate of said 3 orgs. here is the link to one of the orgs since it no longer lets you in any other way: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/steel-imperium So you noticed the 404? well thats why im here. what happened?
  2. There doesn't seem to be any practical way to create a secret in-game society. These look like my only options: I can create an org on the community website, but any org members would have there name displayed for everyone to see... not very secret. I could use a different platform to host and organize the org, but then advertising would be an inefficient pain. I'd love it if the devs would make the "members" tab (that displays everyone's names) optional. Until then, any ideas for hosting an org with anonymous members? Any support or criticism of having an optional "members" tab?
  3. Now I know that we know VERY little about how weapons and pvp mechanics will work in the finished game, but that doesn't mean we can't make educated guesses about how battles will play out in the abstract. Here's my current idea about how things may work. My main idea revolves around the concept that there will likely be many "stages", or areas where a specific type of combat or ship is needed, in any battle. In a planetary battle, there would be 3 categories and 6 stages, outlined below: Category One: Space Stage One: Open/Deep space - Open space is (arbitrar
  4. I've been paying attention to the development of this game for several months now and finally purchased the contributor pack. Me and two of my friends are very interested in this game and in particular the process of developing organizations, colonies, and the like from scratch. For the moment, most of the itching questions I've had are related to organizations themselves and I'd be very grateful to anyone who might be able to help with these. 1. Will organizations you make be able to be deleted by you? 2. Will organizations have any in-game ability to create more
  5. Are "neutrality orgs" really neutral? After looking at some of them they feel more like their own political faction rather then a group committed to neutrality. While it can be argued that not taking a side is taking a side in and of itself, the term "neutrality orgs" becomes a misnomer. Abother facor impacting the orgs in question is given the general community's stance on in-game unsanctioned hostilities, these orgs may be forced to become military alliances against their wishes.
  6. Less of a gameplay, more of a forum idea. We currently have both player and organization introductions in one category. I suggest that we (well, mods / admins that is) create a new category for player organizations, alliances, etc. This may be more useful sooner or later in my book and may eventually make finding them easier. It also looks a bit better. Of course the sooner this would be considered and implemented, the less work you have later on as you move threads over. If we assume people are for this idea, how could one execute it as we have threads in the category al
  7. Dual Universe State of Affairs This is a quick overview of some of the oldest and current Top 20 organisations in Dual Universe. Dual Universe State of Affairs - Pre-alpha (part 1) can be found in Outpost Zebra Dual Universe State of Affairs - Pre-alpha (part 2) also available. Many eyes were cast over this document to double check its accuracy, so many thanks to all those contributors. Also special thanks to the Outpost Zebra team especially @Falstaf that slaved away at getting it formatted so well. Follow the Outpost Zebra thread here or register
  8. So, recently, I thought that there are a lot of organizations who aren't really what we would call "future countries". There are plenty of them, such as companies, political parties, institutions... that are focused on certain game aspects rather than being an actual community of players with a common purpose. It is pretty obvious, that most of those orgs, in their search of protection, profit or greater good, will tend to align with bigger orgs, being part of them, but at the same time, being somewhat "independent". It is curious that there is no actual game mechanic to handle this. Say,
  9. Trade is often beneficial to everyone involved. However, unless they want to limit themselves to tossing goods across the border, it means an organization must allow outsiders into their territory. Some organizations may be reluctant to open their territory to everyone without restriction, so the Blue Moon Crew would like to introduce a concept we call the transient license for trade and transport. We are not talking about a trade organization or either organization becoming a member of the other. The license is simply an agreement between two organizations that allows one to condu
  10. I remember a while back reading about the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, which was the biggest battle ever fought in EVE Online, occuring in early 2014 and consisting of thousands and thousands of ships from two opposing alliances fighting over a single system. Upon looking up these factions recently, I was intrigued to find that some of them apparently no longer exist. I then watched some related EVE videos, surfing comments, and found a really neat story of a guy who randomly met a pretty big faction leader and got invited to join that faction; someone else commented asking about the faction, but
  11. How do i post images to a new post in my organization? ive tried a million time a hundred diffrent ways and got one image to post but i cant do it again
  12. (Posted Friday 31th of March 2017 on the DevBlog) Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about the organizations in a more detailed way! As usual, keep in mind this is how the organizations are planned to be implemented for the official release of Dual Universe, not for the Alpha. As it is still work in progress, some mechanics might change based on community feedback and/or for technical reasons. For the Alpha (currently planned for September), we will most likely have a basic version similar to what we currently have on the Community Porta
  13. If you are looking for an org, take a minute to check out mine - https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-79th-stratocracy - :-)
  14. Give legates the power to place buy/sell offers on behalf of an orgization, where sale money and purchase money is taken from the organization's money stores. This way trusted sellers may include a organization as a whole.
  15. On the community site, we should have the ability to make orgs that are members of orgs. Numbers of members is calculated by adding up the total number of members of each org. To my knowledge this will be possible in game and then we could more accurately represent larger organizations. For instance, Cinderfall Syndicate would include all cinderfall organizations and staff, rather than relying on players to join multiple orgs, they are automatically added to the count of both when they join a cinderfall organization.
  16. I suggest organization creation window (meaning this one) to also include basic information about: Copyright infringement (and maybe how to avoid it) Disapproved types of org names (Apple, Microsoft, etc.) Currently, creating an organization does not require one to even visit the forums. Since NQ's statements about aforementioned things are hidden inside certain topics (as far as I know), I feel they go unnoticed by many organization founders. Also, the org creation page only offers a link to the early devblog post about orgs that mentions nothing about copyright. I do not know how the copyri
  17. I was just thinking if there were a few defined organization types that could be assigned to orgs it would be helpful in seeing at a glance what the org is. For examples: Alliances or Nations: Organization of organizations Corporation: Private organization Guild: Open or public organization
  18. We knew that the end was coming for centuries, and we realized at some point that we would never be able to finish enough arkships for all the Earth's populatoin. The wealthy sought to purchase legacy berths for their great grandchildren, the politicians fought to place their power structures into the design of the post-Earth societies, and corporations developed breeding programs for their employees, paying bonuses to people who married based on recommendations from their predictive genetics algorithms. And the poor despaired. The teeming billions of crowded Earth, suddenly forgotten as th
  19. Hello DU Community Yesterday, I had my first encounter with the dark side of any internet community within the Discord server. It was a statement of overt racial vilification - that is - a public act that encourages or incites others to hate people because of their race, nationality, country of origin, colour or ethnic origin. To my own shame I did not deal well with these comments as, to me, they were personal and extremely offensive by any reasonable person test. And I decided then and there to do something about it here. And therein lies the problem. I, indeed none of us, ca
  20. ATMLVE

    Stock Market

    Would a stock market analogue work in a game like this? In the real world, it always seemed to me like stocks are only worth anything to someone because everyone else wants them. That's how it always seemed to me anyway, I've never been big into the stock market. However, in the game, what with organizations and how big a role it seems they'll play along with player-driven content, I feel like a stock market system, albeit on a small scale, could be something that would work in Dual Universe. I could also see it NOT working of course, like someone who owns tons of stock just stops play
  21. THE PROCLAMATION OF THE FEDEARTION THE PROCLAMATION The united federatred nations of the Uneivers enjoy the the new age, the new time. To day are the federation, a military and economy galactic alliance founded in the glory of all gods and men, to confess, to survive, the world, its danger, its love. We come all as nations, organisations, inviduals and companies. All to toghether deffend whats ours, all what is. This we do to the sun fade to. United and stong! THE FEDERATION The federation is a military economy alliance
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