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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! So I haven't seen one of these yet but thought it might be helpful. In fact this post was inspired by another user who had some great tips (Credit to @klobber for making me write this one, sorry if there are others. I haven't seen them yet.) So... If you were just starting, what tips and tricks would the current you tell the past you? Thanks to @klobber, @Kezzle & @Anopheles for your contributions. Basic Stuff: - Don't use your speeder until you get to Sanctuary Moon...Seriously hang on to it! - If you have lots of random stacks in your inventory or a container inventory. You can right click to get them to stack up into single stacks. Quality of Life Tips: - Lost your speeder somewhere? Well, if it is not far away (100km?) you can just fetch it, at least for the moment. Just open the Map (F4), go to constructs, choose your ship and press RMB, in the menu you find the fetch command. Click it, and your ship will be near you. Make sure to read the warning dialog that pops up, though. It will save frustration. ? (I'd quote it but I can't remember all the things it said, so won't, in case, dear reader, you decide I've told you enough when I haven't). But don't fetch at markets as it can be glitchy and don’t fetch too close to the Arkship as it will destroy your craft. Possibly also at markets in "no fly zones", but not tested this. - If you see this when looking down, don’t move for several seconds...or you might fall into the ground, happened to me too often. Tutorials: - Make sure to do the tutorials. You get currency and instant use Talent Points that you can spend! (There is a bug around some of these currently that might mean you lose the stuff in you inventory. If that happens log out then log in again. The Dev team have been notified.) - Shift + pgdown moves Aphelia on if she is stuck or if you've completed a step early. Talent Tips: - Start learning about Static Cores in your talent tree early. - Take 5-10 minutes looking through each of the Talents. There are some for your character that involve running stats, jetpack stats that might be good for you to take on. - Make sure to queue up A LOT! Don't waste time by not having talents queued! Never log off without queued Talents! - A lot of the talents correspond with something. For example, mining and crafting will both have talents based around basic stuff. You don't need to worry about the exotic ores early game. Get a good set of useful talents at basic level early. - Team up with others. It's an MMO. By getting friends on the game you can split into different talent directions. Mining tricks: - Use the middle mouse button for automatic mining, scanning, no need to get hand injuries. - Use alt-scroll to change between 50m and 300m+ scan range - The mining sphere is bigger than the scanner sphere, so , you can choose the mining tool to get to the field much faster and easier , just go back to scanner tool now and then while digging. (ctrl-scroll makes the sphere bigger) - If you run out of inventory space, just put a huge craft job (as much as you can) then you get more space in your inventory. - If the scanner shows you an ore field but you know that everything is gone, it might be possible that there is more in your neighborhood, relog and you get rid of ghostfields (server delay) Flight tricks: - Since the flight is handled in the client, you can have a sudden stop by just quitting the game (alt-F4 , relog) or force respawn. (i wouldn't recommend force respawn, since then you loose your nano content) so if you approach the ground with 500 km/h don't be shy and quit the game , re-log and be happy . - If your speeder doesn't fly, use the RMB on your seat, look for auto configuration and choose flight and, may be you place the stabilisers like wings, by default they show into the sky... - If you travel to a planet and it seems unusually smooth, (non sanc moons, though, on the whole, tend to be flatter than planets) pull up immediately into space and relog. It could be the sever has desynced. If you land you could suddenly find your ship up to 2km underground.
  2. I know the Dev's want to bring new players up to speed quickly with basic skill sets. An idea: You start the game with a choice, remain asleep and arrive at the planet with basic skills functioning following some cutscene about the knowledge being implanted while you slept(not recommended) and take it from there or, You have the option to be temporarily awoken for Synapse Familiarization, muscle memory whatever. During your waking phase you get the usual tutorials you get from games, this is how you move, this is your inventory, this is how you shoot, this is how you mine, this is how to add skills, this is how you craft etc. As it's during the journey, maybe on the old holodeck, nothing it permanent so you get to mess around with options a little before commiting yourself to the live shard and making a mess of it. Once the tutorial is complete you are put back into stasis and arrive with your new knowledge.
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