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Found 2 results

  1. My idea is to add drones. But not drones that do what automatically but that a player can control a drone or even a small drone swarm. to start max. 2 drones to max. 10 drones that you can explore in the talent tree. you should then explore a drone main unit. the drones you control in a special seat and can then see the drone in the first or third person perspective. you should also be able to switch between the drones with 0 - 9 on the keyboard. The drone you control is automatically the main drone and the other drones should follow it and for example when you attack the target also attack. The size of the main unit should go from XS to maximum S. What would be a nice extra would be if you can form on formations by hotkey or so :D. (I was inspired by an episode of Star Trek Discovery where the outer hull of the enemy ships is made of drones). Something you could then also do, for example, and then several members can control several small drone swarms. Repair ships, build buildings faster, and Minnig could also be added. drone main unit start max. 2 drones to max. 10 drones switch between the drones with 0 - 9 on the keyboard The size of the main unit should go from XS to maximum S special seat to control drones form on formations by hotkey Repair ships, build buildings faster, and Minnig
  2. So if I remember correctly, there was something about there soon being a need for energy? Like we'll have fuel for thrust and reactors to power everything else? Well what if there was Gas Giants, and we could harvest Hydrogen and Helium from them in order to fuel Fusion Reactors? But of course it'd have to be an on ship mounted tool that gather's the gas, and it'd be a dangerous job as if you get too far in the gravitational pull of a gas giant, there is no amount of thrust that can save you.
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