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Found 2 results

  1. Some will disagree with me and claim that DU's PVP was never fun but I strongly disagree, I had loads of fun before shields came out. This is due to how PVP brings players together. Before Shields every group in the game ran multicrew ships they would have 1 pilot, 4 gunners and 2 repair guys, now this would bring people together, it was so so soooo much more fun communicating with your org mates while you all organised your firing and piloting and made sure your ship was all repaired, unlike now when you have one person on one ship running the entire ship. It no longer has that feel of comradery, it no longer has the same team aspect to it. you no longer feel as though you are an elite unit in a space ship fighting your enemy. Now I can keep going on about how bad this update was for the PVP meta and population but instead I will list some changes that I believe NQ should make to bring back the fun aspect of DU's multicrew and add counters causing fleets to create fleet comps and not just run the same type of ship. In the following wall of text I am going to address the majority of aspects of PVP and explain how the y are unbalanced and how to make them balanced and fun. Firstly Tanking. I will start this of by comparing the in-balance between shield and voxel tanking. When your voxel gets shot you lose money, as that is voxel you then have to replace afterwards. When your shield gets hit you investment in your shield becomes worthwhile as you can just leave your ship on your pad for 10mins and it will regen. When you are in a fight with voxel you only have a limited amount of HP that's based on your total elements and voxel. when you are in a fight with your shield you are carrying infinite HP as you can leave the fight to go and vent and regen your health as much as you want. when you shoot a shield you have no real feedback/sense of accomplishment but when you shoot a voxel based ship you can see every dent and every bullet hole and every explosion and feel that accomplishment. How to balance this? Set L, M and S shields to 15mil HP, leave L shields to how there are so that they still protect the entirety of the ship, make M shields only protect about half the ship and S only protect a specific direction. Now if Voxel was balanced correctly S and M shields would have a interesting part in 1v1's and small fleet fights whereas L will most likely still be used for medium to Large fleets due to the chaotic aspect. Remove the CCS Health Pool curve making more voxel less worth while, this meant that you were putting an artificial limit on ship size and not letting builders be creative, CCS will still play a role because it means you cant just build a giant ship and expect to live forever as hitting it too many times wont expose the core but will hit the CCS limit. It will also make small ship viable as they would most likely be trying to not die from the CCS Health Pool but instead will most likely die from their core unit being hit, and Medium sized ships will most likely die 50% of the time to CCS and the other 50% of the time to their core being hit. Increase the CCS value that each voxel supplies by 2.5 times what they currently do. ships will die way too quickly otherwise. Now those are the changes I would like to see made to Tanking. This isn't directly involved in Tanking but Tanking Usually has a negative affect because of this so I feel that I should mention it here in this section. NQ have openly stated that they don't like the length of fights and believe them to be too long. Now they usually nerf how your ship takes damage to try and fix this when I don't think this is the answer. When we build warship we have a goal in mind, it may be to be the last on field or to have a mission runner last long enough for a response to arrive or an armoured hauler to escape a fleet of ship after mining an asteroid. These are all goals that we build ships for, if you don't like the length of fights then you need to change the win condition as this will then make us rethink how we build ships and could shorten fights if implemented correctly. Weapons. I feel as though weapons could be used to add counter play to the game which could then interduce a fleet comp and add another level of depth to fights. First Off make each guns firing feel different. I would like to see railguns do small long holes in voxels while missiles do fat big explosions. Lasers drawing lines across the voxel as though the ship had battle scars, and leave cannons how they are as they will now feel unique. Secondly, Make M guns an anti-Shield weapon, Either give them the ability to pass damage through shields doing 50% to the shield and 50% to the ship, ignore shield resistances or do double or even triple damage to shields. This will mean shields are not he be all and end all and will force people to hybrid tank. Lastly Make S guns a weapon that can slow down targets. If S guns could nerf the ships engine speed by 2% for every hit a well piloted S core that gets behind a big L core could be a real pain in the ass and viable in large fleet. And there you have it, you now have counter play and can create a fleet composition. Conclusion. If these changes are made I believe that we would have a more fun and balanced PVP experience in DU. What do you think?
  2. I've been thinking about what non-bridge crewmembers on Multi-Crew ships will actually do while the bridge crew is busy navigating and ultimately flying through space or making strategical decisions in combat. Specifically this post is about Engineers, and the passive/active roles they play on Multi-Crew ships. I imagine, based on the way LUA is used, that we won't be seeing electrical wiring and ventilation running through structures and ships in the same way that something like Space Station 13 does. However, while engineers might not be manually wiring/repairing cable, that doesn't mean that they can't serve another purpose outside of simply doing repairs to hulls in the middle of combat. Based on what we know from the game so far, I'd like to see the Engineer role to encompass things like: - Being able to manually divert power to different components of a ship to get more performance out of them - Being able to make critical decisions about reactor stability in the heat of battle Based purely on speculation, or what I'd like to see out of the game: - Being able to eject reactor cores going critical - Being able to reroute power around broken power conduits/components - Being responsible for making sure power output remains stable throughout ships/stations/etc. - Being able to make on-the-fly improvements to the way components work or their performance - Having a role in maintaining the life-support systems on ships and stations. - Being able to make emergency repairs while in combat This is all based on speculation that Multi-Crew ships will actually need crews to operate them, and aren't simply just being controlled by one person with a crew that sits around doing nothing while ships are travelling through deep space. We've all seen Star Trek, and are familiar with scenes of the Captain communicating with the Chief Engineer about some issue with the warp core and the engineer saving the day somehow. That kind of tension and responsibility put on various departments in a capital ship should be possible in DU. Whether it's needing the Science Officer to devise a way of breaking through a cloud of radiation in space while you are being chased by someone, or needing to call the security crew on your ship into action to deal with an unfriendly boarding party. Or, in the case of this topic, trying to find a way to stabilize the reactor core while your ship is otherwise being torn apart by enemy fire. As to how these mechanics can play out ingame, I keep hitting a roadblock when thinking about how many of them can fit into what we know about game already. Earlier today there were two active threads discussing minigames, but I didn't think this topic really fit into them. However, perhaps minigames are a way of adding "action" to engineering tasks. Although, there would need to be a way of making them difficult based on a given task, and also "fun" in the sense that they aren't just repetitive. I'm not sure minigames are a complete solution to the problem though, if even a good solution.
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