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Found 2 results

  1. TheFlyingCat

    AI units

    Wouldnt it be great if you can build you own army of robots? Ai grunts who could to tasks like mining, building things according to a construction plan, represent the army of a large organisation, etc. These units would be controlled by some kind of datacenter were you give them orders. They would be active as long the owner or a designated operator of an organisation is online and also only in an area of one planet or something like this. Pls send feedback
  2. I come from a game called Kerbal Space Program and also Orbiter space flight simulator. And as the title suggests I was wondering if this game will be based on Newtonian physics? Can I import a ship I make in blender then cut up into pieces such as Cockpit,wings,engines,heat shield,etc and import it into game? Also Im not really a sci-fi guy but I am more of a modern'ish future'ish kind of guy. Can I put a Saturn V rocket and launch it and ride in it? Can I launch a space shuttle? Could I launch a Falcon heavy and simulate going to Mars? Will I be able to create our Real Life solar system to explore? Will there be re-entry heating effects? And if any of these answers is "Yes" how soon in the development process can we expect to see the changes? Thank you for answering my questions in advance
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