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Found 3 results

  1. I’m basing this idea on the speculation that mining rates are reduced. Add a new consumable item, Mining Cartridge, that can be used with a mining unit to pull up lump sum of ore. The cartridge will be T1-T5 depending on ore targeted. When a cartridge is used, it’ll ramp up ore collection for X amount of time for a large quantity of ore. After time has completed the mining unit will go into cooldown where it won’t pull anymore passive ore. You can run another cartridge on a cooldown unit for a reduced efficiency. Use the current mini game for calibration for the cartridge activation, giving a bonus or deficit to quantity pulled. Make mining calibration a one time action on startup. Mining cartridges are obtainable by running missions, higher risk mission high tier cartridge, in both a minimum quantity with a chance for higher quantity by random number generator. T2 and above can be crafted from lower tier cartridges, for example T2=25*T1, T3=100*T2. Primary source should be missions, not crafting. The territory will have a cap on how many cartridges can be used in a given time period. Ore will still be dependent on what the tile has as well as how large the lump quantity will be.
  2. Long story short, "clear the pipe and afk-drift for 4+hrs" is really boring, and there needs to be some stuff added in or changed to make Aphelia missions not be just the screen-saver someone lets run for quanta while they're off doing other stuff. To that end I'd like to propose that surrogate-station use not unload the physics of the construct to which the surrogate station is attached when it is used, thus allowing players that would otherwise be stuck afk-ing in a chair for several hours to do more interesting things while their ships drift through the void. The ability to explore other player's constructs or surrogate in to their own structures to work on a build would be a significant improvement over being stuck sitting in their mission-ship for hours on end as they are now.
  3. So a major limitation on the mission system is that Organization cannot post missions as themselves. This prevents the org from posting a mission to sell something on the market under the org itself and requires so many workarounds to be done and opening up permissions for it to actually be put on the market. Additionally this would allow for a much higher count of active missions that could be scaled based on org talents. This would also not require legates to use their personal mission slots to do org activities.
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