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  1. Greetings people, As alpha is approaching fast we would like to announce the first player organized Mass tests, called BOOM! For all alpha backers out there we in BOO would like to do those tests with as many people as possible. As this is an MMO with a strong focus on player interaction we want to help NQ in testing their server tech. It’s perfectly fine if you test the game for yourself or with friends but doing the same things in huge groups has to be tested thoroughly too - so watch this thread (follow it!) or discord for the announcements of the next BOOM! tl:dr facts: - player organized mass tests - narrated and guided by BOO staff - two tests on the same day (8pm GMT+2 and GMT-6) for EU and US timezone - NQ will monitor these tests for further evaluation - weekly tests of different areas of DU - g-drive storage for bug-reports and easy access for NQ What YOU need to do: - join https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9 (BOOs relay discord) - go to https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzJofzdOkjNAU0RuMkYtVWE4QkU and RTFM - download the spreadsheet and enter your details (ingame name, system, drivers) - watch out for the announcement and join the voice channel in the BOO discord - hopefully understand english - if you hear “CHECK CHECK” - STFU - do what you are told to do - have fun! We plan on doing those tests on a weekly basis, depending on the server-uptime and our RL. As the adults we all are you should easily be able to understand the rules of these tests and how to deal with the spreadsheet. If you want to help organizing stuff for these tests (building ships in advance, scripting, building bases to test in,...) feel free to contact a staff member of BOO. If you have any questions, issues or just want to improve stuff - please reach out to us. We will upload a document before each test where we will outline the basic testing scenario. Feel free to reach out to us via discord or in that document (you can edit it!) with your ideas! Each of these documents will be in the respective folder on the drive to let you guys know in advance what to prepare for the tests and what we will do. The first BOOM will include: - movement - gathering people in a spot - jumping/crouching/running/whatever with different distances to each other - (hopefully) a little surprise for you all *NOTE* The spreadsheet might be subject to change, as we want to make the reports as convenient as possible for NQ for further evaluation See you in alpha The first mass test will be announced here and on discord - most likely one week after official alpha release of DU Note: As things change in such a phase of a game, things like the discord, gdrive and other stuff might and possibly will change too. In order for everyone to be on the safe side (NDA) and because of the ever changing nature of a pre-alpha and alpha, I'm in contact with NQ since the beginning.
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