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Found 2 results

  1. The current description of the container.acquireStorage() method says "(only 10 queries/5min)", but in actuality 10 calls to container.acquireStorage() can be made and then a 5-minute cooldown is initiated, no matter the spacing of the calls. It would be much more beneficial to lua coders to have it be a max of 10 calls in a 5-minute rolling timeframe, rather than the ability of making 9 calls (either spaced out or in quick succession) and then having the 10th (no matter how long after the 9th call) trigger a 5-minute cooldown. I imagine the idea was to prevent the use of container.acquireStorage() from being spammed, but even if you make 9 spaced out calls, the 10th triggers the cooldown and breaks any subroutine you may have had going at the time.
  2. I was looking into Lua scripting and found using cookies and simple return codes you can create a simple Chatbot using Lua scripting. I know there hasn't been alot that has been explained on Lua scripting. But I was curious if there will ever be a point where you can talk or chat directly to a object that has a Lua script. I know scripting can be done for simple things like opening doors when sensors go off. The idea of a chatty command council would be interesting. Like for example if the pilot could tell the ship to change course and it would do so and reply yes sir. But would still need more complex things like landing on a planet or heading in the direction of a planet. Or let's say the ship has taken damage and you need to know where. If you could set up sensors on the ship to detect where affected areas are that could be a good way to use the chat bot to notify you where the damage exactly is. Of course it could be used for other things as well.
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