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Found 2 results

  1. A blue marble floats in the blackness of space. The beauty of the surrounding clouds of space dust and debris swirl ever so greatly in the great backdrop of the milky way galaxy. 10,000 years ago we called this place, this solar system our home. But now... A great wall of flame and radiation passes through the beautiful marble ripping the planet to shreds and sending rock and chunks of Earth barreling through the void in the direction the solar explosion sends it. The great flame consumed Sol, our sun. Then continued to devour every planet in the solar system till it had wiped out every living thing possible. Destroyed, our home is. We set out on the journey, billions of us, to find a new planet. To find a new home where we could restart and hopefully flourish and prosper for another Trillion years. Aboard the Arkship, I slept silently. Forever dreaming of the millions of faces i left behind in the chaos of launch day. The riots, the bloodshed, the *Fear*. Everyone knew that if they couldn't somehow board any of the arkships, they would be doomed to die a gruesome death. I was lucky, I was deemed as a "eligible passenger", or so they called it. I was rushed aboard and sent to a processing deck. They took my luggage, my clothes, everything i had on me. They tattoo'd a number on my arm which read "C-2695". I guess that was their way of making sure that no stowaways boarded the arkship in a attempt to leave the planet and escape doom. I was confused and scared, they told me I would sleep for a very long time but they never told me how long....I left behind my family, friends, my love. I am alone now, as I lay into this cryo-pod, the glass door folding over my head and shutting with a hiss. I see male and female scientists scurrying about in white lab-coats as they guide all the other soon-to-be-human-icicles to their pods. "Hello", said a female voice through speakers in my pod. "I am Aphelia, the new AI system aboard the current Arkship.", the voice finished. "uhm...Hey?". I said confused. "Greetings passenger C-2695", she said in a monotone voice as she read my number. "Per request by the scientists and leading experts of this arkship I require your full name.", she kindly requested. "D-", I paused before i finished my sentence. The old me dies today, left behind on Earth. When I awake, however long that is, I will be a new person on a new world. "Jortian....Jortian Selel", I said with a smile. There was a beep and then the voice came back through again. "Thank you Jortian.". the voice said kindly. "Now you are gonna feel a little sting". warned Aphelia. I had no time to react as something sharp forced its way into my head. I could barely feel it but it was an odd sensation and it caught me off guard. "Please relax while we connect your brain to the neural pod network.", requested Aphelia. A moment later she spoke again. "Probing memories...." "Wait wha- AHHH!", I screamed as I saw my life literally flash in front of my eyes at near infinite speed. "A little warning next time? Please?", I groaned. "Apologies Jortian, now that I have access to your higher brain function. Is there anything you would request of me before we begin?", she asked. I sat there and thought for a second. Then it came to me... "Aphelia...is there anyway you could preserve my memory of my husband?", the words bounced off my trembling lips. "Of course, I am seeing...Michael.", her voice soothed. "yes...", I said with a choked up sob. "Make sure to preserve it...", I requested trying to hold back my tears. "Of course Jortian. Will that be all?", Aphelia said as the pod began to activate and whirr to life. "yes Aphelia, that will be all." "Here are some comforting words to help you slip into your cold slumber.", said Aphelia as her voice began to warp and twist into a male voice. A familiar male voice....Michaels voice. "Begin message playback.", the voice said roboticly. "Hey babe...I'm glad you got accepted.", he said with a short sniffle. "Doctors said I wouldn't help to generate a good gene pool...whatever that means." he began to choke up. "I'm sorry i lied to you, but if i told you the truth you would of never gone....you need to live...you need to survive...", he continued speaking as the air within the pod began to grow cold. "You are the future of the human race now...forget about me....forget about everyone else.", Michael chuckled. "You always told me how you wanted to goto space...now you get to...and for a good cause.". he began to cry. "Just don't forget one thing...", The window began to fade away into darkness and the voice grew fainter and fainter. "I do and always will....". A single tear rolled down my face "Love you", said the voice, echoing in my mind as I slipped into eternal slumber.
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