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Found 1 result

  1. So I was thinking about the fine print of designing and selling blueprints. I did search for this but didn’t come up with anything so if I’m rehashing a past topic I apologize. Maybe I used the wrong terms when searching. I have come to think of DU as a Ready Player One of sorts. Be who you want to be. Build what you want to build. Fly around in the Serenity and park it in your personal Battlestar. Now that being said, people are going to build X-wings, Normandys, Sulacos and Gunstars. That can’t be stopped. BUT... Part of the idea of the game is to build and SELL blueprints to make a galactic living. The price of things in game can go back to being able to exchange for DACs which have a real world cost. That being said, what’s the legality of someone selling in game assists that are based on an existing IP being that in game items can eventually be traced back to real world costs? It’ll cost you 5 DACs for a blueprint of an Enterprise with a shuttle craft. Anywho.. those are my current thoughts. Peace, love and “For Science”!
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