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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am not here to talk about Demeter the pro/cons. This is a personal list of improvement I see that could be added to the game and would change player life quality. Some of the improvement are more for new players, the goal is to make the game less confusing for them. Some of the improvement can be complex to develop, some others are easy. Blueprints / Tokens Blueprint should update while the elements in container change. When you are preparing all the element to deploy your blueprint, you inspect the blueprint to see how many of each elements you need. While you are filling the needs, the blueprint should update. We should be able to deploy compacted construct without having to select the nanopack. As we can have only 1 compacted construct and that the compacted construct can be only in the nanopack, there is no reason to have to select a specific container to deploy it. Add a shortcut to deploy the compacted construct We could use the same shortcut (Alt+B), if the player has a compacted construct in his nanopack it deploy else it tries to compact the targeted construct The error message displayed when you try to deploy a blueprint from the wrong container should be more explicit. If the blueprint you try to deploy is in the other container (not your current selected one) it should display a message like "Select your 'nanopack' to deploy this blueprint" and not "Invalid element". Allow blueprint to be deployed with element having less life. The player should be able to use element having less life to deploy a blueprint. By default, if there is enough full-life element in the container it would take those, but if not and there is less-life element it should take them. Show the construct as an hologram when deploying When deploying a blueprint, the player should be able to see an hologram of the construct to help him for placement. (more useful for static and space construct). This option could be deactivated via settings for performance improvement. We should be able to use a token without having to select the container it is in. Currently we get a very confusing error message when trying to use a token from a container that is not the one selected. Many player don't understand what's happening. Surrogate Add a filter "show owned only" Display surrogate owner by the player Add a filter "show company only" Display surrogate owned by companies the player is in. Allow multiple filter to be checked in same time Save selected filters Player should not have to select filter every time he opens a surrogate, they should be saved client-side. Save station sorting selection By default every time, surrogate are sorted by "most used". If the player want to have them sorted alphabetical he has to do it on every search. Add possibility to save a search as bookmarks For people that use a lot VR, they search for the same names/filters all the time. It would be great to be able to save the search as a bookmark. The player could simply click on it and it would load his saved search. (search, filters and sorting) We should be able to use "Surrogate VR Station" in VR to switch station. A player in VR could be able to use a surrogate station while being in VR. It would prevent to have to exit and enter again when we want to switch Station. Of course the initial station will always be the point of origin. Piloting Add an option for player to start in 3rd person view then entering in a piloting seat. Most of the player are piloting ship in 3rd person view. This could be done by adding a way to switch the view in Lua or via game settings. Mining Units Add Lua API to it We need a way to manage the MU in a construct as any other industry unit. Available Mining Unit charge should be displayed for player Currently if you want to know this information, you have to open a MU. This information could be displayed on the right of the player's quanta. Charges 3/8 Balance 1 000 000 h Add a possibility to skip mini-game Many player just want to apply the default calibration percentage to the mining unit, they don't look for the additional rock. It would be great to have an option to apply the default percentage without having to load the mini-game, in that case no rock would pop and no bonus would be applied. Notification should contain the MU element name It would help to keep a track of which MU has been calibrated in a specific construct when you have to manage multiple MU for an organization. Notifications should have a specific filter for MU The player should be able to display only notification related to MU. Avatar Keep auto-run enable when opening a window All user interface opened while auto-running should not stop the auto-run. Currently I can't check a market price while auto-running. All locked screen should be unlock with ESC Currently if you are locking the screen with "TAB" you can't unlock it with "ESC". But if you are locking the screen with the chat, then you can't unlock it with "TAB" and you have to press 2x "ESC". Allow player to close channels Chat interface has too many tabs. We should be able to close them so only 1-3 tabs would be displayed. For every channels we should be able to choose if we want it to display when a new message come in the channel or not. [19.12.2021] Add time to whisper chat When you get a message from someone, sometime you miss it, there is no way to know when this person sent you the message. (5 minutes?, 5 hours?) Map Split constructs in 3 sections (dynamic, static, space) For people that have access to many constructs the list is sometime very long and hard to find a specific construct. Add a way to hide a construct from the list Some construct have no interest (multi-core building, showroom ship, ect...). We should be able to hide some constructs from the map drop-down with an option to show hidden construct. Keep the previous selected tile filter. It's mainly when you are scanning tiles, you want to display your scan results. But every time you open your map, you have to go and select again the scan result filter. Add a search Most of the time we know exactly which construct we are looking for. Instead of having to go though all the construct list, if we could search for it it would help us a lot. Of course the search should stay if you close the map and open it again. Add a RDMS right for organization's constructs to allow member to see constructs in the map Currently only legates can see constructs on the construct list. But sometime you give right to an org construct to a member and he has no way to locate it on the map. Building Allow player to switch engines / weapons It would be nice to be able to switch engine of same type/size on a ship. Example switching "Basic Atmospheric Engine L" to a "Advanced Military Atmospheric Engine L". It would make the life easier so we don't have to deal with the placement, links and tags. Of course the applied talents would not be saved. Add a shortcut to start a new link from previous element This is more when you are setting up factory, but can be also the case when you are linking your engine or containers. It would be nice to be able to have a shortcut that will start a new link from the previous element. Example: I want to link 10 engines to the same fuel tank, I start a link from the fuel tank and then go on the back of my ship. Link first engine, hit the shortcut, link the second one, ect... Same if I have to setup 5 Metalwork Line for a specific production. Add a shortcut to swap link direction This is more for the factory but could be also used for button with PB. Would be nice to be able to change the link from "OUT" to "IN" or vice-versa. Increase the jetpack speed When you have to go through all you L core to make a link or something else it takes a long time. Would be nice to be able to fly very fast with a modifier key. This speed could be configured in the settings. [17.12.2021] Add an option to delete voxels With some limitation (max 3m³), but being able to delete last voxel in a construct we want to remove. I will reduce number of time we have to ask NQ to help us when we want to remove a construct. Effects and Sounds Add possibility to remove certain effects For some people effect in the factory are not needed or glowing rocks are glowing too much. Would be nice to be able to choose which effect we want or not. In some area there is too many effects, it's lower the game immersion. Add more sound channels It would be nice to be able to reduce the "industry sound" or other noises while maintaining the sound level of other sources. Add color filters for color blind people Some colors are very difficult to see in the game. Also the Nvidia filters are not supported so we can't use them to help us. Missions & Jobs [18.12.2021] When creating a mission, the parcel containers for the origin/destination should be sorted alphabetically. If you have multiple parcel containers (10+ in my case) you have to search for the one you want to select. [18.12.2021] The weight of the package should be displayed in the "Reward & Collateral" section. There is 3 parameters to take in consideration when you are setting the reward/collateral: the distance to travel, the value of the package and his weight. (warp cell calculation) [21.12.2021] Increase the number of mission player can create. Being limited to 3 missions is not enough. If you start to use that to create content and give mission to carry your goods, you need to be able to create a lot of them. As the mission system is based on reputation, if you are creating too many mission that no one will pickup then your stats will be bad. [21.12.2021] Add a notification when someone answer your job. Actually you have to check all the time your job to be sure that you don't have miss an answer. [21.12.2021] Add the date/time of message posted in communication. Actually we are not able to know when someone as answer our job, as the game is worldwide and we are not all in the same timezone it's hard to follow without this information.
  2. I did not see a way to post into upvote and did not see this feature suggestion there or here. It would be nice in the RDMS to be able to target Org Legates vs Org as a whole. Currently you have to manage rights by creating an actor that contains multiple members and adding/removing people from that. If you could target Org Legates in addition to the org that would keep Org leadership from having to create somewhat convoluted RDMS rules. Bonus points if we could have multiple levels in the org beyond just "member", "legate", and "super legate". And be able to target those from the RDMS. That way as people progress in an org you would have the ability to grant access based on the level of progress somewhat automatically.
  3. Hello everyone, I really like the new system of blueprint with the distinction of a core blueprint and a blueprint. I have 4 suggestions of improvement, 3 of them should be easy to implement and the last one could be a bit more tricky. Have a green/red dot that check the status of a blueprint to tell the player if the blueprint is deployable (player has all the parts) Justification: When you have a blueprint with a lot of pieces, it's hard to know if we have all the parts Add a sorting/filter in the blueprint parts Justification: We have all our way of sorting our construct part, but we have all a sorting system. When I have to deploy a blueprint, I go to my engine hub, then brake hub, etc... Also being able to have a way to display only missing parts, will help us a lot. Update the blueprints status on fly Justification: Now every time we put an element into the linked container/nanopack to deploy a blueprint we have to "reinpect" the blueprint to update his status It's a lot of clicks for nothing. This is something that can be done client-side, I am sure my computer would be OK to do that Being able to switch voxel Justification: I know that this point is a bit more tricky, but could be a huge improvement of blueprint. Sometime I don't have a specific voxel to deploy a blueprint or simply I don't like the color or I am a creator and I want to be able to decline my creation into multiple colors Thanks for reading Kind regards
  4. Currently, the skill points are generated in background with the queue, which leads people to having alt accounts trained to specialize in one thing in background, which is not optimal and ends up being P2W, as this clearly gives them advantage over players with only one account, specially players starting out. The proposal here is to complement the current system with skill-specific points, which are earned by doing these activities - being active in the game. This could apply to all skills or, at least, the most basic ones, such as Mining and Piloting. Firstly, let's do some math. I'll take as reference the skill "Advanced Mining". In terms of skill points, each level costs, respectively: 2400, 12000, 60000, 300000 and 1500000 points, giving a total of 1874400 points to complete all 5 levels. With a full queue, we currently get 90 skill points per minute, which means it would take around 20827 minutes to complete the queue, which translates to 347 hours or 14.5 days. All of this is passive, so one owning multiple accounts would be able to queue many large skill trees to specialize in these same 15 days, which for a normal account could take 15, 30, 45 or even 60 days to complete. Not really fair, right? Now, with the proposal, let's say for every 25L of ore extracted, one would get 1 skill point. With a scoop size of 250L, one would get 10 skill points per scoop while actively mining. With an average time of 10 seconds to get 4 scoops (1000L, or 40 skill points), one would get an equivalent rate of 240 skill points per minute by actively mining, which would take the queue time from 14.5 days to around 5.4 days of actively mining, not considering the points still being generated in background, which would bump this to 330 points per minute and lower the queue time to just under 4 days, but the catch is: the player would need to be actively mining to achieve that. The same could be applied for Piloting skills, with some adjustments to consider whether we're flying atmo or space. Currently, the maximum speeds are around 1000km/h in atmo and 30000km/h (150su/h) in space, so let's say we want to match the same 240 points rate of mining, then one would need to fly either 16.5km in atmo or 500km (2.5su) in space, at full speed, to match these rates. Anything slower would still be accounted for, but since your speed is slower and the points are earned per distance, you would make less points flying slower, the only thing not being accounted for is warps, as that would be way too easy In the end, if this works, the passive rate could even be lowered, as anyone being actually active would still be earning their points and the passive generation would be more towards when the player is offline (like doing IRL stuff such as sleeping) instead of being a complete benefit to players with many accounts farming points in background Hope this helps somehow!
  5. It would be nice to have an Item to split links since Elements (Hub/Containers) can only have so many links In and so many links Out. I have been working on a compact early factory and have been running into this problem where I can not have all my pure metals in one large container that go to all other industry that require pure metals. If we had a Link splitter, all my metal works could have an input from the splitter and the splitter have one input from the container then i could have more industries connected to the one container to pull from. Alternatively if we could have more links per container/hub (albeit it is probably performance heavy so less desirable by the Devs) that would be nice. Or the Hub could act as either the input or output and we can link the containers from the industry allowing us to reuse some of the same containers. Any other thoughts or comments would be nice.
  6. Hello dear NQ Team, I would like to discuss a problem, that I am sure many others would agree with. I ask you to share information about restarts, updates or problems with the server here in the forum. For example, you could create a new category for this (mayxbe something like: server status or server status messages). But this would also be possible in the area of announcements. I have already received a lot of feedback on the Discord Server and I also share the following opinion. The DU Discord server is way too confusing and restless. It is very uncomfortable for me to even bother with it. If you create an area for such messages on this forum and make sure that no one can reply, only the information can be read, everyone can relax and read the information they want to have here on the forum and see what's going on. Personally, I think communication is a major weak point at Novaquark, and this is able to create a lot of frustration and anger. Let's fix that together. Thanks and Greetings, Luukullus (Sorry for my bad english, i hope you all are abe to unserstand me correctly)
  7. On the recipe screen I would like to have a button to craft the maximum possible amount next to the batch size counter.
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