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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, so finished products weigh less than materials, so that is one good reason why it makes sense to build in situ, which however makes hauling all the more important. For example if you had a secondary territory with decent T1 concentration, you would spend less fuel hauling locally-made Frames, to your main base, than hauling the raw ore to build them at main base. Coz the equivalent ore to build them weighs a lot more than the Frames. But player driven hauling market has always been hampered by collateral. Regardless of how generous you would be in rewarding a haul, if the haul involves 100 million quanta worth of product, you would need 100 mil quanta collateral from the hauler to make sure he doesn't keep it for himself, or just deny you of it regardless if he can use it (for those extra-evil inclined or even truthfully accidents do happen) Now a haul that takes 15 mins and rewards even 10mil, which is a good price (just making up numbers here), always seems not as great if you have to put up 100mil to earn the 10mil. It means new players, that might have the capability but not the cash, won't be able come up through the game, using such emergent-pve/mission stuff. Coz nobody has 100mil that early on. Which means more work for game designers, to make sure newbs earn some other way, i.e pre-worked/designed missions/ content. So what if there was a way to disengage collateral, so that it doesn't matter, it's not needed, while still, making it believable in how it's done? I.e. not lose from immersion. Enter quantum entanglement, which is, after all, accepted science "fiction" So the idea is, that spooky action at a distance basically instantly connects stuff that are far away. But you have to get them there to start with, both from the source. Therethree: instead of hauling actual cargo, the cargo is quantum entangled. It stays as it is, and also makes a pair. 'Alice' which stays at the source, and 'Bob' which is getting hauled. We don't eliminate the need for hauling mass/volume, Alice and Bob weigh and take up the same space as the actual cargo would. Once Bob arrives at the destination, we now have our entangled pair at a distance and then apply the actual cargo to it, so that it disappears from source and appears at destination. This is done by the owner and only the owner, once Bob is delivered. Therefour: if hauler runs away or loses Bob in transit, the cargo is still safe at source. Alice doesn't get used by the owner to insta-transfer the cargo. Therefive: Collateral becomes a matter of taste/ preference - can be associated with the cost of making Alice and Bob, but is no longer needed to insure against loss of goods. (It gets disentangled from the hauling process by using quantum entanglement ) Theresix : Game developers are happy coz they don't have to make up that much more made-up content for players to earn money. Thereseven: players are happy, coz even if you lose it all, you can always get back on the saddle quickly coz u no longer need to have collateral to earn from hauls. In terms of game mechanics we already have things like packages (not sure only done the two tutorial missions of hauling and they didn't have any) so there is not much tweeking needed. A 'package' becomes a quantised state. Let's not call it a 'quackage', maybe a questate, whatever. [ You can call it a quackage if you like, after all, a ducks call is kinda unique in the sense that it's resilient to echoes, practically gave rise to the myth that "a ducks call does not echo", so this lends to the unique pairing idea] Cargo remains at source. Owner creates the two quackages, Alice and Bob. Alice is 'tied' to cargo. Bob is 'tied' to Alice. Then, once contractor is happy Bob has arrived at destination by contractee/hauler, the owner activates Alice. Alice connects with Bob and cargo connected to Alice instantly gets transferred to Bob's location, in place of Bob. So in terms of storage we do need the extra stuff, albeit temporary, but we do need it. If you want to move 100 tons you need to be able to store another 200 tons, coz to start with you create Alice and Bob which are quantised states which look feel taste etc i.e. weigh and take up as much space as the offending erhmm desired to be hauled cargo. Thereeight: The end of the beginning:) Go forth and prosper! Disclaimer: Although this particular eyed deer is mine, all mine, my precious, if anyone wants to use it in this game or another, as is, in part, or modified, you can do so with no requirement of credit or recognition for me myself and I, therenine, this idea is herewith not mine anymore. WTCOOO
  2. Coming back to the market in my hauler in cruise mode at around 400 meters up, I hit tab, switched to travel mode and prepared to park at the market. Instead my hauler engines cut to zero, I could not get anything to start and I hit the ground and died. It seems that cruise to travel mode causes the engines to cut and I could not any thrust going before hitting the ground. Recommendations? Bug?
  3. In order to build trust between actors, NQ intends to add a 5-star rating system, but a rating system like this can be abused as well. I can give a player a poor rating and impact their ability to play the game regardless of their performance with respect to the mission itself. However, there are ways to formally rate a player's mission performance. NQ should have the ability to track when or whether certain mission-related events occur. (I am focusing on hauling missions here, but the principle of formal performance metrics is not limited to this scope) A few possible metrics for mission performance: Was the mission completed successfully? How quickly was the mission completed? (Could be elapsed time or presented as a percentage of the total time allotted) If the mission failed, why? Package was destroyed Package was opened by the player <-- MOST IMPORTANT The mission timed out The destination container was destroyed Any mission system should have some sort of indication of whether or not a mission failed because the hauler opened the package before delivery. The most important information to the player writing a hauling mission is whether or not the hauler will just steal the freight. Formal detail can be included in the rating system fairly easily, and it allows for a greater degree of trust between actors than would otherwise be possible, increasing the proportion of players who are willing to create missions and lowering the necessary collateral. Addendum: There are two major purposes to a rating system: To establish trust / penalize/disqualify untrustworthy players (e.g. did the player steal the payload) To distinguish performance between trustworthy players (e.g. how quickly a haul was delivered) Ideally, the rating system would segregate these two objectives. There is a problem when a player is rated poorly because they took a long time to respond to messages or perhaps they were rude in communications, but when another mission writer sees this bad review, he wrongly presumes the hauler is not trustworthy.
  4. Good morning, afternoon and evening. I would like to express my personal opinion on the current ship designs that include the engines, wings, and other necessary components provided to us in the game in order to be able to fly them. I have been a member since Alpha and due to the game being in Alpha left it soon thereafter. I am currently back for Beta and this time I am planning on staying. Unfortunately, I am having issues with the said above parts and the way they work with the ship and each other. One of the main concerns is the engine. A Basic Atmospheric Engine has 2,160,000 N of thrust, yet an average ship with some cargo requires a minimum of 8 to 10 of them. So since JC keeps talking about making the game somewhat realistic I decided to do some research. Currently one of the largest and heaviest cargo planes in the world is Antonov An-225 “Mriya”. The plane is powered by 6 Ivchenko Progress Lotarev D-18T engines which are made up of three shaft turbofan engines. Each engine can produce a maximum thrust of 229.5kN. That is 229,500 N x 6 which is equal to 1,377,000 N. The plane is capable of taking off with 640,000 kg which is 640 Tons. So far everything looks promising because we already know that our in-game engines are far better than the Ivchenko ones. If we do the same conversion but with the in-game engines we get: 2,160,000 x 6 = 12,960,000 N. Then divide the total by the total of the Ivchenko engines and we get 9.4. Multiply that by tons lifted by Antonov An-225 “Mriya” and we get 6,023.52 Tons or 6 kt that we should have as a max weight. My current in-game small core hauler with 2 Large containers can barely lift 256 kl of Hemitite. Please withhold your comments that the current planes do not fly in space because this is not what I am arguing here. Based on the information above the amount of wings, boosters, brakes, and adjusters you would need is ridiculous. That is all I am going to say. I am not sure what the solution to this would be but it needs to be discussed.
  5. So You can no longer control warp drive with Lua Apparently it was because of emergency jump systems people made to avoid being pirated while hauling long distance and going afk and it was unfair for pirates. I believe the change is stupid because now it's unfair for everyone else but pirates, you have a warp drive and you can't even use it to run away? So here I'm suggesting my solution: Add jump calculation timer to warp drives. The timer should last like 1 minute or 90 sec, not sure how long, that time will have to be balanced. During jump calculation players cannot change their velocity (so cannot thrust or brake, however should be allowed to rotate), if they do the countdown will be canceled. Introducing that timer would make it most fair for both sides, it would give pirates a window to catch the hauler and fire on it (and that activates combat cooldown that is already in the game) and if the pirates are not able to catch the hauler in time it will jump away. And ofc make it possible to initiate that timer with Lua, you shouldn't except people to non stop sit in front of the PC during let's say 90 minute flight between planets.
  6. we should be able to buy bot generated goods from the market that we could sell on different planets for a profit. These goods wouldn't have any other purpose. Similarly like in Voyage Century online if you guys remember. for example we would roll out 9-10 different difficulty levels of goods 1 type on each planet and the goods would sell differently on planets depending on the distance. there could be a formula for the price generation depending on the distance, skill level (new talents), and a static value if the goods are hauled outside of a safe zone. so If i buy a 50t weight good on Alooth for 50k q, I go to sell it on Jago 1000k (that's a 6 hour trip with landing), your profit would be around 900k. If you use warp cells there and back, the profit would be around 300k. Although the numbers could be worked out. the same would apply on the higher difficulty goods, but the rewards would need exponentially decrease (the reason why it needs to decrease is because it needs to be worth it for the new player as well), so if someone takes a 25kt difficulty product to Jago, they would need to buy the good that fits into his/her cargohold for 25mil, and the sell price could be around 100mil. (warp cells / fuel would cost around 80mil on the current 20k / piece). so the profit could be around 20mil. This may sound like a lot if you have never tried lifting 25kts off Alioth or land with it. It's difficult and especially very risky in today's Dual Universe where you can't repair your ship that easily. Not to mention building a warp cell factory to support this would cost around 4-5b quanta. There would be a limitation that you can only buy and store 1 good at the same time. There must be a validation how far you are from your good to prevent abuse. We don't want ppl buying up stuff taking them up to space, and deliver all of them in one go. 1 user = 1 good. This way someone with a larger ship can not buy up 50x 50t goods that he/she could sell on a higher margin. these are the different products (difficulty levels) I would make available. This is just one you would as many as planets we have. In the below picture we have 3x level 1 (food is one of them) Food | 50t Medical Supplies | 100t Mining Equipment | 200t Warp Cells | 400t Ore | 800t Electronics | 1600t Spare Parts | 3200t Spare Engines | 6400t Reactor | 12800t Terraformer Unit | 25000t obvoisuly the prices would need to be carefully thought through, calibrated, and monitored. I would probably link the goods prices with the minimum warp cell price on the market with a static number to maximize the value (so it won't be abused) This would also boost pvp as there would be more traffic. Obviously the looted goods could be sold. The above is just on the high level. It needs to be sanity checked and tested on a piece of paper the below is a simple representation on how it would work with only 3 planets with 1 difficulty level
  7. Intergalactic Union of Industries - IUI is an umbrella organization for industrial companies, industies and professionals through out the Dual Universe. The union provides advice, competence and knowledge to its members and acts as a platform for trade, exchanges, business agreements and collaborations as well as a base for recruitment of human resources. Join now! IUI helps you and your company to reach your goals and ambitions. We want you and your organization in! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/intergalactic-united-industries Best regards, /IUI
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