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Found 1 result

  1. About This is a short script that prints base max thrust of linked engines. It can serve as an example, and may also be used to detect which engines do not have a technician buff applied to them. Set-up Place a programming board. Link up to 10 engines to the programming board. In the Lua editor (right-click, "Advanced", "Edit Lua code") create a unit start() event handler with this code: -- detect linked engines local engines = {} for key, value in pairs(unit) do if type(value) == "table" and type(value.export) == "table" then -- `value` is an element and `key` is the slot name if value.getThrust and value.getMaxThrust then -- `value` is an engine engines[#engines + 1] = value end end end -- get engine names local engineNames = {} for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do -- engine name is available in its widget data -- for other elements `core.getElementNameById` would have to be used instead local dataJson = engine.getData() local data = json.decode(dataJson) engineNames[engine] = data.name or "???" end -- sort engines by name table.sort(engines, function (engine1, engine2) return engineNames[engine1] < engineNames[engine2] end) -- print engines and their base max thrust system.print("Linked engines: " .. #engines) for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do local name = engineNames[engine] local maxThrustBase = engine.getMaxThrustBase() system.print(string.format("%s: %.0f N", name, maxThrustBase)) end unit.exit() Click "Apply" in the Lua editor, exit build mode and activate the programming board. You should see base max thrust printed in the Lua chat tab. Change log 2020-09-13. Posted the first version (tested in r0.21.5).
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