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Found 5 results

  1. Yesterday i stoped playing, no problems at all. Today i try to start the game and it crashes at any try. Deleting Buffer doesn't help. Any workarround known ? Edit: Seems to work if you wait before pressing play until the music plays
  2. What is the point allowing us smooth the terrain when we can't do it... After spending over 6 hours of building a ship using voxelmancy ( because the in game voxels do not do what they are told) I have decided to take a break and terraform the area around the base. Unfortunately for me, it lasted 5 minutes. I flattened some area out and decided to use the smoothing tool to make it look a bit smoother but instead got a never ending error in red seen in the Title. I am honestly tired of these minor issues that should have been fixed prior to "BETA". Maybe you (Devs) have a different definition of Beta but this should not be a problem by now. I have no words to describe my frustration, between this patch and the existing issues, I am disappointed. (Not that you really care. You will continue to do what you think is right and pay no attention to the community.)
  3. Noticed that when I'm deploying voxels at the bottom of the build space for a Large Static Core I will occasionally get "You cannot deploy voxels or elements outside of the build zone". So far as I can tell the largest single chunk of voxel you can lay down is 160x32x32. When trying to lay down a 160x32x1 layer of Voxel, I would notice that the reticule would go red somewhere between 88x32x1 and 98x32x1.
  4. So its been three days since i put a support ticket for the issue, no response as of yet for THIS issue but i have had a response for the other issue i had (solved by myself). For this error it seems for me anyways that its related to voxels for terrain or pop-ins like grass and trees as when i travel sufficient distances my game will crash unexpectedly (or rather expected at this point) and this can be confirmed by the fact ive since reached a hex to call home after much time spent getting there due to the said crashing, once there i noticed i wasn't crashing anymore until i again traveled, bike or otherwise, which is 100% repeatable every single time, around 50-100 meters or so. I get this is a beta (debatable) but this is...not great, why is this an issue only after this release and not for the alpha testers? i have more than enough for even the recommended specs for the game except the GPU which still falls into the minimum requirements, so why is this such a massive issue for me specifically i wonder since ive only heard two other mention this error and yet seemingly fixed it by clearing the cache, which ive done? i may have to give up on this game for a very long time as this seems like a critical issue to do with hardware compatibility possibly. Specs: R7 3700x 4.2ghz, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz, RX 570 4gb GPU, 500gb nvme ssd.
  5. I get CLR error and i have repaired my .net framework program so it will work but it still crashes I can only play in 6-10 minutes ? wish is little bit sad. As long right now i really love the game. But i want to be online forever.
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