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Found 1 result

  1. So from the previous videos DU Devs have posted it appears that the current system of claiming will be on hexagonal tiles and dependent on territory units--which are to be expensive. My idea is that what if the system worked like this: A claim possess one central beacon/territory unit which is extremely resource heavy but still feasible, with it you can build on adjacent tiles less expensive territory units; the catch would be that to build more adjacent territory units you must upgrade the central unit--which cannot be done indefinitely. Secondly, if a central unit is hacked/destroyed/sold/captured then all sub-sectors will be destroyed/captured, this would then support the construction of cities around central units as you'll need to prioritize their protection, and since you cannot expand forever with one central beacon you will need to construct more to continue expanding, which in turn means more cities. Take this example: Here you can see three central hubs. One has been fully upgraded and thus a second has been placed to continue expansion. With this model future central units do not have to be adjacent to continue expansion, which in turn allows for multiple cities/colonies around a planet. The only stipulation with this is that it gives the opportunity for organizations to quickly take over planets by constructing multiple central units at different sides of a planet; to mitigate this there could be a limit of central units on one planet, or that the price of a central unit increases based on how many a player/organization already owns on said planet. What do you guys think?
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