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Found 82 results

  1. Building in Dual Universe could do with a simple basis font that is small so that it can create any letter, and the larger the font is the more different it can become. for the limited options of small sized fonts a simple name for that font would be useful; Which I propose as Ennea Font. (Ennea is greek for 9; the amount of voxels this type of font takes up per letter. There is also a Hexa Font. Alas, some letters are hard to read at this level. W and M require a minimum of 4 voxels wide, and I doesn't need any width. S is actually more legible as 2 voxels wide. I hope having names for these fonts and the font being available to be copied for in game will speed up some design processes. ~Loughlin
  2. Dear Pre-Alpha Testers, The goal of this new in-game event is to build the largest possible city in a combined effort from the community. You can build houses, buildings or even skyscrapers representing your home or your Organization headquarters in a civilian, urban environment! When will start the event and will it end? It will start with the test tomorrow (Saturday, April 7th, 2018). It will end with the release of the upcoming new Client Build (ETA: May 2018) To get more info about the new build coming soon, you can read this blog post on our website. Where will it happen? On Alioth, at the following coordinates: pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000} A teleporter will be set in front of the Hub, at the end of the bridge, near the Arkship. This will teleport you on the involved territory tile for the event. There, you'll find a small square and the goal is to build a city around it. Why a City Building event? While this event might seem similar to the “Building Outpost” contest, there are some important differences: this is not really a contest and more a global community effort to test how the server will behave with a real, fully detailed city built by players. Why not a Spaceship Building event? We wanted to make a Spaceship Building event first. However, this would not have made a lot of sense, as we are planning very soon a revamp of the piloting game mechanics, as well as new interactive Elements to diversify the means to propulse dynamic constructs. We will plan to make a new contest for spaceships once we will have released the new build. Will there be a reward? Not this time, as it isn’t a contest but more a global common goal for the following playtests. However, we might publish screenshots and/or a video of the best constructs on our social media and on our website Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  3. The safe areas that are being generated by Novaquark are a great idea, but I feel they may lead to some problematic game elements. Players will likely build in safe areas and only journey outside of them to mine. Players in safe areas will likely be neighbors with bitter enemies. Trolls could interrupt multi-hex building projects by claiming hexes in the path of development. There is less of a reason for people to band together to form protection if it is inherent to the game. I am a huge believer in emergent gameplay, and this game relies almost entirely on it. Emergent gameplay is the idea that rules and systems are established which sort of "Make sense," and then players find ways to extract value, power, and fun from them in ways that the devs may not have initially intended. An example is movement patterns in Starcraft 1, Wormhole pirate guilds in EVE online, and metagame strategies in almost every game. I propose a system which in a simple manner mimics the way real cities were formed. When a new hex territory is claimed grant it "Frontier" status which offers little or no protection. Once it is surrounded by other claimed hex tiles grant the center tile an upgraded protection status and a new name like Rural area. When all the frontier hexes bordering this rural area are surrounded by frontier hexes, they become rural and the center hex becomes suburban. Continue in this pattern for a number of layers, a progression such as: Frontier Rural Suburban Urban Metropolis Adding and removing layers, changing costs of territories, and modifying levels of protection at each status would give devs control over game balance while still feeling fair for pvp. In addition, this gives groups an incentive to build together as a troll or bad neighbor building near the city would only have frontier status and likely be soon destroyed. There may also need to be other controls like a minimum of a couple of days at each status level (so that a level 5 protected zone cant be sprung up instantly) This would be a simple system which mimics the way cities start small and grow. I also don't think this should replace safe zones, but be in addition to safe zones.
  4. We should be able to customize voxel shapes to allow for player creativity more than the shapes already pre formed, making for some really interesting constructs.
  5. Our most recent Devblog laid out NQ's plans for how base protections will work in non-savezone areas, and I've got to say I'm relieved. In summary... -Can use a Force Field Unit (I'd like it to be more of a structural integrity unit myself, as a forcefield implies it prevents entry, which so far the proposed mechanic does not). -Force field absorbs damage. When it gets below a certain threshold, it effectively freezes pvp for 24-48 hours, making everything temporally indestructible. You'll be able to predict when your defenses drop, and there will be a cool-down before turning it back on. -You get an Email notification when your stuff is under attack Yes, I know the EVE tryhards are going to cry and moan about this, but as an ex-eve player who really wants to participate in pvp in DU, I'm extremely relieved that there are solid protective measures like these. That being said, I don't expect these defenses to come cheap, they might require quite a bit of upkeep to maintain, and they might eat a ton of power or resources to turn-back-on after a cooldown. This means that not every rando player will be able to keep their stuff shielded 100% of the time. Pirates will have plenty to do while they wait on my shields to collapse. This also means that abandoned structures left by inactive players can eventually be purged, at the *worst* after about 48 hours. So what should this force-field be called?
  6. Hey, I just wanted to know if there are any plans to add mecanical parts like joints to move parts of the ships like thruster or later on weapons. With Lua scripting you could build ships with can stabilize themself even if they are damaged. Hopefully waiting, Will_i_craft
  7. So I just wanted to ask everyone what are the major projects your org has planned for DU, and what are their purposes.
  8. Hey fellas, I'm going crazy. When I tried to get Gold membership I found out I'm too late. Just when I got my birthday money and extra overtime payment, which I was planning on throwing it at DU. So while I'm nailbiting before I can jump in and get to know the brave new world, I was thinking about designing public usable buildings that actually have merrit. I need some referential material before I get to start designing, though! Mainly the following: - size of cargo containers - size of power generators - the ability of implementing sound files - size of foundries (or furnaces) Been looking through concept art and videos, but man, there's little info to be precise. Any idea? The jist of public building (a.e. hotels, market places, hangers and cargo-lockers) is that they aim at player's needs. There's no need for a kitchen, but there is need to stow your cargo and log out safely or park your vehicle without getting it boxed in and released at ransom. These are the beginnings of city elements and I want to contribute. So help me with some referential materials and thoughts, please!
  9. So, I just watched an hour of Dual Universe gameplay, and I had a few questions about it. 1. Will we have to gather enough resources to build, or will we be given an infinite supply to build to our hearts content? 2. When building off the source block, is there a mirror option, so you can copy every precise detail you've done onto the other side? 3. If someone builds a large cruiser or battleship, will there be a feature when someone can open up hangar doors to let a smaller fighter into a landing bay? 4. How will the gravity work on the larger ships? Will players just be drawn to the nearest planet, or will the direction in which the source block was placed have something to do with it? 5. Are there parts that can rotate? For example, if I was building the Slave 1 from Star Wars, would I be able to put in a rotating cockpit so the pilot is always level? If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not in the pre-alpha, and I don't have enough money lying around to just buy my way right in. Answers would be helpful. Thanks in advance! And also a "thanks, jerk" and a "Why even" in advance. Who knows how this might go.
  10. I was thinking, it would be really cool to have a tier of building that only provides the illusion of voxels free of cost. Some of us are very talented in designing the blueprints for impressive designs but aren't inclined to the grind for materials to actually build said ships. So i was thinking, what if we had a hologram tier of voxels that we could use to design a ship without worrying about the cost of construction? Perhaps when it is done you could chose to upgrade those voxels after the BP is complete? Maybe even sell someone the BP for the cost of building you one. The obvious con to this, would be voxel spamming all over the place (since its free), so double props if you could make it only visible to those with building permissions, or maybe only while in build mode? Thoughts anyone?
  11. Hi everyone, as I understand it, Dual Universe will have materials with different properties and 'quality levels' (if I misunderstood you can correct me). This means for me that there will be better and worse materials and that, in my opinion, will cause every player to try to get the best materials. Is so far logical and comprehensible. But if everyone tries to get the same materials, understandably to get the most out of his ship, etc., the constructs will hardly differ in color, because logically every material, as far as I've seen, has its own texture. I would not think that's nice if the constructs are barely different in color, and it would be pretty easy to see which material any player uses, and so other players / groups of players could easily relate to the properties and quality of the materials used. So I wanted to ask if it would be possible to dye materials/voxels in the game?
  12. I have been looking through the forms and i cannot find any mention of the actual size of the building blocks (I.E. 10 CM x 10 CM x 10 CM). Is there a list of the preset/standard building elements?
  13. We want cargo freighters to be in game right? If the things stay as they are now they won't be a thing as players have huge inventories and they can store materials there, why would they need cargo space? Well, of course i'm not saying that inventory space should be realistic in size but i think the player shouldn't be able to carry more than around 300-400 m3. The excess should be stored in crates that would still compress the material and things. Crates should be only moved one by one or two by two. Yes i know it sounds stupid and boring but i know a few people that like taking things from A to B in games. As i said earlier there wouldn't be any need for starship size if there wouldn't be a need for cargo. It would be a minor annoyance to builders of course but i don't think it would make it unplayably hard.
  14. I think it'd be cool if we could create a space like a cabin or a store or a city etc. If we have something like a city, we can create constructs in an area and we can control via invitation or membership or something, who is allowed in the area, it can be a safe zone where there's no pvp, a store that can actually sell things for credits (or possibly some other form of revenue, at some point interchangeable to a currency like PayPal or something). We could sell advertising space in our areas. It would just be nice to have a place we can call "our own" in this new universe. I know people that can create and print membership cards or something. Maybe we can all be allotted a small area? Like a house in a neighborhood. Create a place where we all start from and can go places from there. Maybe a row house in a neighborhood would be cool. idk, just brainstorming here.
  15. Since Dual Universe is partially about building, what about giving us a tool to replay our building sessions to make cool timelapses like with the replay mod in MC? Another solution would be to let people use bots that they host themselves and that record from a certain point everything happening in one or more core units the bot has been given the "viewing access" to. This last solution could be also used for security cameras but might be used as an exploit (e.g. seeing through the ground like with an x-ray "hack")
  16. The idea is simple, we alpha players, have the opportunity to test and try before everyone. So why not build our own city, as an experience ? Anyone can join and build is own stuff, no need for big. So, who's in ? Why this ? -Do a social experience -Strengthen the community -See how much it's doable or not -Test the game, and see if we have to address issues to the dev, or new ideas. It would be very nice if the major organization participate (even with few members) to this and have their own quarter here. I do not want to own the city, I just want to do a prove of concept, see if it's socially acceptable, as well as doable. It has to be a community project, and it can be done because we are not yet a huge amount of players. We are all here as tester, so let's do so and see what we can do with this game. Thank you for your vote, whatever the answer. EDIT: I created an Organization for convenient reason, it will just let us build together under the same zone and have no other purpose than rising the Alpha City. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/alpha-city
  17. How fast Mining will works will be the Key factor in the game to how easy and fast Player can Build constructs and fight in PvP Fights. Its impotent that Resources are not completely worthless but at the same time not way to expensiv, that is an very impotent factor on how the game will play. I think the mining it self should go pretty fast so that the main cost of Resources will be the transportation and the Risk of transporting the Minerals and not the Minerals it self. So The main cost of Resources should be decided by the flowing factors: Risk for Mining, Risk of Transport, Defense of Transport, Finding Minerals, Claiming/Finding the Areas for Mining And not the time you need to Mine the Minerals, that would be boring farming that no one or most people do not want to do. What would be a Healthy for the Gameplay experience from my point of view. 1. Not every Resource should be found in masses on all planets, every planet should have a Resources the have way to much and such they have way to less. 2. Mining times should not be a problem, this gets annoying very fast. The problem on mining should be Finding the Resources not The process of Mining them. 3. Resources should be Cheap as possible not to cheap but so cheap that people don't risk a Lot of time/Money by Fighting in PVP.
  18. Texture Wishlist This is a WIP wishlist just things I’d like to see in games so to maybe help Inspire devs here it is Basic Stone Cobble wood(log/Lumber)# New wood, old wood, diagonal wood boards(both[/][\] angles ), straight wood(both[|][-] directions) brick straw Cob Marble / Granite wattle and daub Glass Stained glass# Dirt Gravel Iron Gold Silver Copper Roof tiles(wood, clay) Bronze Modern Concrete# Steel# Diamond plate, Expanded Metal, Perforated Sheet, Bar Grating, MISC. Color* Emerald #(16 colors: Black white gray silver maroon red olive yellow green lime teal aqua navy blue purple fuchsia) *(http://www.colourlovers.com/web/blog/2008/04/22/all-120-crayon-names-color-codes-and-fun-facts Mahogany Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Chestnut Red Orange Sunset Orange Bittersweet Melon Outrageous Orange Vivid Tangerine Burnt Sienna Brown Sepia Orange Burnt Orange Copper Mango Tango Atomic Tangerine Beaver Antique Brass Desert Sand Raw Sienna Tumbleweed Tan Peach Macaroni and Cheese Apricot Neon Carrot Almond Yellow Orange Gold Shadow Banana Mania Sunglow Goldenrod Dandelion Yellow Green Yellow Spring Green Olive Green Laser Lemon Unmellow Yellow Canary Yellow Green Inch Worm Asparagus Granny Smith Apple Electric Lime Screamin Green Fern Forest Green Sea Green Green Mountain Meadow Shamrock Jungle Green Caribbean Green Tropical Rain Forest Pine Green Robin Egg Blue Aquamarine Turquoise Blue Sky Blue Outer Space Blue Green Pacific Blue Cerulean Cornflower Midnight Blue Navy Blue Denim Blue Periwinkle Cadet Blue Indigo Wild Blue Yonder Manatee Blue Bell Blue Violet Purple Heart Royal Purple Purple Mountains’ Majesty Violet (Purple) Wisteria Vivid Violet Fuchsia Shocking Pink Pink Flamingo Plum Hot Magenta Purple Pizzazz Razzle Dazzle Rose Orchid Red Violet Eggplant Cerise Wild Strawberry Magenta Lavender Cotton Candy Violet Red Carnation Pink Razzmatazz Piggy Pink Jazzberry Jam Blush Tickle Me Pink Pink Sherbet Maroon Red Radical Red Mauvelous Wild Watermelon Scarlet Salmon Brick Red White Timberwolf Silver Gray Black)
  19. Just wondering if there is a listing or compilation somewhere of the different building elements we can expect to see in the game at launch and about how big they are.
  20. I would like to see more ideas based on automation. So far, I've seen JC talk about having a large number players working together... Obviously, JC doesn't watch SAO, sometimes you gotta solo... I mean, If I built a large ship with guns, I want to be able to fly it on my own, without having to ask a stranger to come on board and touch my stuff.
  21. Here's my list of top things I'd like to see in the game regarding building. 1 It'd be nice if we could have a way to set the X,Y,Z dimensions of a voxel shape we are going to deploy. You know, rather than counting by 25cm increments until I get to 1600m x 890m x 530m for my Star Destroyer. Seems that could be tedious. 2 It'd be nice to be able to have a map of my ship I am making; its internal elements and internal voxel structure. Otherwise I think I could get lost inside my ship while I'm building it. ; ) I'd like to see a few dynamic elements added - 3 A clamp element that can connect/disconnect a dynamic construct to another dynamic construct or to a static construct. 4 A turntable element that can be used to create a hinge, turret, or axle. 5 A linear motor - something that can move groups of voxels parallel to each other like a train on a track or a sliding door. 6 Some kind of layer / grouping tool - would be useful especially for very complex constructs Yes I am thinking like I'm building with legos only unlimited pieces - awesome! Anyway, the game looks amazing already and I'm looking forward to the end of the month. Hopefully these things will end up in the game at some point in the future.
  22. So we know that we'll mine resources of various kinds... and build things... and some of those things will be ships which need fuel. Will the materials be ores that need to be refined at some sort of refinery to be made into the finished fine materials used for building... or into the fuel or fuels used by various ships engines? I think it'd add another layer to the economy if miners sold to refineries ... and refineries had to be large constructs... with storage for their product which could then be sold to builders and explorers and shippers. Also has any thought been given to power generation to power lights... or the hypothetical refinery?
  23. I like the blue, yellow and red ghosts that were shown in the August dev diary. It will be very helpful to know if there will be some voxel distortion or the intended operation is not permitted, but I was wondering if there will be an alternate indicator for someone who is colorblind and not able to distinguish them.
  24. Aqua&Mons Corporation Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas Informations : Langue officielle : Français Communication : https://discord.gg/BEEeeM LE GROUPE Profil : Aqua&Mons Corporation est un groupe industriel polyvalent et structuré. Nos équipes conçoivent, réalisent et exploitent des ouvrages destinés à améliorer au quotidien le cadre de vie et de travail de leurs utilisateurs. Gouvernance : Prochainement .... Stratégie : Prochainement .... NOTRE HISTOIRE En cours de rédaction ... NOS ENGAGEMENTS Afin de prendre en compte toutes les facettes du développement et toucher toutes les parties prenantes, notre démarche s’articule autour de 4 axes : Environnement et construction durable, Clients et partenaires pour un projet durable, L'innovation et la construction numérique Développement des filiales. ACTIVITÉS Aqua&Mons Génie Civil : Filiale historique du Groupe, notre section Génie Civil est structuré en 6 pôles, assurant la fiabilité et la qualité de nos ouvrages : Le Bureau d’Études (BE), composée d’ingénieurs et de techniciens évaluent le cahier des charges du client et lui apportent les meilleurs résultats en termes de prix, de délai et de qualité Notre cellule Grand Projet est l'unique interlocuteur avec le client, ses coordinateurs s'appliquent à bâtir les infrastructures dans des délais souvent court ou sur des chantiers "groupées" Notre service travaux, rassemblent l'ensemble du personnel "chantier", les conducteurs travaux, les chefs de chantiers et chefs d’équipes sans oublier nos valeureux compagnons le département Méthodes prépare les chantiers, optimise la production et assure l’approvisionnent en matériels et matériaux sur les différents sites Notre usine de préfabrication ainsi que son équipe conçoit, réalise et commercialise des modules habitables à moindre prix, mais apporte aussi une réponse pour chaque client avec le service interne de personnalisation des modules afin qu'il s'adapte au mieux à son utilisation La "Pépinière", notre laboratoire de R&D innove sans cesse afin de pouvoir construire n'importe ou et n’importe quand. Aqua&Mons Immobilier : Ayant pour ambition de construire un monde meilleur, notre filiale immobilière nous permet d'accompagner nos clients, nos partenaires mais aussi des particuliers dans leur projet quel qu'il soit. Nous avons aussi avec l'aide de nos architectes conçu diverses gammes d'infrastructures : Prochainement .... Aqua&Mons Pionner : Cette filiale est spécialisée dans la construction ou la rénovation d'ensembles "sensibles" comme par exemple des prisons ou encore des complexes militaires sous-terrains, le secret professionnel est le maitre dans ses chantiers sous hautes sécurités. Aqua&Mons Space : Dernier né du Groupe, créé par Kraglin Obfonteri en 2016; a pour ambition de créer des flottes de vaisseaux capable de suivre les colons dans leur exploration pour construire l'avenir. Pour cela différentes classes de vaisseaux utilitaires devront préalablement être développer au sein des chantiers spatiaux de nos partenaires : Croiseurs : Classe "Gaïa" : Croiseur de terraformage capable d'adapter l’atmosphère ainsi que les reliefs de la planète. Classe "Ploutos" : Croiseur servant de d'immenses entrepôts spatiaux. Classe "Zeus" : Vaisseau mère de la flotte; il commande les différentes escadrilles de constructeurs prêt à bâtir et sert aussi de hangar. Classe "Athéna" : Croiseur sert de laboratoire R&D itinérant. Corvettes : Classe "Hestia" : Une corvette qui sert de base mobile pour une équipe complète lorsque l’opération est excentré du gros de la flotte. Navettes : Classe "Hermès" : Une navette existant en 2 versions; transport de personnel et soute de stockage. CARRIÈRES Quel que soit son métier ou sa place dans l’entreprise, chacun de nos collaborateurs est un maillon essentiel de notre démarche de développement durable. Chacun, par son comportement, agit, au quotidien, dans le respect de nos engagements. Pensée pour instaurer une véritable cohésion entre nos collaborateurs, est ainsi être une aventure collective stimulante pour tous. Vecteur d’innovation, elle est enfin créatrice de valeur pour nos clients qui peuvent ainsi bénéficier d’une vision de la construction qui répond, aujourd’hui, aux enjeux de demain. Si vous souhaitez vous joindre, envoyez simplement un message à Kraglin Obfonteri qui dit que vous souhaitez vous joindre et nous vous contacterons. En ce moment, nous recherchons un artiste capable de dessiner des logos et des images pour la description, si quelqu'un de volontaire et de motivé pour accompagner cette société à travers les galaxies alors contacter Kraglin Obfonteri par message !ATTENTION! Tous les nombres mentionnés ici sont sujets à des changements, Toutes les fonctionnalités mentionnées ici, ne s'appliqueront que si elles correspondent à la mécanique du jeu Version 0.3
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