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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, I really like the new system of blueprint with the distinction of a core blueprint and a blueprint. I have 4 suggestions of improvement, 3 of them should be easy to implement and the last one could be a bit more tricky. Have a green/red dot that check the status of a blueprint to tell the player if the blueprint is deployable (player has all the parts) Justification: When you have a blueprint with a lot of pieces, it's hard to know if we have all the parts Add a sorting/filter in the blueprint parts Justification: We have all our way of sorting our construct part, but we have all a sorting system. When I have to deploy a blueprint, I go to my engine hub, then brake hub, etc... Also being able to have a way to display only missing parts, will help us a lot. Update the blueprints status on fly Justification: Now every time we put an element into the linked container/nanopack to deploy a blueprint we have to "reinpect" the blueprint to update his status It's a lot of clicks for nothing. This is something that can be done client-side, I am sure my computer would be OK to do that Being able to switch voxel Justification: I know that this point is a bit more tricky, but could be a huge improvement of blueprint. Sometime I don't have a specific voxel to deploy a blueprint or simply I don't like the color or I am a creator and I want to be able to decline my creation into multiple colors Thanks for reading Kind regards
  2. Hello to everyone, I decided to make this post so people know how create a core blueprint and being sure that all the handling will be applied. The handling on a core blueprint is a bit weird, it seems NQ doesn't have test every case. The blueprint system is separated in 2 different kind of blueprint: "Core blueprint": it's a schema that will allow you to create "single time blueprint" "Blueprint": it's a single time use blueprint How the handling works when placing down a blueprint? When you create a blueprint from a core blueprint it takes the skill saved on the core blueprint. If the player that place the ship has higher skill, he will apply the player skills. If the player that place the ship has lower skill, he will apply blueprint skills. How the handling works when creating a core blueprint? When you create a core blueprint the handling skills are not saved correctly. If the player that create the core blueprint has any handling skills, the handling is reset (It's the bug!) If the player that create the core blueprint has no handling skills, the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint. The tips: To be sure that the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint you need to have a character without skills. To make that, thanks to NQ that remove all the skills through VR, you need to use a VR station and create the core blueprint in VR. Example of setup: 1 container 1 Surrogate VR station 1 Surrogate Pod Station Put down the container, surrogate station and the surrogate pod. Set a name for the surrogate pod and activate it. (wait ~5 minute that the surrogate pod is registred by NQ) Use the surrogate station and search for the name you have entered. Once you are in VR, go in build mod on your construct and create a core blueprint. Put the core blueprint in the container (so you don't loose it when exiting the VR) Exit the VR and you are done. I hope it will help you. Leniver#4309 https://wheelchair.leniver.ch (To NQ, if you feel important to fix that bug .... DU it)
  3. HI Team Situation: You are a member of a ship crew, mid battle, you know that parts of the engine and wing are shot to hell and about to fail. But you are inside the ship and unable to repair an item through the hull of a ship. Going for a space walk to repair them risks you being flung of into space as the ship is still under fire and manoeuvring heavily. Are you about to become the spoils of war? Solution - Part 1: From your arm console you select the repair option and then select the ships 'Repair Blueprint'. You zoom into the throbbing red part of the blueprint, click on it, and the blueprint, knowing your current position in the ship, guides your arm and repair tool targeting sensors to triangulate and make the repairs to the selected area/part - no matter what physically lays between you, and the part that needs repair. Now your repair tools range will be determined by: your characters repair range skill as well as whatever upgrades/enhancements are actually on your repair tool. Any bonuses that the RT gives you, described below. The above is combined with..... Solution - Part 2: Ships can be complex beasts, and as a designated Ship Repair Technician, you may not have all the materials needed to repair the ship on you. Here we introduce the "Repairs Tank", or RT for short. When a ship repair technician enters a ship, assuming the ships RDMS system has them as repair crew, they must link to the ships The Repairs Tank, RT, for this system to work. (Would be a horrible realisation to make in the midst of battle that you still needed to do it..... oh what fun! ) Naturally the ships owner should ensure that essential materials to repair the ship are in the RT for the system to work as expected. The ships RDMS might also allow ship repair technicians to add materials into the RT. The ships owner also needs to mate the RT with the ships Repair Blueprint. This mating becomes the key to repairs as it ensures that material in the RT can ONLY be used to repair that particular ships blueprint. (This mating might also be done at the ships construction stage - not sure about this as its a decision that NQ would have to make) As mentioned in Part 1, the RT may also have some 'repair field enhancement' that allows it to improve a repair tools focusing field and hence boost range, or speed, or both. The level of an RT may also determine how many concurrent users it can support - this might be related to the size of an RT. Small, medium, large and holy crap! This would allow for various enhancements/tech levels on an RT, potentially making the difference between repairing an engine before it blows, and the death of a ship. This ships equipped with an RT may be a harder ship to destroy, assuming the ship repair technicians are on their game. So what do you guys think? Are the Repair Blueprints and Repairs Tanks ideas a good addition to game play within DU? NQ, is this something worth working on? Cheers
  4. Hi, Should be great if we can make construction part not associed with a core unit as a blueprint to be added to an other construction. For exemple: We start a new construction static or not and we are able to add part from a blueprint part. This way we can make easy ta add a lot of same contrustion. Like room full equiped in a big Building. We just add complete floor upon each other Thanks
  5. I am really looking forward to the pre-alpha, but as an 8-year Eve Online veteran and almost 2 years of Space Engineers I have a few concerns/recommandations. I am curious how other people think about this, and if the devs said anything regarding these topics. My concerns are: Travel should be slow Large ships should be full of equipment Blueprint use should be limited. Let me explain :). Travel In Eve online you can go to the central trading hub (Jita) with a couple of carriers or jumpfreighters in less than an hour from anywhere in the 7500 systems. The introduction of cariers, jump freighters and jump beacon networks (over the years) killed off local trade hubs, and most of the deep space industry. Deep space / 0.0 is now mostly just used for (moon)mining and alliance wars. Trading is mostly limited to the center zone and the profit margins are so low most people do not bother. It also had the side-effect that empires got too big: it is so easy to have fast moving roving fleets cross the universe the empires got bigger and bigger. I miss the early years where you could set out with a group of friends, find yourself an empty solar-system and build yourselves a home. Those days are long gone in Eve-Online: you have to negotiate a rent from an empire, then mine your ass off paying that rent, or you sign up for endless grinding fleet service but never fight for your own home. (this is why I stopped with Eve-online a few years ago) To avoid this, travel should be slow: I think we should not have stargates in this game: that would make big empires too easy. People would just restrict their use to their own alliance to get a war advantage. I think 12 hours flying or so to the next solar-system is fine to start with (was mentioned in one of the videos). Maybe you can introduce a warp drive so that travel to moons and panets within a solarsystem is a bit quicker, but to the next solar system should take hours (at least 1 or 2 hours I would say, enough so that it is a real expedition, not just a little hop and back). This makes trade more viable, with better profit margins (you could even pay for getting your ship moved while you are offline?: dock it in a huge ship as in the Dune books for instance?) As long as all the basic building components can be found in each solar system there is no need for fast travel. Slow travel will create many local economies instead of one big one, give room for real exploring, make trade and local industry viable. It will make the universe feel big. It will also mean that many people from two sides of the universe will never meet, but I see that as a plus, not a problem. Big ships In Space engineers, when you build a really big battleship, it is mostly empty space: the power plants, oxygen plants, etc. take very little space. For the rest its an endless repeat of engines and guns, but they slap on on the outside. Inside it is mostly empty space. I do not like that. This way there is no real reason to build a big battleship other than the look: a smaller one is just as strong, and easier to armor. I would suggest that in DU the equipment should be BIG. And I would also suggest lots of supporting equipement. For Instance: say a large shield generator can be made stronger with one or more capaciters to handle peak loads, and they need 1 or more cooling systems so it overloads slower, they all need to be linked to a control unit to configure these settings, but they need to physically close to work. Then add that when a shield generator overloads, it explodes (seems very reasonable). This forces you to armor the room on the inside. Follow up with making the shield area it covers a limited sized disk, not a sphere. The effect will be that if you want a battleship to be shielded, you need a series of armored rooms full of equipment. Repeat this type of thing for large guns, engines, power supply, sensor arrays etc, and you get a naturally big ship. I think a large ship focused for battle should just have room for living quarters and a few small ship bays, but for the rest be full of equipment. (I am speculating stuff like this fits with the game engine, and should not take much performance as the supporting equipment can just be calculated through as improved stats for the shield module). A positive side effect is that large trading ships - that DO need lots of empty space - will always be more vulnerable than a battleship of the same size. Blueprints I like the blueprint idea to store and recreate your personal designs. But I think it is a bad idea to make mass production too easy (also an experiance from Eve online). In the end somebody will come up with an optimal design for a small scout, miner, fighter etc, and then everyone will just endlessly copy that design. I think we all want there to be lots of variations in ship design. Standards might still happen, but I think we can fight to keep diversity by limiting the blueprint functionality. One way of doing this would be to make the use difficult (as in Space Engineers you see the blueprint in space, and then have to slowly welt it together from the inside out: very hard to do for large blueprints). You could also make it so that you can reproduce your blueprint, but only 1 reproduced ship of the blueprint can exists in DU: that way you limit it to personal use as a sort of 'save game', but not stimulate mass production. Wat would be the dead of ship variation is the buying and selling of blueprints, I hope we do not get that. As I expect some wipes in the alpha and beta phases of the game the blueprint is a great help, but personally I hope that it is dropped when the game is out for real. Losing a ship should hurt, and not just for the materials: it should take time and effort to create a new one. This will limit piracy, because it makes piracy more time-consuming and harder to make profitable, and it will limit war: nobody is going to trow their hard-build ships away because an alliance leader has a temper tantrum. War will come when a group of people feel it is a just cause. Ok, so far the 3 topics running through my mind lately. How do others feel on these topics? Is this all old news and already sorted?
  6. I propose the idea of having something similar to blueprints that allows you to paste in a shape or 'block' to a construct. These could be things like fences, walls, hallways, engine nacelles, modular structures, you name it! Think of it like the 'chisel & bits' mod from minecraft, where by using different 'bits' materials you can create templates for you own blocks. At the very least it could be implemented into the VR constructor, and maybe limited in the game world (skill rank determines max volume/dimensions, takes more time to place by hand, etc.).
  7. I would like to know if it will be possible to board the ship and remove the core and place your own and capture the ship. if yes will be enemy capable to make blueprint out of it? if those things will be possible there should be on option to selfdestruct your ship. Of course there should be a time limit for example 2 minutes to give enemy a chance to capture it.
  8. So far i didnt read or hear about how they want to handle construction of blueprints. My suggestion is that blueprints will be build by construction vehicles (ships and hovercrafts). My idea is that you would have to put construction module (there could be several types of it depending on size of the blueprint). Besides that construction ship would need a lot of cargo space for resources for construction and finally you will need construction drones. More you have faster you build. For example if you would want to build a large space station from blueprint you will need ship with lots of cargo space to put all resouces needed for construction and lots of contrsruction drones. What do you think?
  9. Welcome to the Link to the organization community page : here Introduction It is my pleasure to present you our brand new organization : the Stellar Trade, Affairs and Recreational Society (acronym STARS). We are a neutral, non-interfering society thriving to offer the best available services to the community for an affordable price in secured oases of peace throughout the universe. We wish to offer in each of our bases: - A banking system for you to store your items in a secure and convenient location. - A free open market for everyone to visit or sell - A transport service for renting, shipping or driving you - A entertainment center for fun, gambling and broadcasting live streams such as races, fighting contests and maybe in the future war battles. - A research team to sell our carefully designed and manufactured constructs tested by our own members in their day to day activities. - A beautiful building reflecting our investment in the artistic community where all the previous services will be hosted. - A security team to secure our infrastructures and our clients assets. Diplomacy As a neutral non-interfering organization, we pledge to not wage war to anyone, not take side in any conflicts nor create any embargo. We are open to alliances and treaties with all organization sharing our vision of a free safe, peaceful and prosperous community. We are also open to business contracts for you to get VIP access to our various services. However we do retains the right to put you or your organization in our blacklist effectively banning you from our services if you commit any offense against us, our clients, our constructs or our infrastructures. Would the offense cost us a loss of any kind, we do retains the rights to prosecute you by hiring public or private law enforcement and/or juridical systems to make you pay for our loss. Membership The STAR Society is organized by a vertical hierarchy guarded by the founders with the role to oversee all activities and protect the organization from internal and external coup trying to divert us from our true mission (see our Role Play). The Council is a group of 10 members (of whom 2 are the founders) sitting at the top of STARS’ hierarchy. All members of the council, apart from the leaders, are elected by their peers for a mandate of 3 months. The Council takes all the decisions and set the objectives of each Division for the mandate toward our global objectives. Divisions represent the interest of STARS for particular activities. There are 7 Divisions : The Banking Division in charge of setting and maintaining resource banks for our customers. First objective is to build a Bank in the headquarter. The Trading Division in charge of setting and maintaining open markets for our customers. First objective is to build a market place in the headquarter. The Transport Division offering transport (of people or goods) for customers and for the Divisions, racing on STARS behalf and testing the ships of the Research Division. First objective is to develop a customer base and to train as soon as the first ships are ready. The Entertainment Division in charge of setting up the casino and gambling system, running races, showcasing live streams and all entertainment-related activities. First objective is to design and market the casino and the racing bet system. The Research Division, focusing on designing blueprints for all other Divisions and for defense. First objective is to start building the design of the headquarter, designing the first transport ship and the first defense mechanism. The Construction Division in charge of building the headquarter and any building necessary to the other Divisions. First objective is to secure and start building in the safe-zone a low quality version of the headquarter to host the bank, market place, research center, transport halls, casino and conference hall. The Security Division whose job is to protect the other Divisions during their activities. First objective is to make STARS famous by exploring outside the safe-zone, cooperating with the community, talking about us, train in fighting skills and address the griefs of the other Division. All members must choose up to three Divisions, they are free to work in any of these and must choose one to be primary for each month : the one they will spend the most time in. The Council will adapt monthly objectives according to the pool of members in each Division and the one they set as primary for the month. STARS strongly recommend to choose 3 Divisions and rotate between them because the skill system of Dual is set so that you won’t be able to be good at everything so favoring a few and becoming an expert in them seems better to us than favoring none and be average in everything. Favored trios for now The Fighter : Defense, Transport and Research Division The Merchant : Banking, Trading, Research Division The Builder : Construction, Defense, Research Division The Dealer : Entertainment, Transport, Research Division Yes we do value researchers, because all the blueprint we develop will be saved from alpha to beta to official release. However we don't force nor coerce anyone so you are free to do choose any other trios. NB: There may be basic skills needed for particular activities that we may favor in Alpha.
  10. Full blown Blueprint Editor OK there will be trade able BPs (BP=Blueprint) we knew that already and we will be able to "print" them. And JC mentioned somewhere there will be a "testing" mode. However I think there is much more potential in a good BP ecosystem. Since it is very very very annoying to build only in first person view for some people. (Like me, an engineer who loves good CAD software) I'd rather a have good editor which allows me easy access to all voxels, elements and tools like a x-ray view or a quick access to the elements for scripting. Don't get me wrong here, the FP building is vital too and also needs love :-) A little example to demonstrate what I'm bitching about, building a big box: First person: Select box tool adjust size, look at your starting point click move physically around until your view and the box size matches what you want to accomplish, click again. (I acknowledge that first person is better for polish and details but that is it) Editor: Click and hold on the grid, move mouse for x/y size, scroll the mouse-wheel for z and stop holding the mouse button, done. DU is a game where we will be able to build fairly complex constructs so we need good tools to make that enjoyable. If you want a bad example how it's not done look at SE, building constructing stuff in the survival mode is painstaking annoying, you can't make fast iterations or changes of your creation to find something that works or/and looks good. (The actual building mechanic is rather enjoyable and hope DU will have something similar) So to make live easy a good editor is a must. But since we have so many aspects already and to avoid a sensory overload of its users only "one" editor won't cut it and several "modes" should be available. What the editor should support: Voxel mode Element mode Painting mode (Prefab and)Planning mode Simulation mode Voxel mode: Well all the tools to shape the voxels to your hearts content. It would be nice if the simple forms had handles for manipulation similar to those found in vector programs. Element mode: Designed for easy clean access to the parts list and friction free placing of the elements. Painting mode: Yes a dedicated mode just to bring out the artistic side in you. No seriously, I personally, I don't care much about the paint job but a lot of people will do. DU is going to be a very social experience it is in my opinion vital to give people the option to develop color schemes for their fleets. (Feature wish: the option to load SVG files as decals, allows to put logos and such on your ships :-) (Prefab and)Planning mode: This mode is for managing and adding the brains to your construct. It allows you to access all scripts/elements, setup limits/properties of the moving parts, define areas/spaces for a use case, setup the access rights, manage and create prefabs/templates for easy use later on and allows you to select a area to move it around(cut, copy and paste). Simulation mode: Well a mode to test all the stuff you just made to confirm that it works before you put all the resources and effort into building it only to discover it is a total failure. A live version of a BP of each individual construct should be contained in the core block so you can easily access it, make modifications or copy it for sale. Once you made changes to the "live version" and hit apply you only need to grab your building tools to disassemble/reassemble your construct without the need to constantly fiddle with your tool bar for the right parts. This mechanic would also allow contractors/friends to build your construct since they won't need access to the BP only to the building site.
  11. So forgive me if this has been discussed but I have not seen anything on it yet. However I am new here and haven't had time to dig into everything, just skim. I wanted to talk about blueprints in the game and how they will work. I have seen some post that mentioned blueprints for devices, such as motors and drills, but I have seen nothing on blueprints for ships. First lets start with devices, I am sure there will be a number of basic device blueprints that are easily obtained, with some possibly being much harder to find. This is nice to have but not what I am talking about. Something I would like to see with these is research to upgrade the stats on a generic blueprint giving it RNG modifiers, but I will make a specific post about that. The blueprints I am talking about are the unique ones for your creations. Every ship that a player will make has to be made by hand, at least once anyway. I am unsure if they are going to go with a system where you place the blocks in the open world to build it, or design it then have some sort of assembler construct it, but either way I think there needs to be some way to create a blueprint of your ship. The first reason is obvious, to easily reproduce it again, especially for things like fighters that will be used a lot. Personally, in games like Starmade and Space engineers I would spend a lot of time designing and balancing ships to be just right. But if they were blown up I loose all that work and have to try to recreate it from memory. Starmade had a blueprint system which allowed me to make another that was exactly the same, as long as I had the parts. Space Engineers however, at least when I played, did not have any system to do this easily. Space Engineers, I believe has a blueprint projection system to show you where the parts are, but it is only a guide and you can still make errors. Now I would not want a system where I just add the parts into the blueprint and spawn it in. Starmade had this but was fading it out into a shipyard system, you load the blueprint into a construction yard and it slowly assembles it if it has the parts. For a game that plans to be massive scale, I think this would be the preferred method I would choose. The size of the shipyard would dictate the size of ships you could construct, and things like assemblers and CPU power could dictate the scale and speed of the shipyard. An added bonus of this is they could be used to repair damaged ships. When you are in a battle theres sometimes very large damage that is easily caught, but theres always something minor or hidden that you dont always catch. Having some sort of system to help repair this is needed with massive constructs. The second would be to sell them. If I create a really nice, well rounded battle cruiser, people may want to buy it from me, either because they like it or just dont want to be bothered them self. Now selling ships has been mentioned before, and I don't want to get side tracked into the trade system. But if I spend hours shaping and designing this amazing ship, why couldn't I just blueprint it and make another. Maybe I like my ship and want to keep it for myself as well. Or maybe I want to just copy my blueprints and sell them to others so they can make their own. I would like to see 2 types of blueprints, like eve a BP Original and a BP Copy. The copy would have a limited number of uses, 1 or more set by the copy process. It would be to allow you to build my creation in a limited number. Where as the original would be unlimited uses and could make more copies. If a RNG research aspect is introduced this could be a way to sell your research as well. Now with blueprints comes the possibility to steal other peoples designs. Which why not? But I would suggest a system thats not as easy as get in and make a blueprint of a ship. Maybe have a encoded lock so that only the creator can make a blueprint. Possibly be able to hack the system so you can copy a stolen ship for yourself. Maybe it has to deconstruction the ship to know the full details of the blueprint. I would hate to have no way of replicating a stolen ship, but I dont want it to be to easy. So what are yall thoughts on this? Has this been discussed already and where? Any other additions or suggestions you would make on the topic of blueprints? (I will make a separate post about RNG research ideas later.)
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