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Found 5 results

  1. Aaron Cain


    Most of us know there will be massive star-gates in space to sent our ships to far away places. What i want to propose is a smaller base located gate. It should be large enough to sent people, small hovers and small fighters but small enough to block big hovers and big ships. The placing should be in a base, planet or space bound, and transport is only possible if you own both sides of the gate, so you need to build one at both sides. Since this is the same technology as will be used for the large gate it should fit the lore. And because you already need to have a base on both sides of the gate you have probably already used the large gate at least once but to be sure this is not gone be an easy thing to build a training should be there that makes this only craft-able after you already studied the building of star-gates in general. An option is to make these scale able just like the shown hangar doors, although i hope the star-gate idea will not be a circle to fly through but more a set of "rails" or "beacons" guiding a ship into the flow. Your thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I have no clue if it is possible already but how about customization music for bases and ships, something like links or music would be a nice feature to add to a building or ship to give it more character or function. I can also imagine the added value for any peacekeeping org to have a sirene or something on their crafts or some music in trade offices. Good or bad idea? Greetz aaron
  3. Hey fellas, I'm going crazy. When I tried to get Gold membership I found out I'm too late. Just when I got my birthday money and extra overtime payment, which I was planning on throwing it at DU. So while I'm nailbiting before I can jump in and get to know the brave new world, I was thinking about designing public usable buildings that actually have merrit. I need some referential material before I get to start designing, though! Mainly the following: - size of cargo containers - size of power generators - the ability of implementing sound files - size of foundries (or furnaces) Been looking through concept art and videos, but man, there's little info to be precise. Any idea? The jist of public building (a.e. hotels, market places, hangers and cargo-lockers) is that they aim at player's needs. There's no need for a kitchen, but there is need to stow your cargo and log out safely or park your vehicle without getting it boxed in and released at ransom. These are the beginnings of city elements and I want to contribute. So help me with some referential materials and thoughts, please!
  4. So just had an idea but not entirely sure if it would be possible due to game mechanics, size limits, etc... But a ship class that I would call the "Nomad Mothership." Basically more of a travelling space station that houses your entire org and all it's holdings. The Org's wealth goes back into improving the Nomad until it becomes this massive, impregnable behemoth of a supercarrier that never stops moving. Or maybe it does stop moving. Find a nice spot to park it and set up a protective bubble and call that spot your home until you're done doing whatever you're there to do. Build a carrier bay into it to house smaller ships and transport people and goods to and from the Nomad. It's the possibility of this kind of thing that really excites me about DU.
  5. PurpleAnt


    So I was thinking, where would we respawn? In the book it says that we would respawn on the Arkship thanks to the Resurrection Node. So if we respawned at the Arkship, we would pretty much have to start over unless your friend can pick you up in a ship. I was thinking, what if there was a Resurrection Node element that you could add to a base? Now, I know what you're thinking fellow forum user. Well, to counter this argument. Building a Resurrection Node should be decently expensive You should have to build one Resurrection Node per person You should have an option on death to either "Respawn at Arkship" or "Respawn at Resurrection Node" You should only be able to have one Resurrection Node in use at a time. Respawning at your Resurrection Node should take time, because I'm pretty sure printing a human takes more than one second, so let's just say 1-2 minutes and respawning on the Arkship would be instant because of the superior technology. You should only be able place a resurrection node on a base, not a small ship. So maybe you can only place it on a construct with over a certain amount of voxels. That's just my idea for respawning, don't be like RandomForumUser26(can we make him into a meme on the forums?).
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