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Found 15 results

  1. I believe the devs have made comments about possibly adding more arkships to the game for players to be found in the future. These arkships would serve as spawnpoints for new players which would allow for a new player to forge their own way forward, rather than spawning in the middle of an already heavily developed planet/city. In between the 10,000 years from Sol being destroyed to the Novark landing on Alioth, there is quite a lot that could have occurred in the galaxy. One of these could have been a similar situation to earth, except with another alien civilization. These wouldn't have to be specifically arkships, just something that served a similar purpose of spawning new players into the game, and any new players who spawned from these would not be human. This could be anything from just cosmetic differences to even things like certain skills being quicker or slower to gain compared to the human skill-tree. A simple cosmetic difference could allow for emergent gameplay surrounding xenophobic governments, and having a difference in certain things like element appearance ( or maybe even function, though that might prove an issue for balance and also for people who are one race or another but want to use the elements of the other race ) which could make having a diverse org something to pursue. What do you think about NQ adding playable aliens at some point in the (far) future? I myself am not even sure if it would be a good or bad idea, but I do think that if they were to do it then this would be a good way.
  2. Hi Team The lore implies the Arkship hits Alioths crust hard and fast to embed itself solidly into the surface. Now the arkship is big, and heavy, and is built to take the impact, however the ground is not. Meteors that hit planets leave craters. So the question becomes will the Arkship actually create a 20km radius CRATER around it when it lands? This would expose low hanging fruit ores as well as give an excuse as to why its barren around the Arkship giving players a visual reason to leave the safe zone - "look grass!" Just a thought for the devs to think over Naturally comments are welcome
  3. So far, we have seen the arkship landed on Alioth. I think a better place to put the arkship is in geo/aliothstationary orbit with a space elevator hanging down to the safezone. This would allow the game to be more balanced while requiring more delta-v to do space stuff and would be more realistic in general. And please watch this video to see what I mean. This guy can explain it much better then I can. m.youtube.com/watch?v=6VBCxWcAPXw
  4. I am sure that we have all thought of this to a certain extent, but I am curious to hear it discussed openly between organizations. Because of the fact that everyone is going to be spawning without resources at the arkship at least once (many of us uncountable times as we fail and die somewhere), there is obviously going to be very swiss-cheese-ish terrain around the arkship. Even if there is some kind of boundary on how close you can mine, it will just push the terrain destruction outward. Another thing that will exasperate this is if there are free trial accounts; these users are going to be much more likely to just mine out a section before a percentage get bored and leave. Are there ways that we could combat this? Or maybe, is this even an "issue" that needs to be counteracted? Should we just leave the arkship terrain to be mined into oblivion or take steps to prevent random destruction of the nearby ecosystem? Lots of organizations are going to want to have a presence as close as possible to the arkship; are these shops going to be left on pillars of earth as the rest is mined away?
  5. We are the Forgers. We forge our future by deep mining and building subterranean cities. We do not build tombs but ancient marvels beneath the surface. Join our clan of survivors as we forge our fortress of earth into magnificent structures. Help build our cities with pride and become one of the ancient forgers of our great city. "Out from the ashes we will take flight, Like a fiery core we will burn bright." We are a small faction of Underground Builders, Miners, and Terraformers forging our new life near the core. Help us forge our collective story underground. If your interested in building an underground city join the Phoenix Forge! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/phoenix-forge https://discord.gg/QTrxfQy SaveSave
  6. Recruitment Status: Open Region: North America Server: Not Yet Available Timezone: EST Member Style: Semi-Hardcore| Adult Oriented Play Style: PVE - PVP - Organized Events VOIP: TeamSpeak 3 Age Limit: 18+ Website: www.EternaGaming.com Apply: apply.eternagaming.com Link to our Charter/Rules: www.eternagaming.com/charter I have applied, now what? We will be getting people that apply on the website to get on our Teamspeak Server so they understand what they are applying for. There are some Behind-The-Scenes goals that we do not publicly post, which we will discuss over Teamspeak. Who is Eterna and what are we looking for in our community? Eterna is recruiting players of all levels to join it's ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a premier multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. We're currently looking to join the amazing game of Revelation Online, and look for members while we do so. Our passage in gaming started in 2013. We have been recruiting for many games and have dominated the playing field in every game we step into! We have our own dedicated and privately hosted Teamspeak 3 server, a website and more! We ask that if you're wanting to join Eterna, to sign up on our site so we can organize events and in-game progress as soon as humanly possible! We can't wait to see you and we wish you the best of luck in the gaming world! A little more information on Eterna Gaming™: Eterna Gaming™ was started as a small guild, that eventually became a family and into a community. We are a guild/community trying to enhance the gaming experience of the players by creating the best virtual environment possible! With your help, we can make our community #1 by spreading the name of Eterna in games. Our purpose is to make the best out of your stay in gaming and leave you with the best gaming experience. Why should you pick Eterna Gaming™? We host players with years of experience in various MMO's, some dating as far back as the first Everquest and Ultima Online. These players are all friendly and willing to help their members in whatever game they choose as we are not only limited to one game. Eterna Gaming™ is not just a guild in a game. Its a family. We play together, watch anime and TV together. Movie nights with members. We host various beta key give-aways and events for founders packs and the sort in various games to give back to our community. We offer partnerships with various organizations to make your game time a more enjoyable experience. We offer a solid gaming opportunity for any member that is interested. Objective in Revelation Online: To have fun in the game, enjoy the many aspects that the game has to offer. We have a strong community, very tight-knit as is and we're looking for more members to join our ranks in order to strengthen our bond. Together we can accomplish anything.
  7. PurpleAnt


    So I was thinking, where would we respawn? In the book it says that we would respawn on the Arkship thanks to the Resurrection Node. So if we respawned at the Arkship, we would pretty much have to start over unless your friend can pick you up in a ship. I was thinking, what if there was a Resurrection Node element that you could add to a base? Now, I know what you're thinking fellow forum user. Well, to counter this argument. Building a Resurrection Node should be decently expensive You should have to build one Resurrection Node per person You should have an option on death to either "Respawn at Arkship" or "Respawn at Resurrection Node" You should only be able to have one Resurrection Node in use at a time. Respawning at your Resurrection Node should take time, because I'm pretty sure printing a human takes more than one second, so let's just say 1-2 minutes and respawning on the Arkship would be instant because of the superior technology. You should only be able place a resurrection node on a base, not a small ship. So maybe you can only place it on a construct with over a certain amount of voxels. That's just my idea for respawning, don't be like RandomForumUser26(can we make him into a meme on the forums?).
  8. It's been confirmed in the kickstarter AMA part 2 that safe zone territory will be claimable: What are the gameplay implications? Obviously the safe zones will be super valuable, but they won't be able to be fought over; only sold, right? Which means that the prime objective of all the starting players (with half a brain or more) will be to claim territory within the starting zone to either use strategically or sell to the highest bidder down the road. If the seat of a certain government is within a safe zone, can it ever be overthrown? If two orgs are at war and both are located within safe zones (possibly even the same safe zone), I suppose it could only become a war of attrition where they try to choke out each other's exterior supply lines? I'm just trying to fathom how this mechanic will affect societal development and organizational competition...
  9. We knew that the end was coming for centuries, and we realized at some point that we would never be able to finish enough arkships for all the Earth's populatoin. The wealthy sought to purchase legacy berths for their great grandchildren, the politicians fought to place their power structures into the design of the post-Earth societies, and corporations developed breeding programs for their employees, paying bonuses to people who married based on recommendations from their predictive genetics algorithms. And the poor despaired. The teeming billions of crowded Earth, suddenly forgotten as the rich world tore resources from the ground and pumped poisons into the air, heedless of damage done to a doomed biosphere. War was inevitable as poor nations without the technical capabilities to build their own ships insisted that their resources would only be used for arkships built for their own populations. The rich world shrugged and looked upward, tearing up space resources treaties as they tore the moon and asteroids asunder, plunging the third world into chaos as the markets for lithium, cobolt, platinum and gold went into freefall after a massive metallic asteroid inclusion was discovered a few hundred meters under the Sea of Tranquility. Faced with the near total loss of their populations in a hundred years, nations in Africa, South America and the subcontinent formed an alliance and demanded that space-based mineral extraction be shared equally by all nations based on population. Chinasia, however, with a near monopoly on rare earth elements needed for superconductor manufacturing and their own technical capabilities, sided with Normerica, Europa and Russia, calculating that they'd get more arkships that way. Desperation knows no morality. When the arkships under construction at Chonquing and Hangzhou vanished in blinding flashes of nuclear fire, Indians and Pakistanis danced together in the streets, while their governments disavowed all knowledge of the actions of the Humanity Front, a terrorist organization that demanded global distribution of arkship construction. Nobody knows if the nations of the subcontinent were behind the attack, and nobody ever will know, as the resulting regional nuclear exchange reduced the populations of India and Pakistan by 80% and of China by 50%. The waves of desperate refugees quickly overwhelmed hastily assembled UN facilities, and millions died of starvation and from disease. When the brain plague struck, it was truly a shock to a reeling world. A novel virus, not recognized by the nanomeds that swam in every human's bloodstream, that did irreparable damage to the brain within days. It started in the refugee camps, where millions huddled in misery. The first symptoms were lassitude and depression, so it was hardly recognizable as a disease, until the sufferers slipped into catatonia, stopped eating and drinking, then died. In the Mashhad camp, 70% of the refugees perished within a week. Aid workers returning to their homes carried the disease back with them to their crowded megacities. Before the WHO was able to identify the virus and publish an update to the global nanomed network, seven billion people, more than half the Earth's remaining population, succumbed to the illness. Arkship construction halted as corporations desperately sought out people with the skills necessary to continue the projects, making promises of dozens, even hundreds of berths to the descendants of surviving engineers and project managers. One of those engineers was my grandmother, Ethel Dinkman, to whom I am forever personally indebted. Most berths were assigned by lottery among those who's test scores and skillsets met the requirements defined by the UN's Colonization Commission algorithms, but I was raised inside the forbidding plascrete walls of the Nueva York shipyard, one of the several million legacies of that desperate time when men and women were able to make the corporations bend to their will. If the AI driving the mighty arkship feels that the legacies have been betrayed by the board, when the time comes for the launch, the ship will just sit there. So here I am, raised and trained to be a survivor, a legacy stockholder in SilverLight Industries, a berth guaranteed to me and several cousins, no doubt to the consternation of management, who see us as nothing but bodies taking up space that could be used to save better trained, more intelligent, and no doubt more closely related men, women and children. Well, neener-neener. The ship AI, using my grandmother's voice, will do more than scold them if I'm not here when it's showtime, so the company takes good care of me indeed. Frighteningly good. I feel like I'm kept safe in a cocoon of resentful passive-aggression. I wonder what will happen when we get to our destination. I'm a legacy stockholder, after all. I have a considerable energy share for my resurrection node, the wealth of any twenty random colonists. And anyway, no matter how resentful they may be, the AI won't let them touch me inside the ship shields. And they'll need me. I'm a good coder, a good shot, a well adjusted sociopath with a stifling upbringing, perfect for a weapons designer. I'll keep my eye on the bottom line and show the company I'm value-added. I better, or I'll wind up cleaning other's spaghetti code in a cubicle at the bottom of the arkcity pile. How can I let that happen, when there's a whole universe out there, one without plascrete walls and guardian drones? I'll get the company rolling, and then I'll take my odd habits, my verbal tics and my curious obsession with early 21st century Normerican cartoons and see what's out there.
  10. SilverLight Industries Founded as SilverLight Research by the United Nations in 2055 as a way to pool the research capabilities of many smaller companies into something that could assist with developing advanced Arkship technology, they were one of the few companies and organizations that could possibly compete with the globally powerful Nexus Corporation on a technological basis. Eventually, SilverLight expanded to include many other industries such as extraterrestrial mining and Arkship construction, assisting the U.N.’s Ark program through multiple facets of the project. However, the core project and top priority of SilverLight remained the artificial intelligence systems that would run the Arkships and assist humanity when they arrived on their new homeworld, Alioth. Soon after the last of the Arkships was completed, the U.N. shocked millions when it announced that Arkship resources were scarce, and that it would utilize an “artificial genetic selection algorithm” to decide who would live and who would perish in the oncoming apocalypse. Naturally, an uproar rose up, and riots and violent protests ravaged the streets of Earth in its last days. Recognizing that this was planned long before the Arkships’ completion, the Nexus Corporation, in cooperation with SilverLight and various other organizations, launched its own retaliation: “Project Cinderfall”. With SilverLight’s artificially intelligent algorithm development combined with Nexus Corp’s networking capabilities, Project Cinderfall circumvented the U.N.’s originally biased selection algorithm, allowing a much larger and more diverse population, including many members of SilverLight, to make it aboard the Arkships and into the rebirth of humanity in the age of Alioth. SilverLight Industries > Here <
  11. so my first question, I don't think we have an answer yet on streaming. will it be sanctioned? do we wanna set something up as a group before hand? We will most likely have accelerated building and mining i think. so as to better check the stress of a lot of constructs. This means quite a lot should be possible. if we work together plus having everyone of a goal checks stress on servers. for instance, could we do a scene from a movie everyone agrees on? like brave-hart. Also lord of the rings would be cool. I'm thinking something scifi would be nice but i cant think of one where a lot of people could be utilized. anyways this one is kinda a spit ball could we all decide to get a floating city up and running? we let the blueprint be for everyone playing in alpha/beta so we all get to start with plans to a floating city :-) we have the potential to increase all alpha/beta users worth in the global market after release. thats all for right now ill change these to what we decide and post more questions
  12. Sand, All up in my Junk, Part 1 Stier didn’t remember landing, nor did he remember walking all this way. He could see his own footprints however, and not in view of the Arkship he wasn’t quite sure how far he’d gone. His head was pounding, his legs felt like limp and sore, and the grit of the place had gotten to him. He was in a desert. The sun was furiously bright but beginning to dip to the edge of the horizon threatening to begin to set. He was doubled over at the edge of a sand dune as pale as an eggshell staring back at the tracks left by his ascent. It was unclear if he had walked or crawled to his current position, but he was certain that he would be unable to summit the next mound to the west. The bottom of the valley shows cracked earth of a rainy season past. Stier had a moment of panic, but realized that his suit not only shielded him from the heat and the cold, but recycled his liquid waste with almost no loss. Water would not be a problem, nor food as his Nano-former had plenty of protein solution stored in it, and more than enough energy to disperse it. He stared down at his scratched display and despite the comforting evidence of his ensured survival, the panic did not fully subside. Instead it retreated just enough that it didn’t fill his mind just as the sun’s orange glow had begun to peel back against the night. The day subsided too quickly and his fear left far too slowly. It was about time for some shelter. Stier swiped through the menu on his Nano-former again for survival polymer but was dismayed to find just the protein solution. He rolled his eyes and took a few sphere-fulls of sand from the dune. The structure of the dune shifted and gave, and he began to tumble violently head over heels down the dune until stopping at the rocky bottom of the valley followed by a sand-flow up to his shoulders. Shielding technology was advanced enough to prevent a starship from crashing full-speed into a skyscraper, but somehow he managed to bruise his rear on the rocks through his personal shields. He stood, and groaned while nursing his new lump on his backside. Stier didn’t think he had any blueprints for structures made out of sandstone, and he hadn’t had time to learn how to turn sand into glass with the Nano-former. He had just landed after all, and the simulator was pretty different from where he had managed to walk to. His lack of memory worried him as he constructed a dome with a simple entrance not unlike an igloo, but out of the sand he had collected from the dune. It was surprisingly tough for being made of sand, the grains were compressed into a solid form, but he did manage to chip the entrance a bit with his helmet when he tried to crawl in. Stier tried to get comfortable in his new shelter, however his groin was badly chafed. The sand had worked its way into his suit, and based on the sting he realized that the area had become enflamed. His first thought was to go ahead and remove the sand with his Nano-former, but seeing the reduction sphere overlap with his crotch, it occurred to him that he might lose more than the sand if he went through with it. Staying put for a while seemed like the safer choice, so he took a break and went AFK (Away From Konsciousness). Day snuck up on him, and he returned to find chunks of his shelter was missing. He remembered the simulations, someone had tested out a plasma rifle on his hut! Stier crawled back out of his shelter on hands and knees and found two other spacers, each with weapons pointed right at him. He could see the combat warning blinking on his display. Their suits were a newer model, probably Omegas that got on the ship after the initial launch. One of them had a Lv.1 PET with him, poor thing’s legs were moored in the sand. “Nice Hut” mumbled one of the Omegas practically breathing into his mic. He was sporting the basic concussive pistol, probably spent hours trying to get magnesium for bullets. “Drop your DAC’s Alpha” cracked the prepubescent voice behind a laser rifle. This one was also an omega, but might have traded his PET for a decent weapon that uses his Nano-former’s battery instead of solid rounds. “Can’t drop DAC’s noob, they are digital” replied Stier, “contract or trade transactions only, just like spacebux”. “I said drop ‘em!” cracked the child again, this time firing twice and missing. It was unsure if these were warning shots, or if his weapon skill was just that bad. “They don’t drop on death either, DNA coded like spacebux too” said Stier, “only the Nano-former discharges on death and it’s pretty lossey”. The mumbler shot this time, one bullet hit Stier’s shield membrane above the right shoulder staggering him. The second one caught him on the left side of his helmet, crushing the shield and making its way into his skull. Stier came-to in the Arkship’s infirmary missing a few cubic feet of sand.
  13. Since every single player will start in the same Arkship, which I believe has been said, what might end up surrounding the Arkship eventually? Will it become a sprawling metropolis? I imagine it will be pretty significantly developed. How will what is surrounding the ship affect new players? There certainly won't be any resources available for long. And if I don't have that right, and there are several Arkships, then the questions go for all of them. This actually leads me to another question which is, how does the player get started?
  14. I have three questions. The first is a general question about the limitation of mining. The second is a question about the persistence of player changes to the environment. And the third is a question about limits on mining around important or permanent constructs such as the Arkship. Question one: is there any indication how far into a planet one can mine? Question two: do changes tot eh environment have a time limit? By this, I mean will the environment return to its initial state over time? Question three (It sort of ties into the above question): what is the nature of the limits on mining (or any changes to the environment) around vital constructs like the Arkship? If you've ever been to a music festival you will know that it's never good when 1000's of people hang out around the same area for a few days. It's not long before the place is trashed. How much worse would it be if they can destroy/ create with a click of a mouse button? I have an image of the area around the Arkship being a mess of potholes, near bottomless fissures, walls, and penises shaped structures that reach far into the sky. None of that is appealing to me least not because it would make movement very difficult to move around on foot. My assumption here is that NQ must have something in mind to keep important areas clean.
  15. So i am kinda on the fence about the arkship protection area I have though to myself: if the arkship protection area never shuts down, you can never defeat an empire. I have also read the post about the noob protection idea in mind. My idea would be to shut the shield down after a certain amount of time (because its energy reserves are depleted or something) So you are able to fully defeat an empire in a war situation. It would be a really stupid thing having to have your ships blockade the last remaining planet of an enemy empire all the time. The defeated player has two options at this point: he could accept the subjugation of his enemy or take a ship, find a new planet and make a new empire there (without the arkship protection of course)
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