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Found 3 results

  1. So I just wanted to ask everyone what are the major projects your org has planned for DU, and what are their purposes.
  2. This idea I hope gets implemented. As ship builders and architects get more accustomed to using the Toolsets provided, we are going to start developing our own brushes (custom shapes). Either by merging shapes, creating stamps/molds. From what I have seen it's possible to create duplicates of these forms which is great. The problem is, how do we store these for later use. Sure we can create giant tool boards in our workshops but this leaves our biggest asset open to being copied, griefed, destroyed or lost if our land area is taken in PvP. I would like to request a way to store, name and sort custom shapes (brushes) for later use, hopefully in a similar way the primitives are.
  3. In real life cities are built for a number of reasons (duh!): access to workplaces (income), shops (food, clothes, goods etc.), communication (internet), infrastructure (energy, water, waste disposing, public transportation), healthcare, leisure, etc. These fundamental factors which contribute to urbanization IRL won't be pretty much present in DU. People will be spread around different organizations, cartels, syndicates, corporations, etc., maintaining their own infrastructure, energy grid, factories, landing/docking/building sites, defense systems, etc. So I guess we won't be seeing large cities in DU, unless some very dedicated urbanists will be willing to design them just for the sake of design itself. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel discouraged from playing DU in any aspect whatsoever, however I just realized the things I've written above and it kinda made me a little upset, that's all. Or maybe I'm just plain wrong?
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