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Found 3 results

  1. @NQ-Admin Hi, it's important. Can you put all the alien core in pause (production/lockdown) until PVP was fix? (Radar + Transponder + Anynewbug) We can't fight in good conditions, we can't have fun or enjoy this content (and it's the only PVP available atm) and with the wipe no decision + all those PVP bugs, we just lost all our motivation. Do something, don't be passiv, thx.
  2. Alien core can be a good feature... If only players really need to fight for them, let me show you what we will really have 99% of the time: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480246940 (No sound because of comms, sorry) Why defend a station is a waste of ressources and time? - Shields are too low, we can't wait for our ennemies before moving - So we will need to travel 300SU+ or warp our entire fleet each time we have to defend, even for nothing - Ship aren't protected when dock on a station with a shield (??) - This can help ppl with lot of job/kids or else to setup their ship when they can - If we take at least 2 core we have to defend an alien core each day - If we want to attack, we add another timer where we need to be, again it can be each day - Why we don't have a combat free timer after we win a defense? With your wipe talk without ANY DECISION, with your patch against any PVP mechanic or method, a big nocare about some of the oldest bugs known in DU... We don't have any other content outside of alien core in PVP now. We send plenty of idea/feedback for a better PVP or more confortable, we tryhard each PTS for help, report each bug/exploit find even if that lead to another nerf of our content How can we keep our players hype for Dual Universe? Why NQ stay so quiet? (Entropy did a nice feedback but only around voxels and shields for PVP but some other part are missed) Our ennemies got the same problem, maybe more because we are really lucky to have so many ppl still active on DU. Don't kill your game, listen us, don't stay focus on your ideas if everyone say it's not the good way and talk with your community.
  3. With the Athena update we decided to hold 3-4 alien cores, the goal being to test our ability to defend multiple cores. The harsh reality of alien cores In response, our enemies have put our cores in lockdown ~fifteen times, sometimes 4 on the same day, forcing us to organize ourselves well to allow everyone to come home from work, eat, take care of their family or simply rest. For having a minimum number of people at the end of each lockdown, just in case. The ends of lockdown follow one another and still nothing on radars, the regularity required by this feature prevents us from pirating on asteroids or pipes as we did before, but the various changes have not reinforced either the interest of them, the motivation is therefore less and less perceptible and it becomes a chore to come and defend... So we come to this evening of May 21, 4 cores are in lockdown; Gamma, Theta, Iota and Zeta Theta and Gamma are respectively under siege at 18:24 UTC and 18:56 UTC, knowing that it takes 20 minutes to secure a core without enemies, the timing is tight but nothing can tell at this moment that our enemies will take advantage of it... A well thought out plan 18:36 UTC, Theta in siege but without contacts, when suddenly the announcement falls: "CONTACT ON THETA" 10 to 15 ships on radars, the fight is easily managed but a large part of our fleet is therefore in combat lock for the next 10 minutes, preventing warp, and an attack on Gamma begins to grow in our heads. Taking advantage of the combat lock to loot some of the enemy ships, meanwhile another group forms, alerted by the first attack and start moving in direction of Gamma. 18:58 UTC, Gamma in siege and the dreaded announcement drops: "24 CONTACTS ON GAMMA" We are all surprised and at the same time excited, @here and @everyone appears on the various discords to call Legion for mobilization, we've been waiting for this moment for a long time, impossible to miss it! We get together in voice, we regroup in the same place in game and we jump into the fray. Focus announcements follow one another, but more surprisingly, there are not 24 contacts but 50... 70... 100... (we reached 150 contacts on the radar at one point, allies and enemies). Several ships are dummys, but the enemy is really numerous, we will have to be disciplined and use our experience in PVP but also as a group. The confrontation was complex, the previous patch broke the radars and transponders, impossible to sort the contacts on the radar and even less those who change their name like ours (our entire fleet bore the name "WONDU" on its ships), but LUA scripts save us and maintain some semblance of order in this nameless mess. The station sees its shield descend little by little, an alt left on it allows us to follow it live, protecting the core is impossible without killing all our enemies, it must get out of the 10 minutes of combat lock to recharge its shield. It ends up being core, we manage to regain control, the core itself is not enough, we have to hold these 10 minutes. Unfortunately the timer is constantly reset, even after taking advantage of the fight; the dead ships then repaired by our enemies, the incessant comings and goings of small fast ships and those bearing our tag, it's almost mission impossible to prevent them from approaching, the fight drags on so long as we almost destroyed the entire enemy fleet. The Liberation "30 seconds left" (combat timer on alien core) Announced in voicecom, still no hostile contact... When suddenly a M core appear, rushing to the alien core. "15" Some of our remaining forces are concentrated on him, the burst is violent but it's not enough. "10" He is at 80km from the core, almost dead but he still represents the last threat of these long hours of confrontation. "OHNO OHNO OHNO HE IS SHOOTING [filtered] MY LIFE" ... "IT'S REPAIRED" Nerd screams, phew of relief, Legion held on but not without difficulty. A big GG to everyone, even if the game is clearly not the most pleasant for PVP currently, it's events like this that make the game live. Bravo for the organization, the execution and the destruction of the core. We had a lot of trouble keeping our precious plasmas Some stats about those fight The opposing forces: Legion vs "Empire, BOO, CVA, Penrose, CYT, IC, CRN, MSI, SB Nation, UA and I think another 1 or 2, just a handful from each, think IC had the most, but mostly new to PvP" +/- 150 ships involved ~40 Legion members at the end More than 3 hours of fight 45+ wrecks still close to Gamma this morning Very very little amount of stasis Too much ammo fired Too much kills Not enough transponder xD
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