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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, since I do not feel that well tonight - I figured I would bring up a relatively simple subject that still holds some weight, and of interest to me personally. Planetary Biomes and Weather Effects: What I want to bring up for debate is if there will be weather effects in the game based either on planetary type or biomes. As well as the potential weather types that may be encountered and the effects that they may have on structures, ships, and other technology. Potential planetary types with weather: Temperate: Grassy biomes with wind, clouds, and rain effects. Weather can effect flight with lightning, communication interference, and wind blowing ships around. Desert: Sandy biomes / planets with windswept plains and mesas. Weather results in massive dust storms that can create lightning and disrupt ships systems, sand can also interfere with ships engines and other delicate electronics. Frozen: Ice and show biomes / planets with snow flurries, incredibly low temperatures that can cause massive blizzards that effect ship components. These are just a few of the possibilities, if you have any extensions to add; feel free to do so. Any other ideas are welcome as well as long as they pertain to the topic at hand. What do you think of weather systems added into the game? Do you think they should have an effect on ships and other components? Anyway - have fun debating. . .
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