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Found 64 results

  1. We the Foundation of the Ancestral Flame (FAF) are a simple organization and aren't planning to be one of the ,,big boys" as you could say. We are trying be a small to medium sized organization but still want to be known.This organization is not going to focus on military and try to build up a giant fleet, like some others do. We focus more on trading, diplomacy and etc.. Things are subject to change if anything in development adds new mechanics or something like that.Will we be open for all kinds of people?Yes, atleast most of them. We don't really want people that constantly want to kill or rob other people or cause trouble within the organization. But we welcome anyone that thinks the same way we do.How do I apply?You can send your application to this site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/foundation-of-the-ancestral-flame or join our discord: https://discord.gg/xXC7gcJ and write it into the applications-channel.
  2. Mind's Reach Recruitment: Open Leader: Gladiator550 About Us: We are a group of players who are determined to push the limits of what is possible in Dual Universe. We will do what has never been done before! We will do what was thought to be impossible! We will push the boundaries of Dual Universe to the brink of breaking! In the process of doing these things, we will make friends along the way, and some may even turn into some of our most powerful allies, but there will be those who fear us. They fear us not for what we can do, but what we are capable of doing. We will show them how powerful our minds are. Show them that nothing is out of our reach when we put our minds to the task. When it comes down to it, information is power, and we have the power! Goals: Our goals are simple. They are to be the top org in DU (not based on member count),. I want this org to be the org best known for strategies and tactics. We will win the wars not because of manpower, but because of our wits. Divisions: Industry & Military Mini-Divsions: Strategy and Tactics & R&D Industry The industry division covers multiple areas Mining This the back bone of any organization. This helps with creating revenue and decreasing building costs Building The building of ships and structures Trading The handling of large scale marketplace transactions Military Protecting We protect our own territory and help defend allied territory if they require assistance Expanding We will expand our territory to gain more resources and influence on the world Strategy and Tactics (not open to general public) This mini-division is not directly connected to the military division, but is more for the people who provide influence on the outcomes of the military battles and industry competition Military They help provide suggestions to the Military Command for the best action to take when it comes to getting the best possible outcome They will often end up creating and the strategies that the military puts into effect to win a conflict Industry They help advise the Industry Command on what action to take to get ahead of the competition R&D This mini-division is separate from the industry division and is overseen by the Leader, Military Leader, and the Industry Leader The purpose of this division is to research and develop new technology, ship designs, and structure designs that are requested to fill a certain role if asked. If there are not current needs that Oversight needs, then they are free to develop what every they want to. It does need to have some significance though Media/Communications Division The purpose of this division is to make media for the org. Their job is the make the org look as good as possible in the public eye through the use of media representation. If you are interested in joining this division, there are some requirements before being able to be in this Division (will change requirements as more people join the division). They are but not limited too: Being creative Being able to use some sort of picture editing software proficiently (like photoshop) Being able to use some sort of video editing software proficiently (like Adobe Premier Pro CC) Not all of these requirement need to be met, but the following requirement does need to be able to be met: Being able to make media that can support the vision of the leader Note: If a lot of people become interested there will be more ranks added, but there will be a limit put on the division's member size in relation to the org if there needs to be one. Interested in Joining? We have our own discord at so come chat with us, or you can post an application on our organization page that can be found here: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mXyj5zx Organization Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/minds-reach
  3. Do you like flying spaceships on the internet? I’d hope so. I’d be really confused otherwise… I see your type come through here all the time. You’re sick of the core-world life, wondering what you’re really meant for. You’re looking for something to give you purpose. Well, I’ve got good news for you. The Alliance Navy’s expeditionary forces are preparing a colonization effort beyond the edges of known space, and we’re looking for intrepid young enlisted members to help make it happen. It’s exciting, impactful, and the people are the finest you’ll ever meet. Life Insurance benefits? No, no...you won’t be needing those. Trust me, son. The Alliance Navy made me the man I am today. Does the idea of living beyond the edges of explored space appeal to you? The Alliance Navy is looking to stake a claim on the frontiers of Dual Universe. We are an established gaming clan with a strong background in internet spaceships. A small percentage of us are participating in the Alpha, and our full roster numbers around 120. We are organized as a professional military force with a chain of command, and are looking for recruits interested in any relevant position. We offer an experienced group with more than 13 years of rich history involving spaceship-fueled action. The AN provides training in all sorts of careers with skills that transfer into the civilian workforce* once you’re out. Including but not limited to: Fighter Pilot/Frat Bro Radar Technician Spaceship Captain Janitor Spaceship Gunner Zero-G Galley Cook Scullery Technician We’ll take you to the edges of the universe, where you’ll have traveled all over and not fought gigantic invisible spiders that dissolve your flesh. You will get to stand up and help protect the citizens of the frontier who will welcome and appreciate your protection. New applicants must meet the following criteria: Active on Discord (willingness to use a mic preferred) 16+ (18+ preferred) Speak fluent English Have a strong interest in teamwork-based gameplay Link to Discord: https://discord.me/navy Link to Org Page: Alliance Navy Link to Application: Application
  4. We’re an adult only organization that lives by the rule that we’re only as strong as our weakest link. Our goal is to make Helios Organization as strong as possible and work as one unit to achieve that goal. Initially our focus will be trade and setting up a strong financial position for Helios. Following quickly after will be ensuring strong positions in trade, territories and an unstoppable military. If you’re the type of person that understand the importance of teamwork to build the best organization possible, than Helios is the place for you! We currently have several types of leadership and non-leadership positions open for anyone who is interested. Apply now! We are very interested in finding a member who makes Youtube videos! JOIN LINKS BELOW: Helios Discord Link Helios Organization Page Link COME THROUGH GET TO KNOW US, JOIN US, AND HELP GROWN AN EMPIRE FROM THE GROUND UP!
  5. _________________/ I N T R O D U C T I O N \_________________ The Empire is a nation dedicated to providing Stability, Prosperity and Security to those within its dominion. A powerful autocratic military coexisting with a free and prosperous civil society. Live in a free city of thousands, create or join a company and rise to the top of the economic powerhouse. Launch yourself into the sky as a soldier for the Imperial Military and experience intense tactical warfare. A place to encounter situations you would never have dreamed possible. B A S I C S The Empire is a new form of government founded on an absolute monarchy, It has been rethought from the ground up to secure a free and stable society. B E N I F I T S Without competing political parties, corruption is abolished, no politician can be bribed as there is no fear of losing power. This creates a surprisingly equal society outside the palace. With a constant leader, the Empire can make important decisions quickly and save thousands of peoples creations and lives. "you can do what you have only dreamed of, but now you are contributing to an Empire. " _________________/ C O R P O R A T I O N S \_________________ The Empire provides a fully functional civil sector to corporations. If you are looking to mine, construct or trade in any way register your organisation as a corporation and you will receive the benefits of our civil sector. C O P Y R I G H T Legally protect your intellectual property. C O N T R A C T I N G Create legal documents that the Empire will force to be upheld. T A X F R E E Base yourself without Taxes, maximise your potential. Looking to trade with the Empire and its citizens? Aquire a license to do so here: LICENSE ACQUISITION _________________/ M I L I T A R Y & P O W E R \_________________ The Empire is a peaceful organisation but it's inevitable that there will be those seeking to conquer lands and destroy what many people have worked so hard to achieve. It is because of this reason that our military is so fierce and powerful, providing an exciting and dynamic experience to Soldiers as well as keeping the citizens of the Empires minds at peace as they can be guaranteed that they will never see the horrors of war. The Empires military is designed to be effective, build from its very foundations it has become something to be feared, It's intention is to ensure the peace and prosperity upheld by the Empire at all costs. B E R E C R U I T E D No one is treated unfairly, everyone who joins the military stands the same as every other candidate. You have to earn your way through the ranks. Have yourself stand out as a war hero, give your ship a tint of artwork to install fear into your enemies as your stare them down in battle, you have the flexibility to become a legend. JOIN THE MILITARY _______________________/ L I N K S \_______________________ W E B S I T E O R G A N I S A T I O N S P A G E D I S C O R D T W I T T E R Y O U T U B E
  6. Back story: As the ark ship approaches Alioth, as planned, the neural link between the ships systems and cryo-pods has been engaged. As everyone continued in gaining numbers and enemies, an unknown message has appeared in the system, and it says "Unknown are the surveyors of the Great Filter, constantly with held in the eye of its discourse and instability, we watch as its great power crumbles empires of their ruthless campaigns, their deafness of the people, and their greed. We observe, reshape, articulate, and adapt to the very mistakes of those around us, as well as the brilliance of our people. Those that wish to see this amazing obstacle and help smoothen a path for all, we are here awaiting for you.” The Community page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unknown Discord https://discord.gg/3WUaJev
  7. Reign Empire Reign: An Empire in pursuit of power, and more importantly, fun within Dual Universe. We will settle the stars, and provide safety to our citizens. More than that, we're a group of friends hanging out and playing a game, building a world, together. How we operate: This is an empire, but the citizens still have a say in most major decisions. Unless by universal vote of the High Council, major decisions (laws, declaration of war, policy changes, etc) are announced to the Empire, but not put into effect for at least a week. During that week, all members of the Empire are welcome to contact the Emperor or a member of the High Council and speak their opinions. There are no minimum activity requirements to join the Empire, even as military personnel (though we do ask that you show up to anything to promise to be at). However, officers and personnel with more duties will be expected to be fairly active. Non-military personnel are free to do as they wish, as long as they follow Imperial Law (the Law will be rather detailed, but citizens are not expected to know every facet of it). Above the law, is the Imperial Code of Honor. This code defines how we can operate, what actions the government can take, as well as some of the more obvious rules for citizens. The Code will never be broken by the Empire, and there are severe punishments for citizens who break it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ygiHoZNgnh9DLpvlxG_HJ6UtXiUOz_KaE--wyz45PuM/edit?usp=sharing Goals: Reign pursues Power. Power can take many forms: wealth, might, respect, authority. Reign aims to achieve all, through its Citizens. We want our citizens to grow, develop, expand. Become the greatest in their specialization, be they a gunner, merchant, industrialist, officer, or politician. To attain this power, we have a few more concrete goals at the launch of the game: First, our Citizens will consolidate together, and create a temporary home on Alioth. This will only remain our home until we can bring the Empire to space. From here, we will search and find our true home, and settle. Our next goal will be the creation of the capital city, as well as the industry and infrastructure needed to build our navy. Much of the city will be left to the personal tastes of the Citizens building it, but the capital building itself is in design right now. The true sign of our power will come as we construct our Mothership. As soon as our infrastructure is established, we will begin constructing our navy. At the forefront of our fleet will be a grand Mothership. Reign began with the idea of building a truly massive, powerful ship, and that dream has not gone. Recruitment: Reign is always welcoming new members. Whatever you aspire to be, we want you. A grand admiral, fleets of massive capital ships following your orders, entire wars swayed by your decisions. A captain, your ship and crew renowned for prowess on the battlefield. A miner, trader, industrialist, designing and crafting the greatest quality goods, great wealth in sight. A marine, pilot, gunner, wielding the great weapons of the empire against our foes. The only requirement to join: you want to have fun. We welcome you, Citizen. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb
  8. Valkyrie Squadron now recruiting! Join Now! Discord: https://discord.gg/KYjs5m2 Community Page: JOIN NOW! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/valkyrie-squadron We are the Valkyrie. Like the myths and legends we are chosen from the planets below to rise beyond the clouds to the great halls of Valhalla (Orbital Stations). We are the Elite Squadron of Fighter Pilots, Builders, Designers, and Merchants, band together to help one another survive. We are an Honorable community based on Orbital Stations | Spaceports. We live off of selling Fuels, Transportation Systems, & Starship Designs. Our acclaimed space traveling technology gives us the edge we need to survive in space and travel further to the far reaches of the galaxy. Our main goal is to help connect the galaxy by constructing new orbital stations | Space Ports above each planet and creating a transit system of waypoints. Join our elite and help write our collective story among the stars. Prosperity, Technology, Renowned Engineering, Design, & Connection Help us forge our collective story and connect the galaxy together SaveSave
  9. Welcome to New Genesis your new home in the stars! We are currently recruiting for military personnel . If you are team orientated and enjoy working towards a goal then look no further , New Genesis is the place for you. All candidates will be interviewed and allocated to a position they are suited to. Personal preference will take precedent as along as individuals can meet the requirements and policies . If interested please reach out to me . I look forward to exploring the universe with you. https://discord.gg/XBXyW8a https://youtu.be/_xRFRH4lhHE https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/new-genesis
  10. Revival!! Good news, Quantum Force Is here!! We have been commissioned by a well known group (who will remain anonymous) to be their protectors. We are opening recruitment up again, to allow anyone who wants to join us, this great opportunity!
  11. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tTsywcw Organization Link: The SCEF Welcome, explorers, to the Sicarian Battle Network. The SCEF is the group for all players. Both those who love what you would come to expect from an organization, and for those who enjoy being fairly autonomous and prefer playing mostly by themselves or with small, close knit groups of friends, but still want the opportunity to interact with a large organization and participate in the activities that only organizations will have access to in game. How we will operate. As an organization we're ultimately focused on one thing, enjoying the game, which means providing the opportunity to engage as many play styles as possible. Everything from individual jobs like mining, building, trading and military occupations, to organizational structures ranging from military chain of command, to a loosely ruled 5 man band of brothers, just having fun playing games after work. But no matter what you choose, you'll still have the support of the organization. Lets dig into the details. The Primary Operations Command- The P.O.C. is our version of a typical organization, you know, with territories, factories and big awesome fleets of military and commercial ships. This is the place for the players who love the big group organizations and being apart of a large bustling community of players. As part of the POC you'll be given an occupation as a way to support the organization when the need arises. While there are certainly more occupations that could become relevant, here are a few that we already know we will have. Military: Marine- both a pilot and an infantryman, responsible for manning defenses or engines of war when called upon to fight. Combat engineer- for the builders who don't mind getting dirty, CE's may be stationed on military installations and vessels that are destined for combat, and have to fix them in the middle of it. Recon specialist- born for the shadows, those who join recon can expect to be far from home, behind enemy lines and gaining Intel on the enemies of our organization. or blowing them up... Civilian: Builders- just want to build in peace? builders can be expected to work far from the front lines building ships, buildings and anything else we might need. Ideally, really far from all the explosions. Miners- for those who love digging in the dirt, you'll have free reign over any mining equipment in our inventory and likely be stationed wherever the most ore is. Traders / transport- truck drivers of the space age, these guys keep our supply lines moving. Everything from ammo to ore to trade goods. + any other jobs that may come in handy. Officer roles are also available for all of the above occupations. Officers will be in charge of a group of people in the same occupation, and will be chosen based off of a combination of merit and leadership skill. The Detachments- The detachments are for the lone wolves and small groups who enjoy each others company, but don't want to get to buried in the operations of a large organization, yet still want access to the end game content that large groups provide, and the support network that comes with in the event of a raid. As a detachment member you will be almost completely autonomous from the main organization, lead by the group founder or an elected member. Detachments don't need to be near organization territory and can establish their own base anywhere on any planet, and can actively recruit new friends into the org. Detachments are still part of the organization though, so while detachments will be almost completely separate from the main group, detachment commanders will have to follow general guidelines set by POC officials (like don't blow up this allied organization) and will be asked to passively keep an eye on their local area to assist recon teams with helpful information (like large fleet movements, bases and org vs org battles) Any questions? ask them here, PM me or join my discord if you want to talk! (link up top) Basic Command structure + Ranking: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1-i-j7JAMllsDsNdUOekeabjWpzUa0da657zlPoTR7eI/edit?usp=sharing
  12. This is a German Thread, for a German Focused Organization. An English version of this may follow soon. Cyber-Phoenix - Die Fireborn rekrutieren Hallo meine werten Deutschsprachigen Mit-Arker, in folgenden möchte ich euch einen Kurzen überblick über Cyber-Phoenix geben, und hoffe evtl. das Interesse des ein oder anderen wecken zu können. Cyber-Phoenix Entwicklung|Wissen|Einsatz Metadaten: Sprachen: Deutsch(Fokussiert)/English Lokalisation: Global Kommunikation: TS3/Cy-Ph Forum/DU Community Farbcode: Management | Wissenschaft | Sicherheit Geschichte: Unseren RP Hintergrund findet ihr hier ! Wer sind wir: Wir sind eine Organisation mit Fokus auf Entwicklung und paramilitärischen Einsatz. Wir handel wo wir es für Nötig halten oder wir Wege sehen unsere Ziel zu verfolgen. Jedoch sind nicht all unsere Handlungen offensichtlich, Mansches bleibt besser im Schatten. Wir wollen großes erreichen, uns einen Namen in DU machen und (vor allem durch RP) viele Verbindungen knüpfen. Unser Ziel ist es Technischen Fortschritt zu erreichen und wissen zu sammeln. Zudem sind wir Militärisch ausgerüstet und trainiert und so auch wenn es physikalische Probleme gib stehts bereit. Daher unser drei Leitbegriffe: Entwicklung ist ein mächtiges Werkzeug um stehts einen schritt voraus zu sein. Wissen ist Macht. Die Richtigen Information können wenige, vielen überlegen machen. Einsatz kann Gerechtigkeit herstellen, oder den Gegner ausschalten und so die Zukunft verbessern. Wie sind wir aufgebaut: Unser Finaler Aufbau ist grob geplant, natürlich kann sich dies jedoch noch ändern, da wir schauen müssen wie Groß wir tatsächlich werden können und in wie fern dies in DU umsetzbar wird. Der aktuelle Plan ist der Aufbau von zwei Parallelen Strukturen: Wissenschaftliche Struktur Paramilitärische Struktur Die Grund Idee ist das jedes Mitglied eine Rolle in beiden Strukturen hat, diese jedoch auch neutral sein können. So haben Spieler die Möglichkeit sich entweder nur auf eins zu fokussieren, oder auch ihre Rolle in beidem zu spielen, sofern sie sich damit nicht übernehmen. Dies soll Spielern die Möglichkeit geben eine möglich Diverses Spielerlebnis haben zu können. Der grobe Plan für diese Struktur ist aktuell: Vor allem zu beginn wird diese System wahrscheinlich noch nicht aufgehen, daher wird sich zu Anfang wahrscheinlich eine etwas komprimierte, fluide Variante durchsetzen. Zudem ist ein ID System geplant, welches jedoch aktuell noch überarbeitet wird. Wir suchen DICH!: Du hast Interesse dich einer Organisation an zu schlissen in der Du Deutschsprachige Mitspieler findest? Dann komm zu uns, wir bieten dir eine Community mit Einsatz. Wir wollen etwas erreichen und du kannst Teil davon sein. Was du mitbringen solltest? Vor allem Spaß am Spiel und Interesse an RolePlay. Ansonsten Interesse und Enthusiasmus etwas Aufzubauen Wir freuen uns schon auf dich Falls du Interesse hast Melde dich hier im Forum, oder schreibe eine kurze Bewerbung in der DU Community Evtl Pläne für die Zukunft: Ein Bündnis aus Organisation gründen/beitreten Eine Zivilisation gründen(evtl auf Basis/in Verbindung mit Punkt eins) Ich hoffe ich konnte euch hiermit einen guten Überblick geben Falls ihr Fragen oder Ideen habt antwortet gerne auf diesen Post, ich werde mich bemühen mich um alles zu kümmern. Ich freu mich über jeden der Interesse an Cy-Ph hat, sei es als Mitglied oder als Verbündeter
  13. The Alteran Republic specializes in ship construction and ship system development however, if you can fly a ship you can join as rather a crew member or a commander. We strongly believe in order and will be enforcing order throughout not only our own territory but taking down criminal organizations and pirates, which would dare to disturb the peace. We believe that the only way to achieve our goals is with the help of those who believe in them and those who join us will be allowed to know our plans including an enormous and intricate “ship” we are planning to create. As Dual Universe isn’t out yet there is no way to use a selective skill based enrollment, so we are accepting any and all applications at this time. Our Organization: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alteran-republic Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cfxd2KR If you wish to request to be head of a department(e.g. security, science, exploration), please join our organization and message me which position you wish to take and why you would be best suited.
  14. FOXCORP is a conglomerate composed of several related and interconnected organizations. Together these organizations provide construction, development, logistics, and communications services. FOXCORP serves as the governing entity over all operations carried out by it's subsidiaries, with Jon (JonFriendlyFox) serving as it's CEO. We're currently recruiting for most positions. More information can be found at https://community.dualthegame.com/organ ... escription
  15. Division Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/perdere-mining Discord: https://discord.me/perdere Welcome to Perdere! We are a mining division of ToasTec. We are welcoming all forms of life. If you enjoy mining, building, and trading then you found the place for you. We, the self-proclaimed space dwarves of Dual Universe, would like to personally welcome you to Perdere as we continue to build our numbers and rank. Feel free to pop by the discord and say Hi! New faces are always welcomed. If you would like to join Perdere then contact a manager. ALL UPDATES WILL BE POSTED BELOW More info can be found on our Division Portal. Thank you for helping us help you help us all ~ Partum
  16. Kraken Industries (Logo by Alethion) Do you use money? Do you sell or buy items? Are you a member of BOO? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you will probably end up doing business with us. Kraken Industries is a group dedicated to meeting the needs of Band of Outlaws and other groups. We specialize in markets, infrastructure and manufacturing. We hope be the leading supplier for all of our customers' needs. We are here to get the economy working, for you! How are we structured? We have three departments: Infrastructure, Trading, and Manufacturing. Each department has a Director, and the Directors answer to the CEO. Infrastructure - This department is responsible for building and maintaining physical assets such as mines, market units, stargates, factories, and so on. It is also responsible for making these available to the wider community for a fair price. Joining this department will provide many opportunities in construction, exploration, and negotiation. Trading - This department is in charge of all market and broker services. This includes serving as market makers, brokers, commodity exchanges, bulk trades, consumer markets, and logistics. This group is in charge of making sure you have someone to sell your goods to, or buy goods from, and that other groups are able to get the resources they need at the prices they want. Joining this department provides ample opportunities to practice your spreadsheet skills and rake in the big bucks! Manufacturing - This department is tasked with building things, with turning raw lumps of rock into the products that consumers want, and materials that industries need. This ranges from refining minerals, to building intermediary parts, to constructing finished ships. This department takes advantage of Kraken's Trading and Infrastructure resources to deliver goods at competitive prices. Joining this department The departments structure themselves as needed. What sets us apart? We are a Special Interest Group of Band of Outlaws, meaning that we get all of the benefits of being BOO members. This also means we have a good base of people to do business with. Not only do members get paid for the work they do, but every member also recieves dividends of the groups overall profits. This means you aren't working to make some elusive shareholders or absentee robber baron rich, you are working to make yourself rich! Our shares system means that profits are divided pretty equitably, so even the CEO doesn't make an obscene amount more than an average member. (more detail on this to come) Vertical Integration. By combining and controlling multiple stages of production and service, all the way from manufacturing to distribution we can lower our costs, generating higher profits and saving our customers money. Driven by Data. We believe in innovation and in understanding the markets on a deeper level. That's why we are driven to analyze the markets with everything from Big Data to statistical modeling. Our tools allow us to spot trends and gain insights that can shape our business practices. Want to apply? Join our Discord server ( https://discord.gg/eHdEhBz ) or contact @Lord_Void! Check us out at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/kraken-industries#tab-description
  17. Novark Power Corporation https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/novark-power-corporation In my capacity as the owner of the Novark Power Corporation (NPC), I am posting this solicitation for a partner to help plan, design, and construct a utility network throughout the Novark Safe Zone (NSZ). The expectation is to collaborate on: Developing conceptual sketches and drawings. Constructing test scenarios and trials in-game during Pre-Alpha & beyond. Planning a system of underground connections, wireless substations, and connected networks. Designing & Constructing a series of standard components for the above system. Feel free to ask questions below, or message me here or on Discord (Right Big Toe#4567).
  18. The Spacing Guild We have a saying which we found very suitable: Growth + Profit = GROFIT The GROFIT must flow....Do you enjoy GROFIT? Calling all the shiny object, resource hoarding, merchants who like prospecting to carve out a wealthy pieces of real estate out of DU for yourself. Come be apart of the Spacing Guild. We as an Organization specialize in the Mining, trading and exploration are the main focus, where making money is just a given. Must have some interest in one or more of the following roles: Mining, Trading, Resource surveying, Exploration, or Construction. Protection is assisted with by other organizations we have agreements with, however, nothing prevents us from blowing shit up as well...gotta protect the assets and members. Whilst there is are no hard fast rules that say "you must do this" and "you must do that" within the guild, those that wish to do more get more. Come on over and see a bit more about our Organization. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-spacing-guild#tab-description PS: those that wish to shoot shit are also very welcome.....as we expect that you will have a lot to shoot the more the game ramps up :-)
  19. The resistance against the oppression. Welcome to the Unity League. The empire of freedom. In our ranks we will grant the players the freedom they demand while being tight-knit enough to form a formidable power. Our goal is to stand apart from groups like Cinderfall and provide a safe place for the freedom the player demands. Formed out of necessity, the Unity League was created from 2 empires that bonded together to stand grounds against ruthless groups that threaten the liberty of the common player. Step into your destiny and become a honorable member of our growing group. Our system is based on our main 4 branches. Step into a land of opportunity today! Learn more/join: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unity-league Discord: https://discord.gg/6BzuHWe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Minecraftlazerproduc This official post is approved by @TheSlaxx and @Ardour -- The Unity League End of Broadcast --
  20. Imperium is a faction that aims to be one of the top organizations in terms of military. Military is Imperium's #1 priority, however our main goal is to be powerful all around. We hope to have a strong sense of community within our organization as well. So if you want to be a part of an organization like that, then go ahead and apply here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/imperium#post_2217 Our arms are open to anyone who is interested in joining our organization. We don't have any certain specifications for applications right now, so just give us some information about yourself, and maybe why you want to join Imperium. Anyone who applies will most likely be accepted as long as they take their application seriously. Thank you for your time.
  21. KHATT MINING CO. Important : Anything below this text is subject to change at any time for any reason. (Shortened from last time due to merging with CSYN, see Cinderfall Syndicate for rules/gov't, etc...) ABOUT KHATT MINING CO. Khatt Mining Co. is the official mining company/division of The Cinderfall Syndicate (CSYN). We work directly with CSYN providing for all of their resource needs. Khatt Mining Co. follows all rules set by CSYN, no exceptions. We are not, however, tied down solely to CSYN, we allow, and encourage, mining contracts and trading with other organisations and companies. The details will be worked out differently with each individual contract, as we must keep up with the demand from CSYN as well. KHATT'S GOAL This company has been through plenty of changes since it was first started near the end of 2016. The name has changed two times, and the description many more since it's creation, but my central goal is still the same after all of these changes, and will remain the same. My personal goal for Khatt Mining Co. is to become the top raw resource supplier in Dual Universe, and thus is shown in every change and reiteration of this company. We do not want Dual Universe to be controlled by rich and powerful monopolies charging a small fortune for simple raw resources, so we make a point to treat everyone equally, and fairly no matter what. THE OFFICIAL CSYN MINING DIVISION As of 3/17/17 we have merged with The Cinderfall Syndicate as their official mining division. This is the place to go if you wish to become a miner/prospector for CSYN. We are responsible for keeping up with the ever-changing demands of CSYN 24/7, and in return CSYN sustains us financially. Because of this we follow all CSYN rules, with no exceptions. The head of the official mining division is KittyKhatt, the original creator of Khatt Mining Co. We have been allowed to portion our budget however it is needed, from the salary and pay of the members, to the transportation and mining OUR FOREIGN POLICY We may have merged with CSYN, but by no means are we tied down to them in mining contracts and trade. We not only allow the creation of mining contracts with other Organisations and companies, we encourage it. It is encouraged because now we have access to CSYN's financial resources and manpower, so we can work faster and get more ore in a shorter time period. We are required to focus resources into tending to CSYN's raw resource demands first and foremost, and because of this we may have to occasionally slow down, or temporarily pause completely, the trade and focus on other Orgs while we match CSYN's resource demands again. HIRING EMPLOYEES/MEMBERS Here at Khatt Mining Co. We are always hiring, the more the better. The more employees, the faster we mine, the more everyone is paid and the closer we get to our goal. (See above ; Khatt's Goal) As long as you meet the simple requirements stated below, send us an application, or message me. I am usually available in the Cinderfall Syndicate's discord channel. ( http://discord.gg/eWTceEN ) REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCEPTANCE - We are directly working with CSYN. You must comply with all CSYN rules and is expected to report to CSYN when needed, if needed. - You must not dehumanize or humiliate any other employee or CSYN member, no matter what happens. You will be terminated. - You must get used to treating everyone else equally and with respect, or you can expect to be treated poorly aswell, or terminated. - You must be prepared to work. If we find your work unsatisfactory we will warn you and swiftly terminate you if the problem is not fixed. (We understand if you have a busy or full schedule, just contact a manager, or Khatt and inform us. we can work around it.) REASONS FOR WORKING FOR KHATT MINING CO. Not sure if you want to work for us? Want to know what you get in return? Well i can calm your anxieties and answer your questions. This company believes in generous payment. Yes, we know your job is hard. mining is time consuming and outright difficult sometimes, and for working here we will try our damnedest to provide you with the best pay and benefits possible, no matter economical conditions. Also, because of our merge with CSYN, you gain all the perks and benefits of a CSYN member along with the company's. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS CAN BE ASKED VIA THE CINDERFALL SYNDICATE DISCORD, CONTACT KITTYKHATT FOR QUESTIONS. YOU CAN ALSO PM ME ON THE DUAL UNIVERSE SITE The CInderfall Syndicate Discord ; http://discord.gg/eWTceEN We hope you decide to choose to send us your application, and if you do we hope you enjoy your stay with Khatt Mining Co. and CSYN. - KITTYKHATT, DIRECTOR OF KHATT MINING CO.
  22. Greetings, Caesares Bank is currently recruiting. We are looking for smart, intelligent people for the following positions: Accountants Financial Specialists Branding/Editing Officers Designers The following are high maintenance, hard to get into jobs: Head of Finance Head of Vaults and Storage Head of Exchanges If you wish to apply, message me, say what job you want, and why you would be good at it. Your application will be processed, we may ask a few questions, and then we will make our decision.
  23. Are you the next Marie Curie or Elon musk? Then the Terrian Union needs you to help build the next great human civilization. Terran Union council of ministers has a vacant seat. If you have the ambition and drive to rally the brightest of our engineers, architects and scientists a like to move the Terran Union forward into an innovative and promising future? Then you could be the next Ministry of Research and Development! Please send a 1 paragraph application letter to MuadDib (acting Minister of Research & Development and Head of Design & Development). Tell us why you think you are the right person to lead the TU’s Research and Development, and your take on the development of Dual Universe. You can find the Terran Union and MuadDib on Discord or community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union board.dualthegame.com/index.php/topic/714-terran-union-tu-pvpve-recruiting www.terran-union.com For more information about Dual Universe the game: www.dualthegame.com
  24. Hello, I'm pengo1998, founder of Nexion Armada We are a corporate military organization looking to establish ourselves as a mercenary group starting around the release of beta. We are a member of GLSU and have strict rules on who we fight for. We are not just another pirate organization trying to take advantage of every opportunity we get. We are a somewhat serious group which will have some aspects of a role play organization while also being laid back. Nexion Armada has a mix of corporate and military command structures. Neither of which are completely accurate to the real thing. The military aspect is naval/star trek based ranking. We are looking for pilots who want to work with others and create a future in Dual Universe. We have openings in financial, technology, intelligence, public relations, logistics, and military. We are looking for people who want to be leaders, soldiers, and just civilians. Command personnel in the organization may one day even be able to command some of the largest ships without having to build or buy the ships themselves. Civilians will be able to run logistics and help with public relations as well as help design ships alongside enlisted and command personnel while also having the ability to do things enlisted and command personnel wont have the time to do like running shops or switching between several jobs as you please. Civilians will also be allowed to live aboard certain ships ran by the military or on a planet in a city. If you want to be a hermit you can do that as well. Civilians also have the ability to join the military branch at any time they choose. Command and enlisted personnel will have the benefit of getting paid by the organization a percentage of the profits from a contract. Once enlisted and high enough rank, you may even move on to command if you want to. If you are interested in command you can also apply directly into that but there will be more requirements. If you are interested I encourage you to apply for our organization. Our only requirements is that you have a working microphone, Discord, and that you act mature. You can find our organization here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/nexion-armada Once you have applied we will contact you through the community messaging system to give you any details you will need so we can get you ready for beta release and the start of a new corporation ready to bring peace through superior firepower. If you want to speak with us you can join us on discord: https://discord.gg/c5Cj3 A list of open positions: Command 1 Vice Admiral (must take a role as financial, intelligence, or public relations) 1 Rear Admiral (must take a role as financial, intelligence, or public relations) 1 Commodore (must take a role as financial, intelligence, or public relations) Officer 5 Captain (we are limiting the number of captains to 5 for now) commander (can only be promoted by Command) Lieutenant Commander (captain must receive approval before promoting to this rank) Lieutenant (can be promoted by captain) Lieutenant Junior Grade (can be promoted by captain) Ensign (starting rank) (can be promoted by completing training) Enlisted Petty Officer 1st Class (can be promoted by captain) Petty Officer 2nd Class (can be promoted by captain) Petty Officer 3rd Class (can be promoted by captain) Recruit (can be promoted by completing training)
  25. We are the Forgers. We forge our future by deep mining and building subterranean cities. We do not build tombs but ancient marvels beneath the surface. Join our clan of survivors as we forge our fortress of earth into magnificent structures. Help build our cities with pride and become one of the ancient forgers of our great city. "Out from the ashes we will take flight, Like a fiery core we will burn bright." We are a small faction of Underground Builders, Miners, and Terraformers forging our new life near the core. Help us forge our collective story underground. If your interested in building an underground city join the Phoenix Forge! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/phoenix-forge https://discord.gg/QTrxfQy SaveSave
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