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Found 2 results

  1. The Ecumene is an organization made up of political organizations and governments, in which member states may vote on international law, regulations, and military action. Its primary function is to create a safe and free international environment and oversee trade and relationships between member states. The Ecumene does not seek to violate the sovereignty of any member states; laws it passes solely govern interactions between nations and the activities of international entities operating among member states. The primary requirement for joining the Ecumene is to be a political organization. This does not necessarily mean control of any territroy is required, and governments-in-exile may be represented in the Ecumene Congress. The Ecumene values natural rights; governments that are abusive of such rights may be subject to either sanctions or military action. If an abusive government is forcibly removed from power by order of the Ecumene, the successor government will be determined by popular vote of the inhabitants of the affected territory, and subsequently brought into the Ecumene. Ultimately, the goal of any game is to have fun, and the Ecumene seeks to promote all forms of personal enjoyment in a peaceful manner. Those who savor the thrill of combat may join the Ecumene military, and be tasked with hunting down the most dangerous criminals and agressive organizations. Individuals who wish to build great structures may do so knowing that the Ecumene will protect their work. Inventors who create new constructs and miners who gather resources may sell their products on a fairly regulated international market. And of course, those who simply want to explore will be granted a License of Discovery, allowing them to decide the fate of any worlds which they are the first to discover. Organization Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-ecumene
  2. Hello whoever may be reading this!(Hopefully developers) I'll get to the point I suppose. When looking at some of the promises that were given, you mentioned that players would be the political and economical structures. Now, if you don't have any plans or would like to take some ideas, I've got some right here. * First off, if we are to reflect off of the real world, political and economical structures have stability depending on the actions, resources or whatever is put into them. Therefor, if for instance you have a bad setup for a government, it might be able to fall. I know it sounds difficult to imagine, but if you were to put that risk of your government falling if you didn't manage it enough, it could add an exciting or dangerous element to the game. Another way to put it is guilds or as such. They are simply groups of people, not bound by a faction or otherwise higher overarching theme. This is an uninteresting way to manage civilizations, where the risks are much smaller. However, in a political environment, if things weren't managed correctly, things might begin to fail. I don't have any idea's behind what would cause the system or trigger it to fail, but it might be something to consider. * Secondly, let's think about political and economics as being tied. If you have a government, you need a stable economy. I'm simply pointing out a co-entanglement of these two very important systems. As well, if you have a stable and prosperous economy, it might be possible to improve your political reign, expand your civilization or as such because of it. *Third off, is the system of banks. Now, I'm pretty sure that banks are going to be needed if you are to expand your government. Now, a large discussion should be how they are used. If banks are used improperly or are not set up well, it may be impossible for a government to survive and a player to prosper, so this should be taken into account or have a default system for banking. If not, there are plenty of other creative options as well. *Finally, there is the discussion of currency. Now, I'm sure you've thought of this well and true but I'd just like to point out some thoughts. A global currency is probably one of the easiest options to make, but if you are to have an economics system, then it might be a good idea to think about this. If each government has it's own economic system, then the global currency is really easy to use and not at all interesting in my opinion. So, I have constructed this idea. If it were possible to create a number of base currencies, and allow governments to "lend" or "barrow" off them. Then, if it becomes possible, allow them to create their own in the future, with a possible way to convert currencies. That's just some idea's I've come up with. Again, I can't say what you are going to do but there are some really good ideas. Maybe I helped you out, maybe I created a new game mechanic. I can't really say but I can't wait to see the final product! For the players who also take a look at this because I know you will, please think about these aspects of the game so that it might have more to it than build, explore and stuff.
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