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Found 83 results

  1. The Morrigan Consortium - What are we? We are an Organisation of like minded creative individuals such as scientists, engineers who believe the future lies in technological advancement. What is our focus? Our initial focus is mining for resources and to design functional and advanced star ships of all types, both military and civilian but our long term focus is Technological advancement of the human race. Is the Morrigan Consortium a Civilian or Military organisation? We are mainly a Civilian company but we do have a Militaristic side. I heard your factions wishes to stay neutral is it true? Yes and no, there's an emphasis on 'wishes' but we will stick by any and all allies we may have should they be attacked or declared war on. But considering we also design Warships we will need a way to test them in combat, We will not aggravate others to start a war though. Whats the ranking system within the Consortium like? Considering we have two sections within the Consortium (Military and Civilian) we have two different rank structures but they both report to the Consortium Head. Miner / Executives { / \ Consortium Head { Designers --> Engineers \ Rear Admiral --> Commodore --> Captain --> Lieutenant --> Crewmen I know that the Consortium Head is the leader but who is the current head? The Current Consortium Head is Charles Augustus. Who are your allies? Currently we are a member of the Coalition of Pirates and Smugglers. (COPS) Why would i join the Morrigan Consortium? If you like designing ships or even building them we do a lot of that so that's a good reason why. We also do a bit of mining for players who are interested in gathering resources, the lifeblood in this new age.
  2. Hello, I could have sworn a youtuber I follow mentioned this game earlier this year, but I guess I didn't really understand what he was describing. As soon as I saw that trailer, my jaw dropped and I nearly peed my pants in excitement. This is exactly what I keep looking for in these kinds of games, and finally some people are coming through on what I expect. Last year I got to be part of the bug testing for Empyrion before the release of the pre-alpha, and from getting to talk with those devs and listening to the dev videos of Space Engineers, this is basically what all those devs were imagining but haven't and probably won't for some time accomplish. The mechanics, the look, the feel, the combat, are all sounding to be superior in every way. I don't think I'll ever need another game like this if it turns out to be what they say. I can't wait to find some similarly minded people around and playfully speculate on the crazy possibilities this game "may" allow... BTW, I wonder if maybe some day they may implement some sort of advanced sound block that could allow you to modulate it in real time and play sequences of sound bytes, so then you could have in-game DJs...
  3. Hello all, I am Devis Devine, part of the Redstone Masons. I figure I would drop in and say hi as I am new here and just found out about Dual Universe yesterday. I am one of a hand full of friends that found each other and stay together through gaming of all sorts. From FPS, MCMMO, RTS, and Voxel games. I have to say i am amazed at what I see and the promises it holds. (except for the Daedalus class BC since I wont be the first to make one) I have spent nearly 7 years in EVE and for the last 5 played games like Minecraft, Starmade, and Space Engineers heavily. They all had things I liked about them, but all fell short of what I wanted. I have seen several Early Access games come out that promised something along the lines of Dual Universe but they fell short of what could be accomplished as well as fell short in meeting their goals. I love the idea of an endless open world sandbox with unlimited potential to do as you please with it. Mine, modify, destroy terrain, as well as create buildings, ships, and more without restrictions to features and size. Amongst my group we have a phrases 'Devis Sized' because everything I do in voxel games aims high and large scale, beyond what most consider big. I have spend countless hours in MC building massive structures, but they were just structures, static. With FTB I have build in survival mode massive infrastructure to mine and produce on insane scales, scales that would put the youtubers to shame. Built massive mining ships in Space Enginers and Starmade to havest vast amounts of resources, to have anything I needed at my disposal for my builds, but the structures I built were limited and usually lagged or crashed servers. In Eve II would spend my days harvesting resources and ratting to produce most of my ships and items myself, then sit through hours of waiting and gate camping for the adrenalin rush of finally finding a red, risking it all. My hopes for Dual Universe are really my desires of a game I have wanted since before I heard of it. I want a massive open world sandbox, endless planets and space to roam and explore. The ability to modify every detail of the terrain, and strip out the resources I need. Set up mining and manufacturing to have what I need to begin building any ship I can imagine on a massive scale. Imagine the real world universe, but what people predict it will be in 500 years, the technology to do anything you can think of. I do hope that with the mention of programing and LUA code that we can automate some functions instead of having 100 people man a massive cap ship. We operate with few in numbers, but on the scale of a large group so this would be critical to allowing us to continue operating as the small but skilled group we are. As I have time to browse the forums and see what has been discussed I expect to be posting my own. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I would love to see in the game, as well as see what others think of them. But for now hello and thank you Novaquark for working to bring this to a reality.
  4. Hey everyone!! This thread will be about me, flaming about me, or adoring me. If you don't want to be apart of this... Go home Okay so. I found this site on a sci-fi MMO site list. Checked the summary. Got intrigued, wanted to know more. SO GLAD I DID!! I read through the whole devblog, and can I say, it was absolutely fantastically amazing! The articles were great, the story was great. The more I read about this game, the more excited I got. Its been 2 days since I read the whole lot. Whenever I think about this game, I still get the excitement in my chest. Not many things do that to me. I'm currently an avid player of many games such as League of Legends(No Hate) StarCraft II and Lots of other MMO's like Space Engineers and StarMade. Another MMO that I play is actually a new MMO called "The Repopulation" and I write quests for them, and review other peoples quests. I enjoy music, Sci-fi, a sense of community, and any arcadey like game. For instance my current favorite arcade game is "Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine" and My profile picture is actually "The Lookout" from that game. I'm really hopeful for this game, and I hope that I can find a couple of people that enjoy my interests as much as I do.
  5. Hello All, I see a couple of familiar virtual faces here I am Pet d'Cat, been around a very long time and will not bore you with a games list. I play a couple of MMOs, but I am mainly a builder and a DJ (in those worlds that support that). Looking forward to Dual Universe, it has a great deal of possibilities. I would love to open an nice little club, built into the side of an asteroid, that I can DJ from and provide a resting place for those wayward souls wandering the spaceways.
  6. Hello Everyone, Comrademoco here, just wanted to stop-by and introduce myself, give a little background on who I am, maybe about my gaming community/guild and how I came across Dual Universe, might be a long intro... lol sorry! About Me My gaming life started around when I was about 6 or somewhere around there, back when the PS2 was the thing and GTA: San Andreas was the thing as well. From there on, my gaming life grew and grew, until the point where I found myself gaming, not only in my PS2 but in an old Computer. Couple years later I moved into creating my own Personal Gaming Computer, which I've grown to love and care for, and after 3 years of using it, it still works like a charm!!! Now I got into many mmos, under different names and what not. Soon I realized that I needed my own gaming name, and thus, the gaming tag "Comrademoco" came about. Years have passed and I still run about that name. Now I play several, not a lot, but several MMO's like; STO, SWTOR, LoL, War Thunder, EvE Online amongst others, but this also includes single non-mmo games like Civilization and Rome Total War. ~Information no longer relevant ~ My Gaming Community I am a big player of STO, this led me to create a fleet with-in the universe of players like me, who shared the goal of; "Having fun in a safe gaming environment" During the years there, such fleet grew and grew to the point of becoming a large and possibly one of the Primary fleets within STO... however, this did not satisfy the part of the goal "gaming environment" thus leading me to the foundation of "Borg Defiants Gaming" an international gaming community that currently spands between several games, and is currently looking to expand to more games... I currently serve as the Content Manager and Community Manager for all communities under "Borg Defiants Gaming" ~Information no longer relevant ~ Dual Universe I came across Dual Universe, when I was in the mists of getting bored with some of the games I play, at that time it was "STO" that I was playing... I just totally got bored, and decided to look for games that met this criteria: 1. Space 2. TRUE exploration 3. TRUE sandbox/single shard 4. Ability to create own ships With those goals in mind, I set for a course to the never ending land of.... Google.... Hehe and after a few hours, I came across a list of some "Top 10 upcoming space MMOs" I clicked on the link, and I read on the author's ramblings, sorting through the games, non of which appealed to me what so ever, but alas, I came across number 10.... Dual Universe. I read the info on the game, and its drew my attention. (To which this day I don't understand why it was number 10) And so I came to the website. Long story short... I read every... single... blog the devs have put up, and every single area of the website, this.... led me to, as one of my comments in one of the blogs... "Drool" over the game... Overall I look forward to the games development and full launch and hope I can become part of it, via supporting it and playing it!!! Feel free to friend me here, or follow me on twitter: @Comrademoco See you around!
  7. Hi everyone, looking forward to adventures and experiences in the dual universe. I like to try things, and especially at an early stage of development while ideas can still be input and change things. I use a range of simulation "games" and environments in my entertainment and professional worlds. SciFi and space themed worlds are of particular interest. And even more interesting the more open they are. I tend to like open ended exploration rather than battle and prefer cooperation rather than conflict. I am or have been alpha and beta tester in a range of environments some still not publicly available. I like very realistic rendering, and hope we don't get low quality lego style worlds. Peace and love in the (dual) universe to all :-)
  8. Introducing me, Astrov, I would like to say hello to everyone. I share the same interests as anyone who's a fan of Science Fiction, MMO Games, and of course Dual Universe. I created this profile to support and be part of the growing community because we have so much potential. I'm currently a contributor of the Dual Universe wiki (gamepedia) paying close attention to updates by Novaquark and writing its pages, I hope to become its administrator soon to contribute even more. I'm very attracted to Dual Universe because it is one of a few that focuses on the communities' ideas and opinions. I have many ideas myself, but I'll save that for another topic. I'm very interested in meeting people here, maybe make friends! It's a pleasure.
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