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Found 83 results

  1. ###################### INCOMING IMPERIAL MESSAGE ###################### Greetings fellow citizens, my name is Robin a.k.a Kurnarthral and i wanted to write a little introduction about myself: Im a 22 year old german student currently studying aerospace engineering and my hobbies are tabletop (40k) , gaming (of course) and astronomy. I loved science fiction since i first saw star wars episode 5 when i was 10 and thus i have played nearly any game in that genre. My most time went into EVE , X2, X3 and the Endless series. I havent bought a DU package yet because im a student and have no money but i probably will buy the Silver one some time in the next months so i still wanted to make an introduction beforehand. Hope we get along. Have a nice flight! ###################### MESSAGE END ###################### ###################### THE EMPEROR PROTECTS ###################### (yes i love 40k VERY much)
  2. Wolfe

    Hello DU

    Hello community, my name is Wolfe. I have a deep love for games like this, especially the space-based ones. Throughout my gaming career I mainly specialized in both bounty hunting and mercenary services, which I find extremely fun. I look forward to seeing how my skills can transfer over to Dual Universe, and I'm excited about the future of DU as well. You can find me on Discord under the same name (Wolfe#6742) if you wanna talk about merc/bounty stuff or a host of other things.
  3. Hello and greetings I’m Firestorm and a am a part of the Dark Star Imperium, a relatively new DU org that was formed by over eight large orgs who consist of friends and enemies alike from a game called “Space Engineers”. We have been contemplating a switch to DU for over a year now and decided now was a good time to start laying the ground work for our org. So far in just four days we made it to org page four and are steadily climbing. We are focused on PvP but we are a well rounded org that intends to be not only PvP but also self sufficient in all sectors. Alliances are being made, treaties, trade deals are being brokered and people are enrolling for Citizenship with the Imperium. We look forward to doing business with you all and maybe, just maybe we will see YOU! In Dual Universe - Firestorm Vice Head of the Dark Star Imperium https://discord.gg/vqnhhRe
  4. Hi, I'm Ever_green. I've always shown an interest in space games and about four months ago I found dual universe. I loved the idea of a virtual civilization and I think dual universe is going to achieve that. So I bought a contributor pack. I cant wait for this game to come out its like a dream come true for me. I alsoi created two organazations here they are: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-alliance https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-industries
  5. Perseus


    Hi, I must admit this game/mmo/simulator only appeared on my radar two days ago. Since then I am consuming all I can. I will be signing up for the gold this evening. I have a vast background of MMO experiences spreading across multiple "stylized" genres over 20+ years. I have been a part of server/continent firsts, I have played with 2 friends and achieved nothing, but I have always pushed myself and those around to have fun. I have been hardcore and I have been relaxed. I played Frontier Elite II on an Amiga back in the day, I was interested in Dangerous, but some aspects of that turned me off so I never invested the time. The experience this game is going to represent will be something I have not been able to experience before, voxel and construction gaming. As an individual who grew up building spaceships with lego and watching every scrap of sci-fi I could, this excites me. As an individual who hears JC mention Ready Player One in interviews, this intrigues me. As an individual who understands politics, governance, and leadership within an MMO is just as important as a statistic, this game makes me drool! I am hoping that the building aspects of this platform are balanced enough that someone who does not have this as background can hit the ground running and can enjoy a learning curve that reflects a natural growth. I look forward to engaging with all of my fellow persons who feel the same. Thank you, Perseus Founder of Mycenae
  6. I am Musunaut but i prefer to go by Musu. I enjoy most space sim games especially ones where i can craft my own spaceship. I dable in combat but my favorite form of play is in logistics.
  7. Hello all. I’m a memeber/recruiter/soon to be council member of the Dark Star Imperium, the 11th largest org in the game, soon to be 10th. Any questions about the org, ask me. If you want to join, dm me or reply to this thread.
  8. Hi I'm new to the game as of yesterday any helpful tips i cant get from the older player?
  9. Hey guys! I am new here and am extremely excited to be a part of this forum here and looking forward to the direction of the game.
  10. Hey everybody! I've been following this all for awhile now, but not really paid any attention to the forums. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm here, and if anyone wants to get to know me, go ahead.
  11. Hey there, I'm IMayBeRei. I just joined the forums and I'm both a patron pack holder, and a member of Objective Driveyards. I'm looking forward to playing the game, and don't be shy to send me a message, I'm pretty friendly. Plus I don't bite.
  12. Hello, I'm Anotaros, a sci-fi nerd who hasn't used a forum in a long time, but is excited to get into it with such an incredibly active community and such an exciting project. Not gonna lie, when i saw this game i thought i was dreaming. Then i wasn't dreaming and i realized this may be my "perfect game" so im ecstatic at the idea of getting right into the community and talking with everyone about the game, and can't wait for the game to be finished. When i get into the game im hoping to become a freelance builder who just builds cool space stations, and maybe some structures on the ground, using the advanced building system i have heard so much about. Beyond that i want to help the devs get all the servers nice and cozy for the release so that the players of the universe can enjoy their time in the game.
  13. Hello DU. I am a Space Engineers vet who is hoping to move to Dual Universe, I am a Star Trek fan who hopes to set up an org in the style of the United Federation of Planets. I also have many ideas on how to develop the game. I hope to play with all of you soon.
  14. We the Foundation of the Ancestral Flame (FAF) are a simple organization and aren't planning to be one of the ,,big boys" as you could say. We are trying be a small to medium sized organization but still want to be known.This organization is not going to focus on military and try to build up a giant fleet, like some others do. We focus more on trading, diplomacy and etc.. Things are subject to change if anything in development adds new mechanics or something like that.Will we be open for all kinds of people?Yes, atleast most of them. We don't really want people that constantly want to kill or rob other people or cause trouble within the organization. But we welcome anyone that thinks the same way we do.How do I apply?You can send your application to this site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/foundation-of-the-ancestral-flame or join our discord: https://discord.gg/xXC7gcJ and write it into the applications-channel.
  15. Hello, I am a new patron supporter and I am very excited to be joining the next pre-alpha test tomorrow. That is all, just wanted to say hi!
  16. Greetings and well met! Just signed up for the pre-alpha, and am very intrigued to check out DU and get in on it around the ground floor! I'm an avid gamer who spends far too much time of late playing EVE Online (after a hiatus from that game). I am of an era that played MUDDs, the predecessors to MMORPs. Being a gaming addict, I also have the "distinction" of buying my first upgraded computer to be able to play the original Everquest! Some other memorable MMORPs that I've enjoyed include Dark Age of Camelot and Lord of the Rings Online. I'm also a player of board games and tabletop miniature games, and have been in the same Friday night gaming gang for around two decades! In EVE I'm a proud member of the kind and gentle Signal Cartel, which is pacifistic and aids capsuleers (players) stranded in wormspace-- a place where you're doomed to remain unless you have the ability to find an exit out! See you all around at some point!
  17. Hello all, Just wanting to drop in and say hi. Got into this game very recently and am loving everything that I have seen so far. Looking forward to giving things a try and getting to know people! -Mysfit
  18. So, I'm MinisterPhobia. To my knowledge, I'm the only one out there. I've been using this name for what feels like decades now (gods I feel old). I've been an active gamer almost all of my life, and have been an MMO player since the UIltima Online beta way back in late '96. Maybe '97, it's going back a ways. If any of you played on the Sonoma server (post-launch), I spent a good 4 years or so milling around on there. Since then, I've played a wide variety of online and offline games, both MMO and otherwise. I spent a full decade with EVE Online, and 5 years or so on Dark Age of Camelot. For the last 2-3 years, it's Survival games like Ark and Empyrion that have held my attention the longest. Right now, I'm hooked on Rimworld and wishing there was a way to multiplayer it (everyone on the same map, but not on the same tile). I've backed some rather big names over the last few years, well, games that became big or have lots of controversy around them. Mechwarrior Online, Star Citizen (triple concierge, for those who know what that means), Kingdom Come Deliverance, and now, Dual Universe. DU isn't as big as I'd like to see it be, but, I'm sure it'll pick up as it gets closer to launch. Professionally, I've done a great deal of work in Data Centers setting up, maintaining, and wanting to go postal on, servers, in racks. These days, I've got lots of time and not much to fill it with other than gaming. I'm not really looking for an organization or anything, just friends for now. That's all for now! (I type too much!)
  19. Hello, I'm known as Boehm by most people of whom I have played video games with. I've recently found this game this past week, and did 4 hours of research on it just last night. I've been looking for a replacement for the game, Ark: Survival Evolve. Ark: SE was a game i spent nearly 3k hours on, and played with the same tribe for that amt of time. We reached the Alpha title on multiple servers before, and I just loved the mechanics of war, building, and breeding Dino's. I think I mainly felled in love with it cause I could get really nerdy with breeding dinos, I.E; our tribe had the best Quetzals bloodline and Rex Bloodline on our server because of the time I spent on breeding and recording all the generations of breeds I had worked on. Wild Card, the Development team for that game, started putting in updates that became very bitter in my mouth, and showed me that they did not care about their old players anymore, so I stopped playing the game along with my Tribe mates, whom I spent 3 years playing with. So, I look forward to playing this game, have a couple friends in mind that i want to invite to help me with an idea I have that will allow us to be a bit nerdy again, but not for breeding, but for making very thought out ships for others to use and buy from. My occupation is in the US Marine Corps in Ground Electronics Maintainer as my MOS, I have a friend who is a Engineer who may be joining me in this journey. So I don't see why we couldn't succeed at making potentially good ships that are flexible to the needs of the buyers. I hope this game comes true to it's promises! Thanks.
  20. Hello fellow conscious being, As of the writing of this post, I’ve been a part of the DU community for 366 days (since 12th September 2016) (allowing for time dilation), the early Kickstarter days of DU. Although that is certainly not an achievement compared to many others of this community who have been here for two years or more, I have seen the good the bad and the ugly of this community, the former of which has been the most prevalent to me. I’d like to take a couple minutes of your time to both finally introduce myself on the forums, and to provide a commentary on my experiences with this awesome community. My name in this virtual universe is Soarnir, I found Dual Universe through the Kickstarter campaign while casually browsing through the games section of the website. The name was catchy and the goal was interesting, one click later and I’m reading through the entire page, enthralled by the prospect of a video game dream coming true. I wanted to know more, see how far the game had come, what the community was like. A couple seconds later and I find the forums and the community site. Impressing me was the development so far, that the meta was so evolved was astounding to me, especially for a game that no one would be able to touch for several months (in regard to the planned Alpha date then). I create an account on the community site on the 12th September 2016, and it really just escalates from there. Perhaps I should introduce parts of the real me as well. I'm a gamer, through and through, I've hardly lived long enough to have experienced every type of game there is, but to say I have little experience would be a lie. I started fiddling with computers and hardware before I was 10, and built my first PC not long after that, all the while starting to learn the basics of programming by sitting in my school library reading through giant textbooks for different programming languages. Attempting to keep up my interest ever since, I've now got a fairly broad, yet limited at times, experience covering Java, web development, databases and server management. I have run several communities over the years, including old minecraft servers back in the beta days, helped manage forums and administrate/moderate several discord communities. I'd hardly argue I'm great, but I'm good at what I do, and I do my utmost to be approachable and attentive (even when people refer to me as the devil) of server chemistry as people grow to enjoy being a part of it. Now I'm in the midst of my gap year after graduating, and sleeping to 9+am for over a few months really does make you incredibly relaxed. But that's enough of that, let's talk DU and my experiences with the community. Having used discord for over a year prior to finding DU, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was an unofficial community one already up and running, and it becomes the first DU oriented discord I join, in the midst of the Kickstarter, no less. As you can imagine, and most of you recall, it was hectic. Nail biting, chart checking, the continuous discussion in every discord every day. The amazing contributions from many community members already being prevalent during this time, people reaching out to friends and contacts, getting people hyped more and more. New creations, videos, art, content, and more. It was absolutely stunning and thrilling at the same time. In the midst of all of this, I find Cinderfall, or rather, their recruitment message on the unofficial DU discord, and the community site. Seeing that it was already fairly established, as well as connected to a large number of orgs, I decided that if I wanted to get into the proper political meta of the game, this is where I should start. I send an application on the community site and join the discord to be greeted immediately by Neopolitan and Astrophil, the directors of CSYN at the time. What I see is a truly impressive sight, over 10 organizations already established, taking part in an organizational umbrella, months before any kind of game will be released. A couple weeks later after several discussions and interviews, I'm one of Cinderfall's new magistrates, in charge of diplomatic action and the Grand Assembly. Being a part of such a politically involved entity and helping it grow has been a remarkable experience. Allowing for a couple events that transpired afterwards, like the ever famous Battle of Poolamoo (#neverforget) and some pretty hefty changes to the way CSYN operates, as well as several mistakes and learning experiences thrown into the mix. Cut to a few months ago, when I officially become Cinderfall's newest Director, an achievement for me, and a promise to continue to work to my utmost in all situations. Alongside my work in CSYN, I've helped moderate and administrate the unofficial community discord since March 2017 as well as worked on a discord bot which was released in a new form less than a week ago. I'd like to end on a tribute to the developers, NovaQuark, for helping foster this absolutely amazing community. I thank you graciously for showing the world that transparency truly is the key to winning over your players' hearts and that despite what other companies decide to do, you've proven that it is a healthy and sustainable model for developer-player interaction. I want to thank you for your incredible perseverance in a post-no man's sky world, and I applaud you for the way you've handled everything that's come in your way so far. I look forward with even greater enthusiasm than ever, to your continued support of the community. Thanks, Soarnir
  21. I don't believe I've introduced myself here on the forums ever which is sad. The name is PrinceChawmin, i go by many names but this name suits me just fine. I've been watching the forums every so often that i haven't really talked or replied to any thread here. But i tend on changing that. Dual universe caught my eye on kickstarter and was very interested, i haven't backed on kickstarter but i do tend on pledging here very very soon. Im very chill and tend to be open minded, so expect to see me in the threads cracking jokes, giving feedback, or just be outright boring that you'll throw me back in the catacombs of my mom's pantry closet . I hope you guys accept me into your hearts, or for this case space ships, and become cool buds. Unless you want to become enemies for some odd reason then bring it!
  22. Hello citizens of Dual Universe. I thought it's about time that I go ahead and hop on the forums and introduce myself. I'm from the East Coast in the US and I am currently attending college to get my Maters in Business Administration, which leads me to my next point. After doing some extensive research into what DU has to offer, I firmly believe I will be taking on the business aspect of the game which firmly includes Industry. Now I am a big fan of Space based MMO genre having played most, if not all available on the market. Most notably being EvE online where I am very avid industrialist/miner/Business player, and I hope to bring that into DU. To do that, I am on the lookout for a group of like minded folks to join in preparation for the coming future when we all get to enjoy the game on it's glorious release day. I'm a more social, friendly and family oriented guy so i'm really looking for a tight-knit group to stick with till the end of the games life with which to put my skills and knowledge to use. A multi-gaming community would be a plus too in order to pass the time while we patiently wait for the day our dream comes true. That about does it for my introduction to this wonderful forum. I look forward to getting into the community and becoming a part of it's growth as we move towards release. Thanks for the read and I await you all in space.
  23. Hi, me here, and i figured this was the place to introduce yourself? I just found DU through SE youtubers, and thought i'd check out the forums, nice to see it has a place for new people, i think that's great for getting new people into the game! Also, does anyone know when the NDA will be dropped so we can find out more?
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