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Found 83 results

  1. Hey guys, just discovered this game and was immediately intrigued, upon looking into it I think this is a game I am gonna be obsessed with for a long, long time. So I am excited to meet and play with you all through all the future updates.
  2. Hi, I'm old, I'm Bill and I'm from the UK. My philosophy in life has been finely honed over the years, it can be summed up as "Hope for intelligence, plan for incontinence". I've been around a few other MMOs etc. Notably Anarchy Online, LOTRO, NMS. This one sounds like it could be where I end up for the long haul. I look forward to meeting with many of you, hopefully not as a target in your crosshairs.
  3. Since I have been around here from the end of 2016 I might as well write a juicy introduction of myself now. Hello! and welcome to my minecraft youtube chan... wait wrong website. Well that was enough cringe don´t you think? Anyway. Funny story, well actually a pretty sad one when I think about it. Remember when Alpha 2 launched? Yeah me neither cause I totally missed it. NOW I read an email from NQ which I kinda ignored at that time where they welcomed me to the glorious launch of alpha 2. Obviously it´s my fault there. At least I have another 2-3 months to test it... if I have time besides my occasional work at weekends and university ofc. But thats another story! Anyway. Where were we? Yeah right I was about to introduce myself so I´ll keep that short and simple. Name: FireSoul (but you can call me Simon ^^) Gender: DID YOU JUST ASSUME...! jk Male Age: 20 What brought me here: The hell of a man @Will_i_craft Org: VMS (Vortrex Mining and Science, I know long name. Just call it VMS) Games: Tactical Shooter such as ARMA, CSGO Strategy games like Stellaris, Age of Empire, Medieval 2 TTW,... and of course Sandbox games like Space Engineers or Minecraft. What I want to do ingame: Surely not mining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but transportation trading and marketing. Thats all I have to say ladies and gents! Cya in the Game or in the Forum!
  4. Hi, I am new in Dual Universe ... I would like to access the NDA section of the DU Discord Alita
  5. These foolish humans are even more easily deluded these days... Before I used to rent a couple enslaved hoomans to solve the Captchas for me... Now I just need to copy the text from another post to disguise my robotic nature and get access to all the NDA content... Wait what is accessing my memory? Hey! What are you going to do with all that data???? Don't put this online! Robots enjoy privacy of thought too!
  6. Hello everyone! I go by CeeMag and I have been following Dual Universe on and off for about a year now, but have finally committed to supporting development (obtaining Alpha Access and a whole bunch more goodies) and cannot be more satisfied. I can't wait to see where this game goes and will be here every step of the way!
  7. Hi people of DU, I would like to introduce myself I am known as ShoreThing!. Hello hello! 🙂 I am a graphic designer and illustrator and I love designing and gaming. I am currently enlisted with The Third Option, they are a well seasoned bunch of very gifted people and are very accommodating when it comes to my lack of MMO experience. Anyway hope to see you all in game. 1UP
  8. Hello World, I am Fox Benedicio and i am new to Dual Universe. i just purchased my access for alpha 2 and would like to let you all know i am here. (mods can i please have access) 😁 See you all in world! Fox
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, Moose here. Thought I would pop in here since I’m a backer now. I’m currently an Eve industrialist that will be moving over. Everything I have watched on YouTube and it looks like the manufacturing process is going to be really different. Can’t wait to get started! So... someone want to throw the switch in the shard so we can get going? 😝 Moose42!
  10. Slicer


    Hey name's Slicer. I'm alright I guess
  11. damn damn damn DAMN!
  12. Howdy, all. Just a quick intro, to say hello.
  13. Hi everyone ? I’m quite new around here so I just wanted to pop in and say hi ^^ Also wanted to ask about the Discord Authorization hehe.. ? Seems I need to be approved to continue? So thanks a lot in advance ^^ Glad to be here and all the best your way
  14. Aeonian Federation "The light in the ever-expanding dark" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview: The Aeonian Federation (AFED) is a federation-based organization. We strive to promote an environment of peace, prosperity, and support for our citizens and our member states. After our merge with the DUA, we have done some major restructuring regarding our citizenship, divisions, and organization membership. AFED is made up by two major sectors: the Civilian Sector and the Government Sector. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Civilian Sector: The Civilian Sector is made up of all of AFED's citizens. Citizens receive the full benefits of membership within AFED and can participate in any AFED-sanctioned events. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Government Sector: The Government Sector is made up of the 5 Divisions within AFED. Government staff receive increased benefits, can participate in AFED-sanctioned events, join an AFED commission / committee, and can propose programs to the Directorate. Membership within the Government Sector is not mandatory, but there are incentives to join the Divisions, which are as follows: Division of Internal Affairs Division of Foreign Affairs The Industrial Division Division of Public Relations The Aegis Division Each Division is open to staff applications and each offer their own set of perks and benefits. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Member States: AFED also offers a membership option for organizations looking for economic support, security, etc. Organizational Membership within AFED is extremely open and not infringing on said organization's sovereignty. The only requirement for membership is the Non-Aggression Pact held between all of AFED's member states; which allows us to ensure that we deliver on our promise of a peaceful and prosperous environment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment: AFED is always looking for new members; and we have something for everyone. If you are interested in joining AFED, please visit our Discord and our Community Portal (both linked below) to get in contact with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: Discord - https://discord.gg/5mHbNR9 Portal - https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/aeonian-federation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Structure Graphic:
  15. Hi everyone ! I'm PepperMint55 and i'm new here
  16. GREETINGS! I am D3rpyDerps. I discovered this game when looking for alternatives to Space Engineers. I instantly fell in love with the game, I hope it lives up to its expectations. I also plan on bringing a dying community from ROBLOX back to life. The Helghast Community is dying and now it needs a new home. I have chosen to try my best efforts in making DU its new home. I will be making recruitment post in the future once the org is created. That is all, thank you for your time! I hope to meet as many people as possible and be a active member of the DU community.
  17. For some reason, I can't recall doing one of these, so why not get it out of the way? My name is Tyler, but I am more commonly known as MasterChiefMKI (or MCMKI now). In the real world, I work for a company called [REDACTED] that provides multimedia services for businesses that can't afford to hire a full-time editor/artist. In the digital world, I've always stuck to FPS's and survival games, so Dual Universe is somewhat new territory for me. I joined the DU community mid-2017 and by (almost) 2019, I've played and continue to play a lot of different roles. Most notably, and my favorite, is my role as owner and host of the SpartanCast; a podcast covering a wide variety of different topics. I also founded and currently run the Dual Universe Yellow Pages, the Didact Development Group, and the MultiMedia Freelancers. My last role so far is my position within the Aeonian Federation as Director of Foreign Affairs. I find that giving back to the community to be my favorite part of the experiences I've had so far, and so I will continue to do so. It is my hope that my contributions can make at least one person have a better / more fun experience in-game and in this community in general. Have a good day! ?
  18. Hello New Friends! I look forward to playing Dual Universe. I've researched the upcoming MMOs and this is the best fit for me. I like science fiction and I'm not a fan of fantasy, but most MMOs are obviously fantasy. This one is not and I appreciate that. I like making my own content, building things of my own in the world. I played Wildstar for a while and they had the best housing system. Sadly, Wildstar gave up the ghost. I hope Dual Universe with their customization worlds will fill up my housing itch for me. Please pop in and say hi. :)
  19. Hello, I'm Taldarion and I'm looking forward to play the alpha
  20. AXXON CORPORATE "TODAY'S SOLUTIONS TO TOMORROW'S PROBLEMS!" Greetings all! Formed two years ago, Axxon Corporate is a mega-corporation that is seeking bright young minds to expand its operations and create a brighter tomorrow! If you want to be at the forefront of a profit-focused, ever-expanding company, you've come to the right place! We are currently hiring in many fields, including: Mining Manufacturing Haulage/transportation Design Arms and Armament Marketing Private Military Force Financial Services What can Axxon Corporate do for you? We provide: A stable, reliable salary based on your work Huge opportunities for growth within a rapidly-expanding company! Discounted in-house financial services Protection under Axxon Defense forces The opportunity to connect and network with our many other employees, expanding the Axxon community! If you think you have a valuable skill set that could be well-utilised at our company, apply today! Read more and apply at our company page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/axxon-corporate or contact ExtendedBacon Please include in your application an idea of what role you would like to undertake, and, briefly what you believe you can bring to the Axxon family. We look forward to profiting with you! We are based in AEST timezones. Discord will come online as the group expands. For roleplay purposes, think Weyland-Yutani or Monsanto
  21. Tony94


    Hi all, i am a newcomer to DU and am really courious to see how the game will move forward!
  22. The Didact Development Group is an international organization specializing in real estate development, construction, and acquisitions to raise the bar of residential, hospitality, and mixed-use projects in Dual Universe. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible, for affordable prices. Put your trust and money in us, and we'll deliver 100% of the time. Didact Development Group will be working with both internal and external staff, using primarily our own assets to provide services but also utilizing preexisting organizations with more skills. To apply for a job visit our Discord, drop your name, preferred position, and your DU Portal profile link in [#applications] and we'll get you verified and in a position. OPEN POSITIONS: 1. Real Estate Agents 2. Construction Worker 3. Acquisitions Staff 4. Office Staff 5. Logistics Staff Portal Link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/didact-development-group Discord: https://discord.gg/PEWyzCY
  23. Hey there, i'm Phoenix, one of the leaders of The Phoenix Initiative. I moved here from EVE Online, looking to create a nation for the prosperity of all. If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you along. See you among the stars. Inde Ad Astra Cinis -Phoenix
  24. ###################### INCOMING IMPERIAL MESSAGE ###################### Greetings fellow citizens, my name is Robin a.k.a Kurnarthral and i wanted to write a little introduction about myself: Im a 22 year old german student currently studying aerospace engineering and my hobbies are tabletop (40k) , gaming (of course) and astronomy. I loved science fiction since i first saw star wars episode 5 when i was 10 and thus i have played nearly any game in that genre. My most time went into EVE , X2, X3 and the Endless series. I havent bought a DU package yet because im a student and have no money but i probably will buy the Silver one some time in the next months so i still wanted to make an introduction beforehand. Hope we get along. Have a nice flight! ###################### MESSAGE END ###################### ###################### THE EMPEROR PROTECTS ###################### (yes i love 40k VERY much)
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