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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, It is I, the nefarious, evil, wicked, retarded and dastardly creator of the Intergalactic Banking Federation. Now first off, I would like to say that what I did was wrong, obviously, and that I in general should not have done it. However, I find that a lot of people did not understand why I had made this organization. I recently moved to DU from Star Citizen. The problem I had with Star Citizen was that, first off, it was not being made, and, second off, each main economy had it's own industry giant, with no hope of catching up. Many of these organizations had joined early, and where stuffed with alternate accounts that had been made before SC had decided to stop players without packages from being able to join orgs. Despite this, accounts that had already joined where not affected, allowing large organizations to remain in control mostly because they inflated the numbers. So, then I saw DU. I instantly sold what I had in SC, and switched over. There was no way you could compete with those giants. But, looking through the organizations, I grew worried. Much of the accounts in the larger orgs (TU, Void) seemed to be fake, or at least inactive. This worried me. After already being scammed out of years of time hoping for SC, I did not want to go through the same thing with DU. So, I made the IBF. I made multiple alt accounts (how I did so I will later explain). The only goal in my mind was to see that, if I pushed hard and made all the accounts so that the community would see, what would Novaquark do? Also, as a note, the perpetrator of these activities where me, myself, and I. There was no one else involved. In the end, Novaquark shut down the organization I had made, which gives me an enormous amount of joy. In SC, the devs don't want to attack the big orgs, because they are their main customers, and they simply don't care. To see devs and moderators shutting down an org, but still allowing the accounts to be free as a kind of second chance was also uplifting, because it shows that the people at Novaquark (I hope I spelling this correctly) don't want to be strict on any one, and are free to second chances. So, in the end, my mission is accomplished. You may not like or approve of my methods, and after this neither do I (I had a surprising amount of stress because of this, resulting in me typing this going on 70 hrs of no sleep), but at the end of the day it made me a staunch DU fan and believer. How I Made That Alts And How To Stop Alts The most annoying thing about the signup system right now for an alt-maker is the recaptcha. This requires a human to do the recaptcha and puzzles it gives. (That is what would take up the majority of the ten hours I spent making alts) However, the other things people thought would be difficult, password, email, nickname, where not that difficult. For email I would use guerilla mail, since you can make unlimited email addresses and for usernames I simply came up with them or had a generator open. On average, it took 3 minutes to make a convincing alt, and about 2 min to make a really horrible alt. Now, there is a very easy way to stop this. Don't allow more than three alts per IP address (all the accounts I made, totaling 150, where made on two devices) do not allow users to have guerilla mail emails, and add more human-required brain work, such as maybe answering a code or making sense out of phrases in the email before the verification process for the accounts begins. If all of this is done, the average time for one alt account could exceed 20-30 minutes. Also, maybe require filling out payment info, or at least residence, that way someone cannot be two people in the system. The Apology Part: I know I might have caused some pain recently. Whether annoyance, anger, or frustration, it was my fault. Please understand, I absolutely hate alts. They where what made me leave SC. I wanted to see if DU could be affected in the same way. The pain, annoyance or frustration I caused was completely my fault, and I sincerely apologize. Getting to know this community, and see it come together to fight my organization was very empowering and motivating. I am now certain that this game will come out, because of the people who make up it's community and the developers, who listen to that community.
  2. As some of you already pointed out, the "Intergalactic Banking Federation" (IBF) had an extremly high growth in the last days. Founded on the 1st of march, they already have 65 members. Nearly all those accounts were created in the last 5 days. There were 26 new members in one day. That's more than 1317 orgs got in their whole time of existance. I'd like to ask NQ to either delete this whole organization or the fake members. This is a problem that many online games have but we should start fighting against it as soon as possible.
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