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Found 2 results

  1. I was having a gander at some posts to do with organizations and I had realized that there wasn't a discussion anywhere specifically to do with grouping up in a group with other players for a temporary time, i.e, fleets. Now, I'd like to put across the idea that a ranked mechanic would work best, but that's just me as I played way too much EvE and got way to used to it. For those of you who don't know the ranking and leadership mechanics of EvE I'll quickly write and example below. Fleet Ranks: -- Fleet Command Wing Command Squad Leader Squad Member ​ Squad Member ​ Squad Member -- Wing Command Squad Leader Squad Member ​ Squad Member ​ Squad Member -- That format works up to 5 wings in total. Now this game would be quite different with the addition of multi-crew member ships, would the ship itself be included as a member, or, I guess the owner plus their crew? Or would the entire crew take up slots/make numbers in the fleets and groups? Not only this, would the fleet allow/disallow mass movement on fleet commander decision, or would this have to be coordinated via everyone involved, adding a layer of difficulty to leading fleets? As well as the age old question, would fleeting up kill off the ability to friendly fire, or for whatever sake, will FF still be a viable thing within a fleet? Joining them, if they are to be a thing should be based on invites or advertisement to your organization/contacts. This just makes finding a group of people doing a group task within your organization easier in some ways. Now, these are just my ideas (which I've obviously "borrowed"), I'd like to hear all of yours though, as I said I haven't seen much to do with this!
  2. [ http://imgur.com/Kd3RetW] Free Worlds Alliance The Free Worlds Alliance is an active community of individualists who respect both personal freedom, Liberties and Ideas, We Applaud Those with the same ideology where people are free to go about their way of life, be it but not limited to the following: - Anarchist - Democrats - Dictators - Monarchists - Nepotists - Communists - National Socialists - Technocrats - Theocratic - Any other part of the social spectrum when dealing with a civilization(s) and their peoples... If you are any of these, The Free Worlds Alliance is here for YOU! That's right, We support the right of FREEDOM, The right of Individualists, 1 man empires and the such to be protected under the mighty Free Worlds Alliance! If you are interested in assigning yourself under our interstellar nuclear umbrella feel free to join up, And be protected by the combined military machine of the ALLIANCE! F#CK YEAH! Here's how it works. We share our militaries for the purpose of civil defense, War time purpose's and Espionage against other Alliances like that other one on this page..*cough* But we respect your authorityyyy* as you are in command of your own empire, how it runs and the likes. Our duties will regularly evolve around spying on people, The governmental structure will be as follows; The Council - The Council will be the combined heads of each empire state, Here matters such as war declaration**, Shenanigans**, shenanigans**. shenanigans** and more shenanigans and maby butthurt** will take place. Oh and also Diplomacy*, Should never forget about lolplomacy**. The Military - The Military will be the combined armed forces of the Alliance, Each Empire will contribute a different field of technology as their focal point. e.g. Dictatorship A will Be specialized in shield technology, Republic B will specialize in unit tactics and Strategy, Banana empire C will like to rush the enemy and launch a blitz of missiles. etc etc. Advocacy - The Advocacy will be an External Civilian Organisation that strives to spread the beautiful elegance of this system to other empires, here we will strive to recruit empires into our Union. Until our Alliance will become a galactic peace* bringing gestalt of different civilizations... Illuminati** - The Illuminati are the combined intelligence services of all of the sovereign states, They will have diplomatic immunity and supreme authority over war time matters and butthurt matters, They are involved in finding information on suspects - And other empires - Are involved in paranormal matters including, but not limited to: - Lost Souls - Missing Wives - Women who turn into little girls - Buildings that vanish and reappear - Sustained virtual Realities for people in custody - Special flag shapes - Bot empires - People who question our ethics - And a range of other unorthodox methods If any of the above interests you, Feel free to PM me and we can add you to the list of free sovereign states. Long live the Alliance! *= Things that are most likely never going to happen **= Things that are most likely going to happen
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