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Found 6 results

  1. Today, I'm happy to announce that GLSQ/U has a new YouTube Channel! We will do weekly livestreams of roundtable discussions about Dual Universe. The first stream will be tomorrow, Saturday May 27 at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time (10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm UK Time, 7 pm CEST). Come join us: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxoqJdUuyfhsVKt7TlURgQ We hope to see you there! <^>
  2. Here's the profile for our brand new Guardian Class. Hope you enjoy it! <^>
  3. Here's the third and final edition of our ship profiles for the time being. This one is for The Hyperion Class. Enjoy!
  4. I hope you all enjoy the profile for one of our ships: The Sentinal Class! I hope get a new profile out every week for the next few weeks so stay tuned for more.
  5. Here's the second of the 3 ship profiles for GLSQ: The Raydr Class. Enjoy!
  6. On Christmas Day of last year, I Unveiled a project to associates in GLSU. This project outlined a plan for a city that would be open to all players of Dual Universe. It would provide a safe space for everyone to reside, work, and play. Over four months later, we have involved almost every associate of GLSU in our project. We have had some amazing and productive conversations about the project, and after much work, we have decided to release some preliminary information regarding the project to the entire community so we can receive a greater range of feedback and ideas. What Is The Collective? The Collective is a city that will be developed by GLSQ/U to provide all players of Dual Universe with a safe and secure place to live, work, and have fun with other members of the community. This openness to all allows for a wide array of players and organizations to work together in ways they may have not been able to before, which promotes one of our main values: “Strength through community.” What Can One Do In The Collective? In The Collective, there will be many options available to the individual and/or the organization. Whether you want to run for a government position, become an entrepreneur, or just simple hang out with your friends at the hottest club, we allow you to do it all. The Collective will have five main districts: The Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Military, and Government Districts to allow the player to do whatever they want, whenever they want. How Can I and/or My Organization Benefit From The Collective? In The Collective, we want to provide you with the tools necessary to be as productive as possible. We have developed a unique way of how The Collective will be governed. This allows anyone regardless of who they are or what organization they belong to. We want to give everyone the chance to make a name for themselves and leave their mark on the game. How Can I Join The Collective? Associates and Full Members of GLSQ/U get instant access to join in on The Collective. In addition they will get extra bonuses. If you or your organization wants to become an Associate or Full Member, please contact VVV_GLORY_VVV for more information. Non-Associates who just want access to The Collective will be able to submit an application to join in on the project. The application will be available soon! We hope that you like our idea for the project. Any feedback is welcome, either on this forum post, or on our Discord Server (Link: https://discord.gg/cMwXBXt). Here, you can also find a folder of all documents for The Collective including a document better outlining what The Collective will be and what will be included.
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