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Found 5 results

  1. After the rather poor reception of my propose sleep mechanic and more research into combat, I feel I can offer a unique spin on the idea of Food. First and foremost: Food should not be required to survive. This is not a Hard Core survival sim (though I wish it were, sometimes). My proposal is thus: Food will give bonuses/maluses to stats. These bonuses/maluses will be in the single digit percentage ranges and will cover a few skills at a time, with one primary. (+5% shooting, +2% reload, +1% crafting, +1% dodge) Food items can be combined to improve their "taste" and the bonuses given. (For example: Raw Wheat will give a small malus, raw flour will give a malus, but a cake will give a bonus.) All food items will have "taste" profiles and modifiers. The profile determines what "taste" is added when combined, while the modifiers alter the "taste" of the other ingredients. (This will probably be best displayed as a radar plot) All players will have a randomly generated "palate" that slowly and randomly evolves over time. This "palate" determines how much of a bonus is gained from the food. "Tasty" foods give bigger bonuses, "nasty" foods give maluses. It will take years before a "palate" noticeably changes. This will be shown in the UI when a food is selected. (General Bonuses * Palate modifier = Actual bonuses) Bonuses will last for 3-4 hours, with a slight increase during the first hour and then a steady drop off afterwards. Maluses will only last for 30 minutes and quickly decrease. Every food has a "satiety" value. You can only eat so much before you are full. Once you are full, further eating adds Maluses, rather than stacking Bonuses. The more you eat, the longer the bonuses last. Spices will exist that have small "satiety" levels and limited "taste" profiles, but they will have large "taste" modifiers. (Don't like savory foods? Add cayenne pepper! Make it spicy!) Finally, all plants will take months to grow and harvest, however between planting and harvest, the plants will require minimal supervision. They'll require more supervisor the less friendly the climate is to that plant. Harvests will produce a great quantity of food. (Farmer's should be able to explore the universe too!) The purpose here is many-fold: To encourage economic activity by creating an intuitive category of good. Most people understand food and how good eating is good for them. This idea is focused on organizations as the primary producers and consumers. A solo pilot isn't going to mind being a few percentages slower at mining, or reloading, or crafting. But on the industrial scale of large organizations, these foods will be very important to squeeze out every Quantum. Wars have been fought over spices and I see no reason DU can't be the same. I've always disliked games where plants grew very rapidly. To gather a large stockpile, you were constantly running from plot to plot, planting and then you only have a few hours before you need to go harvest everything. Plants take time and care. Insta-plants aren't fun. The random element to the food is because a) everyone likes different things, and b ) this way there will be no "best" plant. What's in demand will change with the seasons and the years. (P.S: Wooo! 100th Post!)
  2. One os the most important things when think of a new planet colony, is how to grow food and maintain sustainability. I'd like to suggest (or know if there's already) a system for planting and glow crops. Machines to automate the farms and different stats for different conditions. This food can be essential for maintain the players life and also modify ones stats making the character more health and powerful, or versatile. A food system could bring a lots of market possibilities, food recipes, etc etc .... so ... what you ppl think ?
  3. If food is introduced to Dual Universe, it should be done in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible. It should be something people only need to think about when they do not have enough of it. My suggestion for doing that uses three new kinds of elements: dispensers, preservation units and preparation units. The purpose of a dispenser would be to ensure people were fed. Each dispenser would have a capacity and a range. Capacity would be the number of people it could feed and range would determine the how close people had to come to it to be fed. Eating would be what I call a background task, which means it is something we assume happens even when it is not depicted in the game. As long as people periodically came within the range of an available dispenser, they would be considered fed and would not need to do anything else about food. Dispensers with greater capacity and range should require more resources to build. The smallest range would be only the construct the dispenser was built in. Dispensers in constructs with larger cores would have a larger potential range and so be more costly to make. There would also be dispensers that could cover a whole hexagon/pentagon territory or even several adjacent territories. Like any element, dispensers would have rights associated with them, so they could be designated to only feed certain people. Each dispenser would need one or more storage units attached to it to hold the food. Food that was stored too long would spoil unless the storage had a preservation unit connected to it. If it did, the food could remain in it indefinitely without spoilage. An alternative would be to have elements that combined preservation and storage in one unit. A preparation unit would be an optional element that made food more effective. It might let the same amount feed more people, it might make the period of time people remain fed longer or it might have other benefits. Small capacity units could look like kitchen appliances while larger ones would probably have a more industrial appearance. If some was going to be outside the range of a dispenser for an extended period of time, they would need to carry or find food and eat it occasionally. In the wilderness, how much and how often a person eats should require a conscious decision and be a deliberate action. This also applies if a settlement or a ship is attacked and its dispensers are disabled or destroyed. For role playing purposes, eating should be an optional action even when dispensers are available. Producing the food and the effects of eating or not eating food are also important considerations, but I consider those different topics.
  4. In order to support a varied market/economy, I think the dev should give players the tools to do agriculture as their primary specialty. The recipes need to be more involved than requiring only what we dig out of the ground. There are a lot of materials such as textiles, wood, fiber, medicines, oils, not to mention plant and animal based food than can come from this. Of course in order to make this specialty interesting, it should be as in depth as mining appears to be. For example, say you come across a particular plant on some alien planet and it is discovered that this plant can be used to repair genes. That makes the plant very valuable but maybe it is exceptionally particular as to its growing requirements. It would take a skilled farmer to figure out how to cultivate it. It has been said that there will be plenty to do for people who arn't aggressors and don't want to engage in combat. This could be one of those activities. Anyways, it would make for a more immersive environment for you PVPers to see patchwork farms while you fly over and away from the cities.
  5. After some thought and discussion I have deiced to lay out my thoughts on survival mechanics and how they might be implemented in DU. I understand that some do not wish to have any survival mechanics at all and just want to build things; however, I think that in a game with the huge potential for immersion that DU has, we need some form of survival mechanic. I have spent some time thinking about this and I think I have found a way to have bot simplicity and complexity, depending on how each player wishes to play. With the Nanoformer we have the technology to compress matter, which is how we can mine materials and use them to construct things. This seems like a really handy technology so why not use it elsewhere? I propose a system that creates Life Support cartridges for player’s suits that contain all the necessaries, food, water and oxygen. These cartridges are created by an element that would require some uncommon, but not to rare, resources to build. The cartridges have enough life support to last for about 8 hours (time can be varied for balance) and can be swapped out of the player’s inventory on the fly. During different activities the various components (e.g. food, oxygen) might be used up at different rates, but this is kept simple by the HUD on the player’s suit displaying the remaining components as a percent value. If a player wishes to have more info on what is being used they can open the menu via whatever interface we are provided to look at the details. The suit would also have a power cell that may also deplete at varying rates, but also displays its remaining effectiveness as a percent value. For the players that want more in depth survival mechanics, there could be a module that adds various stimulants to the basic life support cartridge that effect different stats either positively or negatively. For instance, there might be a stim that improves targeting, but reduces one’s effectiveness at repairing damaged equipment. Creating stims would be an entire science with its own skill tree and the more skill a player has the more effective a stim is and the less severe the penalty. This allows a player who desires complexity to carry a variety of life support cartridges with different effects, and to swap them out at will, depending on the task at hand. In the same way, power cells could perhaps be overclocked to provide more power or longer duration, however the effects of overclocking a power cell would be random energy surges that have the potential to damage nearby electronics. Should such a power surge occur near a cargo container full of a volatile substance, the results could be catastrophic. While this all might seem very complex, it really isn’t. If you just want to go about mining or building and not having to worry about fiddling with this or that just so you don’t die then you can. Simply make sure you have a few power cells and life support cartridges in your inventory and you’re good to go. But if you want to experiment with always having the highest performance at a given task then you can have the complexity of a varied diet and potentially dangerous power cell.
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