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  1. The dismounting constructs and ships (current and upcoming) leads to serious issues in trading and manufacturing. Could you please add a mechanic to destroying elements in the constructs (both static and dynamic) owned by other players? Also I would like to have mechanic for capturing tiles of active players. I'm not talking about pvp on the planets. It seems impossible at this stage. However, it should be a way how to attack and defend the constracts and tiles. Attack with destruction of the elements and voxels. Possibly, NPC can help with something. You promised the territory wors
  2. This is my first post on the forums, so forgive me if my formatting is off or I posted in the wrong place. TL;DR Included but please read the post. Hi All, Over the past year, I have mainly been a builder and creator. For the longest time, this has been my only source of income and as so, I have plenty of experience with the DU building system. I had a few ideas on the Quality of Life improvements for building in Dual Universe that would make everyone's life just that little bit easier, and so I want to post them here to be discussed. For every idea, I will outline what it is and why it is needed. Building is the best part of DU and it should not be forgotten about. Please feel free to discuss and reply! Selection Zones - Suggestion 1 We all know that the size of the zone we can select is limited by size. While this is annoying most of the time, I'm fairly sure it is there as a technical limitation of the build mode. However, some improvements are warranted (mainly to voxel selection/placement tools): What: - Do not let us select a larger area than is possible. I have spent many a time trying to find the maximum selection size or over estimated the max selection size when building, making the entire selection area red with the only fix being to re-select the area again. - If possible, increase the size of the selection area. Why: - This saves us time and effort, as, if I wanted to select the largest area possible, I could just click to a corner and the system will automatically select the most volume that it can. I will no longer see a "selection size area is too large" message, saving me time in finding the max selection size. This can also be a toggle if people find it necessary - Convenience and makes building mirrored areas on L/M cores much easier. Mirroring - Suggestion 2 The pain of having to perfectly line up elements on the other side by remembering / writing down element positions or copy/pasting voxels in little bits on an L or M core is all too known. I propose we are given two things: What: - A mirror mode or a mirror tool, that would place the selected element on the other axis facing the same way. Could also group elements together, so that when one moves, the other mirrors this movement along an axis. - A mirror axis (or multiple) that automatically places any voxels onto the other side (if you've ever played Space Engineers you know what I'm talking about). Why: - Speed up the process of placing elements and thereby speed up the process of building by removing the need to memorize locations of elements. - Incredibly increase the speed of building mirrored constructs or large sizes, as the largest time waste is copy-pasting bits of an M or L core around from one side to the other every time one side is updated. Painting - Suggestion 3 Replacing voxels in order to change the look or material type of a ship's armor has always been a pain. For one, it wipes out complex patterns unless it is done perfectly and is, at least in my opinion, the biggest obstacle to the ability of individual creators to release multiple paint schemes of ships larger than an M core at an efficient rate. To remove the pain in re-painting a ship, I propose the following: What: - Allow me to replace certain types of voxel with another type of voxel with a single right-click option. I see this working as follows: Select an Area > Right click > Replace Voxel> Select Voxel X (to be replaced) > Select Voxel Y (to replace with). There most likely are other more efficient ways of doing this but this is the most basic I could see. - Could limit the suggestion above only to the same materials, aka can only replace steel with steel or aluminium with aluminium. Why: - I, and many others, have spent hours replacing complex patterns on our ships just to end up not liking the new colour scheme and starting again. Not only that, when voxels are replaced currently, it creates a multitude of voxel errors and wipes any complex patterns that are then a pain to replicate. This change would allow for much quicker colour scheme changes and make it convenient to change colour. - This change would be kept to keep actual armoring work (say for a pvp ship in a changing meta) as a time-consuming thing that is rewarded with gains in PvP. Destroying/Removing Voxels - Suggestion 4 Just yesterday, I have spent around 30 minutes trying to find 0.14 cubic meters of luminescent glass on my ships which were invisible. I had to select a max size voxel cube and alt-paste it around until I got the last bits of the glass. This is an area that could be improved as nobody should have to spend hours finding one micro voxel in their construct in order to get back the core. I propose the following straight-forward solution: What: - Allow the option to remove the last big of voxels from a construct with a simple right click. For example, if the core has less than say 5m^3 (value could be changed or different with core size) of voxels left, one could right click the core in build mode Right Click > Remove Remaining Voxels. This would only work if the voxel volume is low to keep the work associated with actually disassembling a ship. - Add the ability to change the last little bits of a voxel to another type, say I have a ship made from Voxel X, Y and Z, but Z is only 0.1m^3 and I can't for the life of me find where it is. I should be able to just right click the core and remove/replace it with another voxel. Why: - This saves innumerable hours for everyone in the game, as I can guarantee I'm not the only one who spent hours trying to find tiny voxels on an L core only to give up and abandon something worth half a million quanta. This change should have been available from the start. - This change allows builders to clean up their blueprints and not make someone get 15 types of voxels just because there's 0.1m^3 of each in an L core blueprint. Copy Paste Changes - Suggestion 5 Copy-Pasting was improved so much when the ability to change paste priority was introduced by pressing SHIFT when pasting. The change I'm proposing is minor, but still important when one is working with low quantities of voxels. Currently, if you need to paste , say, 10 cubic meters of a voxel but they are spread over a large area, you will need up to 300 cubic meters of voxel to paste it anywhere, because the system calculated the area of the selection and not the actual amount of voxels in the area. What: - Change the calculation of copy-paste voxel amounts so you need the exact amount of voxels that you are pasting instead of the entire selection area. Why: - Allows builders to work with less amounts of honeycomb and makes life easier. Also helps when working with expensive honeycomb or limited supply, as you can use it to a more efficient degree. Element Blocking - Suggestion 6 I have seen many times my elements were being blocked. Through scrolling through the element list I could see how much they were blocked, but it was time consuming. However, I could only guess as to what exactly was blocking them. Would be nice if you could tell what is doing the blocking. What: - Highlight the elements that are blocking the element in question or highlight the area that the voxels that block said element occupy. - Allow to mouse over the element to tell how much it is being blocked by instead of scrolling through a menu at the top of build mode. Why: - Allows builders to quickly tell why their creations are being blocked instead of guessing and constantly changing voxels to fix a problem they can never know the true cause of. - QOL change that exists for saving time when building. DRM Change- Suggestion 7 What: - Please enable DRM protection on constructs by default. Why is this even turned off in the first place? Why: - Allows new builders and experienced ones not to lose ownership of their constructs and scripts because of a simple oversight. Element Talents - Suggestion 8 I, like many players, have wondered what exact talents are currently affecting my elements. The only workaround as of right now is doing the annoying math to sort-of get the right value. Currently, there is no way to tell what element has what exact talents affecting it as you can in the industry view. What: - Allow the option to either mouse over an element with a tool and see all the talents affecting it and their rank, or, Right Click Element> Show Effective Talents on Element - Ability to remove all talents from an Element via right click or the ability to remove all talents from ALL elements. Why: - Allows ship builders or industry builders to quickly tell if their elements could use boosting with higher level place-down talents or if they are maximized. Also allows to see if all elements have the same talents, although this is not so much of a problem with the apply all talents button that we have now. - Allows shipbuilders to gauge the performance of their ships as someone who does not have any piloting skills and build for those people. Currently, you need an alt or be in VR to do this. CSS View - Suggestion 9 The CCS is a big part of building a PVP ship. Perhaps not in the current Meta that we have know, but in case it gets buffed it will be very important. I propose the following: What: - Ability to see the CCS value of a ship in the build mode when building a ship. Why: - This change will allow ship builders to gauge the performance of their ships without having to rely on Excel or other external tools. Element Preview - Suggestion 10 Elements conduct the vast majority of voxel sizing and other dimensions. Most creators work either around or with elements that are in their builds. It would be great if we could see the size/outline of an element without actually having it. What: - Ability to select any element in game and place it in the construct as a "hologram". This hologram would only show the size of the element, so that a creator can plan ahead and work with elements they may not have (for example, L AGG). Why: - This allows creators to plan ahead and construct their voxels around elements that they may not have at the exact moment, saving time and effort on everyone's part. Blueprint Preview - Suggestion 11 Blueprint deployment is one of the many things my customers encounter and find problematic for many reasons. For once, static blueprints can be placed in the wrong orientation and once placed cannot be moved. Additionally, the same situation can be applied to dynamic blueprints when using them as statues or ornaments. What: - Blueprints should not be displayed as a transparent cube right before deployment but as an approximate hologram of the final structure/ship. Even if the extra calculations on the client-side will take time, this should still be prioritised. Why: - This will allow players to properly foresee the structure and alignment of the blueprint that they are placing and not have to spend 20 minutes of their time dismantling the structure if they place it in the wrong orientation without knowing (and then flying back to buy another, losing precious quanta and time). This feature will make creating cities and bases with precision made from other people's creations a lot easier for everyone. Blueprint Alignment- Suggestion 12 Stacking static blueprints together has always been painful for everyone. Having to fight the curvature of the earth and even the fact that the blueprint outline is not the same size as the outline of the core building area has been a significant barrier to many players' ability to build cities and bases in an orderly fashion. Personally, I wish this feature would be around now so I can continue work on the MTI City Project for my organization. What: - Aligning blueprints together with other deployed cores should be made easier. There should be options to align it in the centre of the core its being placed on and align it either with the orientation of the or the curvature of the planet at the place. - Additional tools to align blueprints and be able to see the build area around the new blueprint before it is placed. - Ability to use a blueprint on an EXISTING empty core to place the elements and voxels around it automatically while retaining the DRM rights of the BP creator. (alternative but easier-to-implement option) Why: - This change will allow the precise building of blueprints onto other cores and their alignment that much easier for every player in the game, not only those building cities. This results in cleaner looks of bases and more orderly placement of cores. Core Alignment- Suggestion 13 Every organization and practically every player has encountered the pain of aligning multiple static or space cores in a fashion that allows for grid structures, be it for bases, airports, cities or space stations. Currently the process involves moving a lot of cores around with CTRL+Arrow and then building voxels to the edges of the cores. Note that such a process doesn't even guarantee similar alignment of cores in terms of their direction (for static cores) What: - Ability to align cores next to each other automatically or only through several clicks. Either by right clicking on a static core and selecting "Attach Static Core" or another method. - Ability to select core alignment and ensure it is in the same direction to allow building of core grids much easier. Why: - This will allow players to properly place static/space core grids and not have to spend 20 minutes of their time re-aligning the core if they place it in the wrong orientation without knowing. This feature will make creating cities and bases easier due to the simplified way of aligning core grids (and save lots of time) And that's it! Please reply to this post if you like the changes and if you think they should or should not be added to the game. Lets hope NQ sees this and implements some of the ideas (please just implement them all and save us all so much pain). I personally think these changes will make the life of many people so much easier and will encourage more people to enjoy the building aspect of this game - the strongest aspect of it as of right now. Stay safe out there, Koriandah. TL;DR: - Bigger / more manageable selection zones - Mirror tools like axis mirroring and element mirroring - Painting tools to easily replace voxels and keep their complex shapes - Tools to easily remove the last pesky micro voxels from construct - Copy paste required voxel quantity optimization - Element blocking info, what is blocking said elements and how much - DRM enabled by default - Show talents on elements, ability to remove all talents - CCS View - Element Preview - Blueprint Preview - Blueprint Alignment - Core Alignment
  3. gpioneer


    Just wanted to put the idea out there to expand the organic components in the game. All we have for organics at this time is wood ... and wood. Want to do some work with other mats that could be cool to work with (i.e. Bone, Cartilage, Muscle Fiber, and Chitin for voxels and other liquids for biofuels) for bioship design. This could be geared on a planetary scale with "Knowhere"-like plant(s). Would open up a large creative angle and awesome visuals both on the surface and from space. Could also be expanded into "bio-elements" as in different skins for normal elements that require different materials to produce.
  4. Dear NQ team, as the new docking mechanics are on its way i want to bring attention to an possible new element that brings docking to the next level and probably many players would welcome. A element dedicated for construct docking, similar to an RL airlock. Features of that element could be.. - Two elements would dock face to face - ..result in a defined position of the docked constructs - Allowes passengers to pass through - Acts as material/fuel port - Possibility to control docking, undocking, transfer of materials / fuels via API - Enable docking of cores of equal size (L:L, M:M, ...), but break on movement The mechanics around such an element would greatly benefit the experience and immersion.
  5. The Above image is a snippet from a post on the .23 patch regarding Perma-destruction of elements and Weapon limitation of core size. Below I go over some of the problems with these two aspects of the 0.23 patch and outline potential ways to make it better and more enjoyable. Element Perma-destruction: Problems: Creates excessive risk and inclines less people to travel out into space Inability to trade "used" elements... even though you can buy/sell used cars, games, GFX cards, laptops ect. in real life. Forces people to carry excess weight on their ships by having whole replacement elements. Severely hinders PVP since there is virtually no reward or fully developed, profitable, fun and engaging salvage mechanics Suggested ways to fix it: Due to excessive risk, instead of just the counter to an element make perma-destruction occur in this fashion When an element takes damage, have it's efficiency decrease by the percentage of health removed from the element. Simply put, if an engine, wing, adjuster, air/space break ect. has 90/100 hp then it will function at 90% efficiency. When an element is destroyed and restored it will function at 90% efficiency even if it's at 100% health. Every subsequent destruction/restoration of an element will result in the element operating at an addition 10% loss in efficiency When restoring the efficiency or running maintenance on an element that has been destroyed say 4 times (making it 60% efficient) create a UI that will require the person to use X number of parts that it took to create the element. This X number of required parts is reduced based on the maintainer talents applied when fixing the efficiency (yes that means new talents to train for a maintainer/grease monkey). The maintainer can use a portion of the parts required to restore a portion of the elements efficiency, because not all of the time will you be able to fully restore a weapon or engine and will need to stop at a market to buy more parts to fully repair the engine. The Inability to trade "used" elements that feature a low max efficiency should still be tradable on the markets and not limited to just bartering. This aspect cuts out the PvPers who want to sell salvaged parts on the market and also cuts out a whole market from those who like to buy/sell items new or used. Forcing people to carry whole replacement elements (even a core) is not an optimal stance. Or, I should say that it should not be the ONLY choice a pilot or crew have to repair/restore/maintain the elements on their ship. Allowing people to use parts to restore the efficiency of an element will help virtually everyone since perma destruction will no longer exist and it will remove the risk factor for everyone to be able to jump back on and enjoy the game. In addition, the perma-destruction of an element will only exist if a person/crew is unable to restore the efficiency of an element. Because at the end of the day, if they can't restore the efficiency of an element then when it's max efficiency, after getting destroyed 5 - 9 times, goes down, then the element is nearly useless to begin with. This brings back the reward aspect of the risk of PVP. When two ships go at it, in the game's current state, they both stand to gain nothing and lose more than just ammo and voxel and elements... and time. Giving people the ability to repair and then restore an elements efficiency will encourage PVPers to get back out there more and plunder the booty. Weapon limitation for core-sizes: Problems: Too overzealous of an approach and clearly focused on just the excessive borg cube issue which lead to no one building legitimate ships in PVP Still didn't stop people from building Borg cubes destroyed a lot of builds where some ships could feasibly support a weapon that was 1 size higher than it's core size. Suggested ways to fix it: Allow for cores to use a weapon size 1 size up. By doing this it will make XS and S core ships feasible in combat once again. Medium size ships will be able to contend with Large cores. and Medium core ships will actually be afraid if it is taken on by multiple Small core ships. However, Medium core ships will still be able to hold their own in a fire fight. Balance the numbers better. Right now the initial numbers for the T2 -T5 items seem unjustifiable. Meaning, there's no justified reason to go for T3 or T4 cannons when T2 does the job just fine. The current "why" behind chasing after higher end items does not line up with the reasoning for gathering up all the needed materials to produce them. (Disclaimer: Yes, I understand that MMOs of this kind always have a balancing act going on when it comes to content so you're probably already aware the need for better balancing)... I'll update soon with proof of concept.
  6. After completing several ship builds over the past few months and really digging into the voxel editor, I've found that the biggest limiting factor to my creativity has been the checklist of elements that are required for any ship to function. The Problem: I'll use engines as an example. All basic atmospheric engine L's are the exact same size. They all output the same thrust. Same fuel consumption, etc. There is a distinct number of them that I will need on my ship if I want to lift a Container L. But what if I want my ship designed with only one massively powerful engine instead of twelve relatively smaller engines? With the current system of elements that isn't possible. Elements as they currently exist occupy the role of function while honeycombs occupy the role of aesthetics/armor. For a pure pve ship, using anything but elements is an active detriment to it's functional performance. For a pvp ship, the meta dictates the optimal style/aesthetic (currently a flying cube). This creates a situation where you aren't really designing a ship so much as designing a socket for each necessary component. Effectively a box with a seat in it strapped to some engines. Actual ship design would necessitate many internal components, not just all-in-one elements to be bolted to the hull. Currently ship design (for any type of hauler) requires the entire back end of the vessel to be a wall of engines to maximize thrust. The Solution: I am suggesting a merging of elements and voxels so that you are able to define the size and shape of your elements. Engines would exist in the form of a voxel, and function as such. The same can be done for containers, fuel tanks, doors, windows, ailerons, brakes, etc. How would voxel based elements work? Another game with this build system is Avorion, which fits into the space simulation builder genre (you can look up speed builds on YouTube to get a good idea for how the builder works). You can define an area to function as your engines. With this system you could have the exact same engine footprint. The same weight, thrust, fuel consumption, etc. However, you are now free to style the back end of the ship around one engine instead of many because it's shape and orientation are different. Using my masterful skills of paint I've illustrated a comparison of how things are now versus what I'm suggesting. These two ships would have identical weight, thrust, fuel consumption etc. because they have the same volume of engines, just spread differently. Voxel based elements would be manufactured just like elements are currently, but instead of outputting a singular object, it would output a volume of voxels, much like the honeycomb refinery does. One voxel of engine would have a set amount of thrust. A voxel of container, a set capacity etc. The larger the element, the more capacity/thrust/fuel/weight... What exactly is gained from this? Most of the benefit of this is aesthetic, but there is some importance to that. Have you guys seen the Facebook ads and YouTube trailers for DU? Most of them are featuring interesting looking ships to showcase what can be done in the game. The reality is that the markets are littered with ships that are nothing more than engines strapped to a container with a stack of wings. There is a distinct "sameness" to most of the ships I see and it's because I'm staring at the exact same engines and wings and hovers on every one of them. I believe this damages the atmosphere of the game, especially for new players looking to see all sorts of cool ships, or build them, and then end up having to meet the same "checklist" of parts and being restricted. Additionally though, you would be able to make better use of space within a ship. Containers could be long and thin for a specific type of ship or more square to fit where they need to. Most of an engine could be internal so it is longer instead of wider. Larger drive cores could offer reduced cooldowns. I'd like to hear some of your feedback. Bad idea, good? Waste of time? Let me know!
  7. Very self explanatory. After scraping receive all or some of the raw materials used to create the item.
  8. Swap Spot swaps your Ore for Elements, you don’t need Quanta, nothing to buy, just Swap! Swap Spot is your own personal industry without you needing to know a thing about industry! Don’t waste time digging needlessly, comparing prices and traveling from market to market, get popular Elements at Swap Spot! Swap Spot is much more than a combination of Industry and Market! Swap Spot is hundreds of times faster than nano-pack crafting and substantially faster than traditional industry complexes. Swap Spot delivers a variety of Elements simultaneously and in volume, without you needing to touch an industry machine or know a single recipe! Swap Spot runs at maximum resource efficiency and evaluates ore fairly, unlike traditional markets that often pay a fraction of what its worth. Swap Spot is vertically integrated, cutting out all the middle men! Swap Spot’s efficiency and fairness means that your ore is worth more, which means more Elements and less digging! Swap Spot enables Ore Freedom! Only got coal to swap? No problem! Swap Spot will still make Elements for you! That’s right, you DO NOT need to provide the exact ore needed to make the elements you need! Just provide Swap Spot with the ore it needs. That’s Ore Freedom – that’s Swap Spot! How does Swap Spot work? * Your ore is assigned Resource Points, RP for short. * The higher the RP, the more valuable that ore is to the Swap Spot. * Elements have a set RP value. * Swap Spot swaps the ore RP value for the Element RP value. Step 1) Determine that you have enough ores at the value shown to order the elements you need. Step 2) Simply click the name of the element(s) you want on the screen. Step 3) Using the +1 / +10 / -1 / -10 buttons assign the number of element you want Step 4) you can use the <Page / Page> buttons to move through the several pages of available elements. Step 5) The total order value is shown on the top of the screen, assuming you have enough ores to start the transaction click on the ORDER button at the bottom of the screen. Note: You can order multiple different elements at the same time speeding up the process dramatically. Step 6) Once you order your elements simply deposit the ores you wish to swap in the provided container hubs. The ore gets removed and Resource Points, RP's, are assigned to your order and are tallied at the bottom of the screen. (Please make sure you have enough ore to fully pay for your order.) Step 7) Then simply wait for the Swap Spot to deliver your order - note deliveries can take several minutes, so please be patient. When an element arrives in a container hub the light next to it will flash Note: Swap Spot delivers the higher Resource Point elements first. Step 8 ) Once you have all your items simply leave the Swap Pod. This will auto end the transaction. Swap Spot makes getting Elements easy! Oh, you don't have ores? No problems! Swap Spot is surrounded by six, yes SIX hexes for surface rock gathering! Sure, its not ideal, but, it means you can go from zero to hero in a very short time! (And its also great for parking!) Swap Spot is ideal for newbies, veterans, individuals and corps alike; anyone who wants the best value for their ore! Need Quanta? Sell Swap Spot Elements on the Market! Swap Spot is under construction and has a small, but growing selection of available Elements. We invite you to take advantage of Swap Spot TODAY! Location on Madis (Part of Tortuga) : ::pos{0,1,77.4321,73.2716,790.7706} Come join us on Discord to get daily prices: https://discord.gg/tvbADay Note: Tortuga is Dual Universes premier city state merchant hub, where the best come to play. An appropriate place for Swap Spots first location. *** Ore is swapped in batches off 100, so order everything together *** *** One item of fuel equals 100L *** *** Use multiple ore types at the same time to increase Payment Speed ***
  9. OUTDATED. NOT UPDATED SINCE v0.23.0 This is the result of running the globals dumping script in-game on constructs that had various elements attached to them. Some exposed functions were called with pcall. The first value indicates whether the call was successful, the second is the actual function return value. All functions that return a vector return it as a table, not as a vec3 structure. Usually such functions will be called like this: local worldGravity = vec3(core.getWorldGravity()). Boolean values are returned as a number 0 or 1, and not as true or false. Element events are not listed here, as they cannot be detected by the dump.lua script. See the codex in-game (press F1) or outside the game (C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\documentation\web_codex.html) for event and function descriptions and other information. Anti-Gravity Generator r0.21.0 Control unit r0.23.0 Programming board exposes fewer functions compared to cockpit and seat. The control unit has references to linked elements, which are also available as local variables in each event handler. Event handlers defined in the script editor also get placed inside it. Here the control unit is a hovercraft seat that has 2 linked fuel tanks, a radar and a core. Core r0.23.0 Static cores have fewer functions compared to dynamic cores. Databank r0.21.2 Elements with a state r0.21.2 Detection areas, laser detectors and manual buttons expose the same functions. Their state is accessed using getState(). Elements with a toggle-able state r0.21.2 Force fields, ship doors, landing gears and manual switches expose the same functions. The state is accessed using getState() and can be changed by activate(), deactivate() or toggle(). Emitter r0.23.0 Engine r0.21.0 Space engines, atmospheric engines, ailerons, air-brakes, retro-engines and adjustors expose the same functions. Usually engines are controlled through unit.setEngineCommand and do not require linking to the control unit. Fuel container r0.23.0 Gyro r0.21.2 Industry r0.23.0 Item container r0.23.0 Library r0.21.2 Light r0.23.0 PVP radar (atmospheric and space) r0.22.0 Radar not available to craft or buy; for atmosphere and space radars see PVP radar instead Receiver r0.23.0 Screen r0.21.2 System r0.23.0 Telemeter r0.21.2 Warp Drive r0.23.0 Weapon r0.21.0
  10. lietomee

    A gun lift

    I don't know if it was proposed earlier, but the idea of a retractable carriage or a gun lift appeared. The principle itself is implemented in the form of modules of various sizes from XS to XL. At a basic level, this is a small lift that allows you to shift the module fixed on the platform by 10 voxels. at the maximum XL level, it is a full-fledged lift with an armored lock. you can also beat the variation when there is a variation of the lift for each type of weapon. I'll attach a raw image, but I'm not an artist. Also I apologize for my poor English.
  11. Provide an option to recycle elements & materials back to their sub components ore's. Each time would reduce the amounts returned as a cost of processing. Perhaps this might require equipment or skills to drive performance levels.
  12. Some ideas for interactive elements. Password terminal: When actived with F, it opens an interface window, where you can type in a password. In building mode you can set a password. If someone types in the set password, it activates signal A for a set amount of time and optionally activates a signal B, when someone types in a wrong password. Interactive displays: Screens, where you can activate and deactivate different signals. Possibly with scripting your own user interface. Also you can add the password feature here. Weapon detector: Like presence detector, but with weapons. Volume detector: A container would be linked to the volume detector. The detector would give a signal, when the content of the container has a certain volume. You would set this volume in building mode, using "<, > or =" and a number value. Conditions for item links: You could make different item links from containers only work for specific kinds of resources or items.
  13. I think it would add a great deal of flexibility if certain elements had adjustable lengths and widths For instances tables that you can make longer or benches you can add or remove seats, windows are another that could benefit from this. It would essentially remove the need to have several different sizes of things.
  14. I haven't seen or heard of any talk about having a variety of a certain elements to choose from. Like you can craft 7 different designs of thrusters that all are equal in performance, because their look is just purely Aesthetic Im asking this because I wanted to build a ship thats a sphere on the outside, but has a hollow cube in the inside for you to sit in it and pilot it. Similar to a Saiyan spacepod
  15. I heard that the planet distances are going to be a good 2 days apart in real time, so rather than setting your ship on auto pilot and logging on every 48 hours till you find a good planet to settle on could there be an FTL (Faster Than Light) drive or something like that? So rather than getting the first 15 seconds of this video, we get what is in the last 5 seconds?
  16. Hi, so I was hoping some pistons, rotors, and connecters of some sort could be added so you can do things like this (first I want to say that I tried to find a better example, but this is the best a found so pretend you are doing this with ships I guess):
  17. Just wondering if there is a listing or compilation somewhere of the different building elements we can expect to see in the game at launch and about how big they are.
  18. As most of you are aware Novaquark is laying down the foundation for Dual Universe. They need to get the game in a strong alpha state before they launch their kickstarter campaign. This means that some of the purely aesthetic aspects of the game will have to come later on, like outfits, player customization etc. This thread is for those who would like to dream of the kinds of elements or "props" as they are called in some other games that they would like to see in dual. There are many different types of elements. • Active elements: Elements that have a function and will most likely be scriptable (rocket boosters, guns, conduits for energy transfer, etc). • Superficial elements: Elements that are made for decoration only. These are to help add atmosphere to a construct (pots/pans, soda cans etc). • Superficial Working elements: Elements like stoves, sinks, toilets. Elements that "work" in game with opening doors, flowing water etc, but have no function outside of immersive aspects. • Emitter elements: Elements that give off an effect such as lightning or electric arcs, waterfalls/flowing water, steam vents etc. These would fall under active elements in most cases. List what kind of active or superficial elements would you like to see ultimately in Dual Universe? I will start off with these: • Active elements: Ramp doors. Doors that extend outward to allow for easier ingress/egress into a ship style construct. Shield windows. Windows that have closable blast shields. • Superficial elements: Desks Chairs Soda cans • Superficial Working elements: Rotating fans. Fans that rotate at various speeds, couple well with steam vents. Spinning gears. Gears of various sizes that rotate to make mechanical looking machines. • Emitter elements: Steam Vents that blow gusts of steam. Electric arcs. Heads up displays with the ability to change the color of the hud. ​
  19. I have a question. I've seen a few images on the Dev Diaries that would suggest some of the elements might be animated or have moving parts. Is this a thing? Landing gear for example look to have two states, deployed and retracted. I've also seen, although cannot find, an image of an engine deconstruct into its various parts. Some of the parts look like they would spin or something, like the turbine blades. Does anyone have any insight into this subject? Much appreciated.
  20. I would like to compliment the artists who are designing the elements. I thought the early placeholders where good, but when I see the recent designs, I am impressed that they have become even better. In a science fiction setting, it seems easy to make things appear either too mundane or too fantastic, but I feel the artists are getting the balance just right and giving the elements a strong sense of believably. These are obviously very talented people who put a large amount of care into their work and I thank them for their contribution to DU.
  21. Good day to all Duel Universe Community members! First off I am very excited for this game, and I cant wait to see where the Community can take it. However that being said I have a few questions in regards to where the Dev's plan to take DU... Water I should start on the note, that I am a huge fan of Stargate, (Atlantis, SG-1, and Universe) and in Stargate Atlantis an entire city sized ship is built. I have no doubt in my mind that building it will be possible in Du, if not a little bit difficult, however Atlantis rested on the surface of the ocean. This is just one example I can think of, but I would someday hope to be able to build a city on, or under the water. But I cannot find any information regarding to what the water will look like in game, how it will behave, and how will the oceans be formed on a planet through procedural generation? Will players and vessels be able to enter water, be able to have floating structures built upon the surface? How deep will water be? Will water be able to limit the impact an energy weapon has on a structure completely submerged (Like in Stargate Atlantis, The Wraith would open fire from space and the shots would partially dissipate in the water as Atlantis was submerged, etc.) If it is possible to build underwater, will you be able to drain areas of water and perhaps build habitats on the ocean floor? (Thinking of Bioshock here...) (My interest in water in this topic is not purely based off of other games, or Sci-fi shows, but more or less as I have designed a real life model of an underwater city and the difficulties in sustaining life in an enclosed environment underwater.) Pledges and Connectivity Moving on to pledges. I am currently at a Gold Level Pledge, not so much for the rewards, but because of my interest and love for what this game could become! It already looks amazing! And the only thing stopping me from backing this game further is the fact that I live in Australia, and I am worried about how well connectivity to a European server will be. So once we have had a chance to try out the Alpha (Gold pledge and upwards I believe?), will we still be able to further upgrade our pledges? I ask because if I find the game to work with minimal connectivity issues and limited server lag etc, I would very much like to be able to pledge more to the development of the game. Furthering on this topic even more, I am currently a test guinea pig for my friends and I. If I find that the connectivity is working well enough, I could easily bring 5 or more people to this game! Which in my opinion would be awesome for me and for the community! Painting Elements So my last topic of interest that I have on my mind is in regards to the painting and how it will tie into the elements system. So as we have all seen in the videos, various voxels are painted and can be changed colour. So how about Elements? If I place down a Control Unit, or an Engine, or even a Decorative element like a wing, will I be able to use the same painting system to change the Elements colour? Quite a simple question I believe. Anyway, Thank you for reading my mess of words and poor punctuation, and I hope to see you all in the Universe! - Sullos of the Sullosian Empire
  22. In the beginning, there were functional elements that make constructs fulfill their various functions. But what about purely decorative elements? I am not talking about player made elements that were previously alluded to (like a pretty staircase etc) I mean naturally occurring elements such as plants, flowers, small trees and shrubberies. Things that occur naturally on planets that could be placed in a construct to make it look... pretty. And while we are on elements that players cannot create, how about a water spray element so that players can create fountains How about electronic displays, flags, and pennants flying your orgs (static) logo? Lets set aside the technical difficulties and whether NQ has the time to implement any of these for now. What other decorative elements would you like to see in the game?
  23. So Dual Universe looks cool - cool enough that I just bought in at silver. One thing is bothering me though... I've seen prefabricated elements come into use in the preview vids. The builders put down some custom voxels, attach the elements and away they go. The simplicity of it makes me wonder if the custom voxels matter at all. Is a sleek and beautiful battle cruiser with hours of work put into it any more capable than a big cube with the right elements attached? I remember this kind of building from Spore and I hated it. A thing shaped like a hippo could outrun a thing shaped like a cheetah because it had higher tier feet. What is custom building with elements going to look like in the final game? Will we be able to affect how the elements perform? Will we be able to customize the elements themselves? If so, to what extent? I have high hopes for DU but the game could go very wrong here.
  24. A little push up for dev team to gather ideas from the community about what type of elements would be appreciated to be seen in control rooms of our spaceships Unlike other topic i would like to structure that one and condensate informations, so that after few posts we dont loose them I will start with an exhaustive liste of active elements, scripted elements, that players will have interaction with And encourage everyone to copy past the liste adding +1 on the counter of the elements they like, and add their own elements at the bottom of the list Eventual comments would be made after the liste has been past
  25. Can the artists doing elements make 6 which function as animal cropods or animal resurrection nodes? Craft-able in three sizes and two types. Land and aquatic. High tech Cat box, dog kennel sized box, charger sized box with hold and rattling. I can do basic models or sketches. These allow a quest like process of deploying fauna and fish to the new world. Org mediated. It need not spawn an animal; it's just a specialised form of nameable cargo to be delivered to a warehouse; zoo, farm, park. An additional re-nameable 'seed' package would do plants. Get it to a location set by the contracting player or Perhaps a trade machine. This allows a semi story element. "Restoring earths flora and fauna" to pad out the early play and as a cash flow tool. This gives a player org something to weave their contracts around that is not resource focused. Logically this would be a stretch goal not the main kickstarter goal list.
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